Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Last Post of 2008

Its holiday season…n all stores in town r offerin cool discounts…dats wen u know dat xmas n new yr r around d corner…he he…n no I hvnt shopped anything of late (wat wid recession n all in d news…how can a responsible citizen go out n splurge???)

So, in other words, u all can gift me stuff n make a responsible citizen a very very happy citizen :D (howzaat?)

So dis is d 1st new yr season for dis blog n its all excited…he he…I sound like d mtv tickr…treatin d blog as an individual ;)

N wid new yr comes d resolutions…now makin resolutions is one thing but stickin onto it is a totally diff issue…I dunno wat resolutions I’m gonna make…anyways I hv neva stuck onto any dat I hv made, so it doesn’t make much of a difference…well dis time one thing dat does come to my mind is makin it 2 d office on time…m tired of bein late…n even more tired of d jokes on me 4 neva bein on time :(

A frnd had told me dat December is her most fav month…maybe coz xmas is around…n my guess is coz her bday is also in d same month…but wateva it is it makes her feel on top of d world

N talking of bein on top of d world…I just made a list of 5 moments wen I hv felt on top of d world…n all of dem r true (of course anything I say is true…I m after all a honest n responsible citizen) :D

1. Visitin home wen u r stayin away due to work/study…nothing like touchin base n bein in d company of ur luved ones…where u don’t hv 2 act n appear intrstd in completely borin stuff…home is one place whr ur true nature comes 2 d fore…d real person in u is out only in d confines of ur nest
2. Holdin a 2-day old baby…ok holdin a 1-day or a 3-day old baby wud also be fantastic…I recently held a 2-day old sweety in my hand n trust me it was heaven :D
3. Getting an unexpected gift…n a really cool one at dat (I got an ipod classic…god bless my big bro) :D
4. Getting a call frm a old frnd wen u really wanna speak 2 someone
5. Bein introduced by someone as “meet (name), my best frnd” – priceless

Well I’m done 4 d yr…n d blog n me wanna wish all d readers a very happy xmas n a wonderful new yr ahead…hv a blast on 31st…I’ll be leavin town tmrw nite…dats why d advance wishes

PS: if u wish u can lemme know 5 moments wen u felt on top of d world…who knows I mite hv just started a tag ;)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plain Lazy

Ok here’s an announcement: I’M ALIVE…wasn’t bloggin 4 no particular reason…d only excuse I can come up wid is: “I was lazy”…hope all u guys missed me ;) well I aint waitin 4 d replies 2 dat one ;)

Was thinking wat do I write abt…m kinda outta touch…so d creative brain cells aren’t particulary up n jumpin…so just recountin an incident dat hapnd recently…n btw isn’t dis blog supposed 2 contain d snippets of my intrstng life? So here it goes…

It was the week before the open book exams…I had my bag stuffed wid printouts n printouts n more printouts n den (no not some more printouts) 3 textbooks…so it was quite a heavy bag (logical conclusion rite?)

I hv dis habit of hittin d bed weneva I decide 2 study at my place, so I decided 2 sit back in office n inject some knowledge into my head n must say I failed miserably…I just ended up wastin time here wen I cud easily hv curled up in my bed by dat time if I had gone home (m I makin sense?)

At 8.30, I thot enuf was enuf n got up n took dis huge load wid me…as I swiped out n walked towards d gate, a guy came up to me…he said that he works in the electronic city office of the same company I work 4 n he had lost his atm card…I thot he was gonna ask 4 cash…but as usual I was wrong :)

He said he wanted 2 access d net 2 check if any transactions hv occurred in his a/c since he lost his card…I sighed n thot, “ok atleast its not gonna cost me.”

He was a middle aged guy (MAG)…around 40…luked d gentlemanly kind n most importantly he had d company tag on him (so not a terrorist)…I led him back 2 my cubicle…unlocked my pc n he took over…he logged into d site, took a printout of his a/c transactions n was done in 10-15 mins…we walked back exchanging private n confidential info on how cold d weather is ;)

MAG asked me whr I stay…n bingo he was goin on d same route…n said he’ll give me a drop…he had a 4-wheeler…I cudnt think of any reason 2 refuse…n so we got into his car n he started drivin on d wrong side of d road…both of us checkin out d opp side 2 see if dere is any opening 2 cross onto d other side.

N suddenly we heard a loud thud n d entire car shook…now I hv neva been in a car accident before…so it took a moment 4 me 2 realize wat had hapnd…a cab was parked in front of a restaurant n it had suddenly moved onto d road n hit d back part of our car.

So out we came, n an abuse hurlin session began…d other driver was givin it full-on 2 MAG in Kannada…n MAG maintained a dignified silence 4 sometime…but den he thot he had had enuf n showed d cabbie dat he was anything but dignified…he started back his verbal mouthlash in Hindi…it was fun…n d best part was I learnt some new gaalis (or were dey so old dat ppl hv stopped usin dem) ;)

Now dis cabbie was getting all d local support…d rick-wallahs n all those around joined him n started pointing out how MAG was d one 2 be blamed…n d cabbie was growin more confident n was a waggin his finger a lil too close 2 MAG’s face…I thot it was just a matter of time before a fight wud start…I mean d physical kind

Dis feelin kinda got me thinking…if a fight does start, shud I join? If it was a frnd, I wudnt hv thot twice…but I hardly knw dis guy…n d odds of getting beaten up were a million 2 one…d cabbie had got all d on-lookers on his side…d MAG was alone (ahem…he was probably bankin on me…but I wasn’t sure if I was really willin 2 prove him rite)

N den some wise guy suggested dat d cops be called…my mind started racin…wat if d cops come n tow d car away? My bag wid all d printouts n d texts were in dat…n he had locked d door…damn why do I hv 2 get involved here? I went n stood next 2 MAG
Me: why cant we just leave?
MAG: lets see wat he wants 2 do?
Me: well d only thing he seems intrstd 2 do is abuse u…n luks like he’s doin a gud job of it
MAG: (cold stare)
Me: s**t
MAG: let him call d cops if he wants…I hv been thru dis before…no big deal
Me: (thinking) yeah rite…now dat makes me feel so much more better

Suddenly, d cabbie turned n got into his cab n left…still continuing his noble deed of cursin MAG…now d crowd started dispersin n I let out a sigh of relief…MAG started checkin d car 4 scratches…he remarked: “dere is a dent here na?”
Me: yeah yeah…now can we move? (thinking: or atleast unlock d door so I can get my bag)
MAG: pretty nasty one…think I shud claim insurance?
I went around 2 see wat he’s pointing at n I din see anything…I crouched n had a closer look…still nothing
Me: yup…claim it…its very bad (thinking: plz unlock d god damn door)

Finally we got into d car n left…we crossed onto d other side n MAG started his pravachan on how it was all d cabbie’s fault…I just nodded waitin 4 wat seemed like an eternity 2 reach my place n silently regrettin d moment I actually thot of helping dis guy.

Moral of d story: kill d idiot who said u shud do a gud deed every day!!!