Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Change We Need & A Tag We Need!

For the first time on this blog, I’m attempting to write in “proper” English. Now this simply translates to no sms lingo (I know how boring!)

Different people at different stages have commented on my blog about the discomfort they have faced while reading the posts because of the “sms-style” of writing and I am not even making an attempt to talk about the many others who have told that to me in person! ;)

Here are the comments (in the order in which they were posted) that have persuaded me to try this “new” (read uncool) kinda writing :D

1. and murderer...Rats/mouse/rodents are one thing, thts one mouse (/rat/rodent)i don't have to worry about! but whats the excuse of murdering english language??

same pinch at that one..i used to do exactly the same. it was before i came to know about the 45 rs,450 sms pack (thats is now 45 rs 350 or something, so everyone now resort to 70 rs 700 sms +35 A2A free calls) airtel had to offer.
i hd 2 shrtn al my msgs x unrdbl sntncs SAT(so as to) tel my clsmte 2 brng QM nts,n also bt wot d tchr tot wen i ws sleepin etc..
was really hard to snap outta that habit.infact am still working on it.
other than this tiny minuscule atomic microscopic hardly noticable kunji defect i just loved the blog. blogrolling you, following you(i havent even published your comment yet. couldnt wait to read the blog..:))

2. brother,english is bleeding!!!;)

3. Ahem! SMS lingo is torture mon ami.
Your english teacher is turning in his/her grave.

4. hello murderer

5. IthinkIfollowedthejistofthestoryithinktheratwaskilled. Iamoldandallthatshorthandlingowasjustwaytohardformeandwaytomuchwork. Ifeelkindoffoolishbecausefiftysevenotherswereabletoreaditjustfine.R U FLN IR8ED YT? :)))

6. murderer!... well, am outta blogsville soon, wish i get to see one post of urs that doesn't spill good old tough english blood before i go!!!

And people think being a famous blogger is easy (sigh! Ask me ;)). As my good friend what-on-earth-was-his-name said, “With great power, comes great responsibility!” :D

So, for the sake of his beloved readers, blunt edges, who normally treads his own path, puts in an extra effort (this is way tougher than it looks!) and walks on a track that the world follows (I have no clue why I wrote that line in the 3rd person! :D)

This post is dedicated to the blogger who came up with comment number 6. Hope this post gives you reasons to stay back in blogsville :)

Moving on to the actual post (yes, that was just the reason for me changing my writing style). I have been tagged by Lakshmi and Jyoti. This tag has some questions and all of them require me to give 4 answers. So here it goes:

4 places I have lived:
1. Mumbai: This was were I was born (it was called Bombay then) and spent the first half of my life. My first home!
2. Kerala: Home sweet home :D That’s where my folks are and that’s where I eat the most ;)
3. Mangalore: Spent my college days here. And St.Aloysius is the best place on earth!
4. Bangalore: I work here. I live here. I blog here.

4 TV shows I love to watch:
1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (season 1-3)
2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (season 3-6)
3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (season 7-9)
4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (who can forget season 10)
Yeah I cheated. Sue me :P

4 places I have been on vacation:
I ain’t much of a traveling person. And I usually go to places for a short visit (meaning a day or two). Does that qualify as a vacation?

4 of my favorite food:
1. Sea food!!! ***slurp***
2. Pizza (cheese burst is the current favorite)
3. Gajar ka halwa (and only when my mom makes it)
4. Pav Bhaji :D

4 websites I visit daily:
1. My blog
2. My mail
3. My company HR site (to check if I have enough attendance to leave early :D)
4. Google (for something or the other)

4 places I’d rather be:
1. In a casino in Las Vegas (with loads of cash on me)
2. On a beach in Brazil
3. Home
4. Another casino in Vegas (with loads of cash on me) :D:D

4 novels I wish I was reading for the first time:
Eh? That wasn’t for me, right?

4 movies I can watch over and over again:
1. Dil Chahta Hai
2. Rang de Basanti
3. The Departed
4. The Matrix

4 things I hope to do before I die:
1. Learn to juggle with knives (really!) :D
2. Learn to play the guitar
3. Drive a merc
4. Find the secret to immortality :D

4 people I want to tag:
Not tagging anyone, though you are free to tag yourself if this interests you. Please do tell me if you do it :)

Phew! Talk about hard work! Where’s my pizza???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mic Testin…1-2…1-2

My entire school life, I had a trustworthy companion who neva left my side…someone on whom I cud always fall back on weneva d world turned against me: ladies n gentlemen plz put ur hands together 4 my childhood frnd: STAGE FRIGHT!!!

I always tried 2 avoid situations whr I had 2 speak in front of a crowd…my class was ok…but anything more meant I just disappeared from d spot! ***poof***

I hv actually run away frm my school durin “Arts Day” so dat I don’t hv 2 get on stage 4 “English Elocution”…speakin fluently in class translated 2 me bein automatically selected 4 these competitions…n all I cud do was run away wen my turn came n return after d event 2 get an earful frm my lecturer (which was way better dan getting on stage)

So dis, my frnds, was d foundation, so dat u guys knw how frightened I was of d menace dat dey call a stage!!!

