Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Good News (GN): I’m posting!

Bad News (BN): There isn't anything particular that I have 2 say!

GN: I got a project :D

BN: Gotta work there :(

GN: Watched love aaj kal :D:D:D

BN: Didn’t watch kaminey :(:(:(

GN: Went home :D

BN: Had 2 come back :(

GN: Ate a lot when I was there

BN: Which somehow is directly proportional 2 the amount of calories that find a place on the human body (strange isn’t it?)

GN: I’m running out of good news!

BN: Death toll coz of swine flu is increasing on a daily basis

GN: Apparently some drug has been discovered 4 it

BN: Apparently that isn’t confirmed news

GN: As I said before, I’m really running out of good news!!!

BN: My cell konked off...n I was cell-less 4 an entire day!

GN: My cell’s working fine now :D:D

Since I’ve completely run out of news...I’ll post 5 random questions that anyone can choose 2 answer :D

1. What’s the English word for “majboori”?

2. What’s the last name of Madonna?

3. Why do we (Indians) pronounce “Z” as “Zee” when we talk of the bike CBZ, but pronounce it “Zed” otherwise?

4. Which was the 1st cell number ever?

5. Does anyone know what the point of this whole post is?

Update: Thanx 2 Miss Kido n Choco, I have got a few blogging awards of late...u can see those on the right of ur screen :D:D:D