Friday, July 11, 2008

Gospel of Luv – 10 Rules 4 Guys

Over d years I hv had numerous pals who hv been in a relationship…some have been freakin serious abt it even though dey were just in the 11th grade while some even on d cusp of 30 weren’t sure of wat dey were doin…but 1 thing’s been common throughout: all d guys have common complaints abt d relationship…so 4 all u wannabe romeos, here’s a list of rules u better be prepared 4 if u intend 2 fall in d pit of luv ;)

Note: In dis list ‘u’ refers 2 d guys

1. U shudn’t disturb her (by callin on d phone) wen she’s out wid her frenz. But no such rules apply wen u r havin a nice time wid ur buddies.
2. Wen she says she din hear ur call or notice ur msg, its genuine. If u din notice her’s, den god save u.
3. I’m sure all u couples wud spend long nites on d phone. So dis rule is 4 all u poor souls: Wen she’s sleepy at nite, its fine. Wen u r sleepy, u r ignorin her.
4. U wud be constantly told not 2 hide things frm her. BEWARE – dis is a trap. D moment u think yeah u shud be honest n blurt out ur previous crush’s name, u r dead. N if dat crush still happens 2 be in ur vicinity, den u r not only dead, u hv lost all chances of nirvana!
5. Don’t ask more dan 2 back-2-back questions abt her frnd…u may suddenly get a high-pitched “why don’t u ask her only?” on ur face.
6. “Is dere anything abt me dat u don’t like?” She can ask dis in d most passionate of moments. N u bein completely smitten wudn't even be aware of wats comin out of ur lips. Yeah I know u were honest…but den u were also a fool!
7. If she asks u 2 sing 4 her over phone, don’t argue, just do it n get over wid it. N never ask her 2 return d favor. Ever heard of anyone singin over d phone?!?!?!
8. Don’t ever end a msg or a call without d mandatory “luv u”…dis, my frnd, is an unforgivable sin.
9. U shall never be in a bad mood. No matter wat, u shud always be happy n cheerful n caring n understanding even if ur boss was threatening 2 fire u if u don’t work for 14hrs a day or u had a bad fight wid d motorist who rammed into u wen u were crossin d road or even if a near one is on d deathbed, it just doesn’t matter. However if her neighbor’s cousin’s nephew’s classmate’s step-mom’s best-friend’s Pomeranian has a flu, u shud of course be mourning.
10. N finally d most imp rule of all…weneva u hv a fight wid her, just rmbr 1 thing: “u r always wrong”. D sooner u admit it, d better 4 u.

Hope at least 1 innocent guy wud benefit frm dis…d rest can click on d ‘comments’ link n type something out ;)

N talking abt luv,
Q. Do u believe in luv @ 1st sight?
A. Yeah, of course. It happens 2 me all d time ;)

PS: Watched “Jaane tu ya jaane na” over d weekend…damn cool movie…don’t miss it :)

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