Scene 1:
Me in d 9th grade…d date’s 26th Jan (note 2 my “international readers”: its republic day in India :D)…I’ m awaitin my turn 2 get on stage

One person frm every class had 2 give a speech…we had a new lecturer as our class teacher n he din knw abt my history of runnin away frm d warzone…n d ignorant guy selected me! I pleaded wid him dat I aint d right person…I also told him abt my past escapades but none of dat had any effect on him n I cudnt even run away frm dere coz I was d only one representin my class :(

So resignin 2 my fate I prepared a speech…it was a “different” speech in dat I wasn’t talking much abt 26th jan but was concentratin more on wat it meant 2 be a republic nation…a pretty gud speech on paper alright

Back 2 d scene:
Someone frm d 10th grade went 1st n I din hear a word of his speech coz I was dead name was called next n I went onto d stage n dis is wat I said:

“gud mrng everyone…today as we celebrate one more republic day, I want 2 ask u all something…wat do u mean by republic? ***blank*** (voice choking) hmmm…wat do u mean wen u say we r a republic country? ***completely blank***
Hmmm…er…(cursin under my breath, I turn n luk at d princi) sorry sir”

Scene 2:
Me in 12th (yup we had schools till 12th)…d date’s 5th sept (note 2 my “international readers”: its teacher’s day in India :D)…I’ m awaitin my turn 2 get on stage

2 ppl frm each class had 2 give a speech…I was again chosen (dis time by a teacher who wasn’t around durin my 1st debacle) 2 represent d class…again I went thru d entire routine of explainin 2 him why I was d worst choice 4 dis noble deed…but none of it worked…n even d god-damned princi had changed (otherwise atleast he wud hv ensured dat I don’t get on stage!)

So I decided 2 keep it very simple dis time…I wil just talk abt how teachers play a huge role in our lives (wat crap!) n things like those coz dat way I don’t hv 2 memorize anything n so ders almost no chance I’ll screw up

Back 2 d scene:
My classmate finished her speech (she read out her speech!!!)…n my name was called…n den started d magic!

I was coolness personified…wid no external signs of any nervousness, I trodded calmly onto d stage…faced d audience…my modus operandi was straight-frwd…just give a single line on why teacher’s day is celebrated n den move on 2 d nonsense talk abt how teachers rock

N I did just dat…I was a picture of poise as I bluffed n bluffed n bluffed some more abt how imp teachers r 2 society n 4 d creation of a better nation…I started emphatically…continued wid ease…n ended wid a flourish!!!

D applause was deafenin n it seemed d whole world had paused 4 a moment 2 cheer dis hero who had risen frm d ashes of his last debacle n touched heights dat ordinary mortals only dream of!

But wat was dis? Amidst d sound of claps, I cud hear a few sniggers…I luked around n saw some students pointing at me n laughin like crazy…

A confused luk swept my face…dats wen a kid frm d 5th grade took pity on me n decided 2 enlighten me…he held my hand n said, “bro…teacher’s day is celebrated 2 honor d bday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan n not Dr. Rajendra Prasad!”

I just did wat I did best…I disappeared! ***poof***

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slam Book

I got dis in a mail…thot it wud be more fun if I put it here (n actually get a blog post in d bargain…m I smart or m I smart?) :D

Name: Blunt Edges

Meaning of Your Name: err…edges dat r blunt?!?! It goes wid d theory dat sharp edges hurt…blunt ones don’t :)

Birthday: blunt edges was born on Wednesday, April 2, 2008…m a lil older dan dat (around 20-odd days) coz my bday is on March 10 ;)

About Me: I like 2 believe I’m funny…I neva knew wat I wanted 2 do wid my life…sumwhr I had a tiny inkling 2 be a writer who comes up wid articles dat hv cheeky humor in it (a la jug suraiya)…n dats wat prompted me 2 start dis blog…a place whr I cud write random stuff n also get 2 know wat others think abt it (n dis probably is d most serious para dis blog has ever seen…OMG!)

Turn Ons: gud luks (obviously!), intelligence, humor, a quick n smart mind dat gets my jokes! ;)

Turn Offs: bad breath, body odor, blank luks wen I crack jokes (I get a lot of these kinds arnd me!)

On What Occasions Do You Lie: diwali, xmas, holi n ramzan ;)

Greatest Fear: dat I mite actually post something on d blog n not get a single comment (yikes!) :

Favorite Color: blue, grey

Favorite Pass Time: playin nfs-most wanted (vrrrrrrrooooooooooommmmmmmmm)

Favorite Movie: hindi – dil chahtha hai
english – the departed

Favorite Movie Character: maximus (gladiator)

Favorite TV Show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S (I hv d entire freakin series…yay \o/)

Favorite TV Character: phoebe (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

Favorite Song: hindi – in dino (life…in a metro)
english – boulevard of broken dreams (green day)

Happy: wen I get gud comments on my blog (plz get d point n type out some gud comments!!!)

Sad: wen India loses a cricket match :(

One Night Stands: adventurous…its probably d most intrstng thing since India’s independence n my birth :D:D

Love: seafood, pizza, bein wid family (coz I don’t get 2 do dat often), hangin out wid frenz, listenin 2 great music, reading gud comments on my blog (I REPEAT!)

Hate: rains (okkkk…stop gaspin…its true…I can’t stand it), exams, work, veggie food, ppl wid no sense of humor

Best Advice You've Ever Got: yeah if I let ppl come n advice me :P

Philosophy of Life: eh? ***scratches head***

Ahh…now all of u knw me :)

Note 2 all my blogger frenz: if u want a post idea, take dis up as a tag (i.e., if u hvnt already done anything similar n hv no other job) n plz let me know if u do it!

Note 2 all my non-blogger frenz: hello :D

Note 2 self: stop foolin around n finish d friggin post!

The End!