Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Last Post of 2008

Its holiday season…n all stores in town r offerin cool discounts…dats wen u know dat xmas n new yr r around d corner…he he…n no I hvnt shopped anything of late (wat wid recession n all in d news…how can a responsible citizen go out n splurge???)

So, in other words, u all can gift me stuff n make a responsible citizen a very very happy citizen :D (howzaat?)

So dis is d 1st new yr season for dis blog n its all excited…he he…I sound like d mtv tickr…treatin d blog as an individual ;)

N wid new yr comes d resolutions…now makin resolutions is one thing but stickin onto it is a totally diff issue…I dunno wat resolutions I’m gonna make…anyways I hv neva stuck onto any dat I hv made, so it doesn’t make much of a difference…well dis time one thing dat does come to my mind is makin it 2 d office on time…m tired of bein late…n even more tired of d jokes on me 4 neva bein on time :(

A frnd had told me dat December is her most fav month…maybe coz xmas is around…n my guess is coz her bday is also in d same month…but wateva it is it makes her feel on top of d world

N talking of bein on top of d world…I just made a list of 5 moments wen I hv felt on top of d world…n all of dem r true (of course anything I say is true…I m after all a honest n responsible citizen) :D

1. Visitin home wen u r stayin away due to work/study…nothing like touchin base n bein in d company of ur luved ones…where u don’t hv 2 act n appear intrstd in completely borin stuff…home is one place whr ur true nature comes 2 d fore…d real person in u is out only in d confines of ur nest
2. Holdin a 2-day old baby…ok holdin a 1-day or a 3-day old baby wud also be fantastic…I recently held a 2-day old sweety in my hand n trust me it was heaven :D
3. Getting an unexpected gift…n a really cool one at dat (I got an ipod classic…god bless my big bro) :D
4. Getting a call frm a old frnd wen u really wanna speak 2 someone
5. Bein introduced by someone as “meet (name), my best frnd” – priceless

Well I’m done 4 d yr…n d blog n me wanna wish all d readers a very happy xmas n a wonderful new yr ahead…hv a blast on 31st…I’ll be leavin town tmrw nite…dats why d advance wishes

PS: if u wish u can lemme know 5 moments wen u felt on top of d world…who knows I mite hv just started a tag ;)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plain Lazy

Ok here’s an announcement: I’M ALIVE…wasn’t bloggin 4 no particular reason…d only excuse I can come up wid is: “I was lazy”…hope all u guys missed me ;) well I aint waitin 4 d replies 2 dat one ;)

Was thinking wat do I write abt…m kinda outta touch…so d creative brain cells aren’t particulary up n jumpin…so just recountin an incident dat hapnd recently…n btw isn’t dis blog supposed 2 contain d snippets of my intrstng life? So here it goes…

It was the week before the open book exams…I had my bag stuffed wid printouts n printouts n more printouts n den (no not some more printouts) 3 textbooks…so it was quite a heavy bag (logical conclusion rite?)

I hv dis habit of hittin d bed weneva I decide 2 study at my place, so I decided 2 sit back in office n inject some knowledge into my head n must say I failed miserably…I just ended up wastin time here wen I cud easily hv curled up in my bed by dat time if I had gone home (m I makin sense?)

At 8.30, I thot enuf was enuf n got up n took dis huge load wid me…as I swiped out n walked towards d gate, a guy came up to me…he said that he works in the electronic city office of the same company I work 4 n he had lost his atm card…I thot he was gonna ask 4 cash…but as usual I was wrong :)

He said he wanted 2 access d net 2 check if any transactions hv occurred in his a/c since he lost his card…I sighed n thot, “ok atleast its not gonna cost me.”

He was a middle aged guy (MAG)…around 40…luked d gentlemanly kind n most importantly he had d company tag on him (so not a terrorist)…I led him back 2 my cubicle…unlocked my pc n he took over…he logged into d site, took a printout of his a/c transactions n was done in 10-15 mins…we walked back exchanging private n confidential info on how cold d weather is ;)

MAG asked me whr I stay…n bingo he was goin on d same route…n said he’ll give me a drop…he had a 4-wheeler…I cudnt think of any reason 2 refuse…n so we got into his car n he started drivin on d wrong side of d road…both of us checkin out d opp side 2 see if dere is any opening 2 cross onto d other side.

N suddenly we heard a loud thud n d entire car shook…now I hv neva been in a car accident before…so it took a moment 4 me 2 realize wat had hapnd…a cab was parked in front of a restaurant n it had suddenly moved onto d road n hit d back part of our car.

So out we came, n an abuse hurlin session began…d other driver was givin it full-on 2 MAG in Kannada…n MAG maintained a dignified silence 4 sometime…but den he thot he had had enuf n showed d cabbie dat he was anything but dignified…he started back his verbal mouthlash in Hindi…it was fun…n d best part was I learnt some new gaalis (or were dey so old dat ppl hv stopped usin dem) ;)

Now dis cabbie was getting all d local support…d rick-wallahs n all those around joined him n started pointing out how MAG was d one 2 be blamed…n d cabbie was growin more confident n was a waggin his finger a lil too close 2 MAG’s face…I thot it was just a matter of time before a fight wud start…I mean d physical kind

Dis feelin kinda got me thinking…if a fight does start, shud I join? If it was a frnd, I wudnt hv thot twice…but I hardly knw dis guy…n d odds of getting beaten up were a million 2 one…d cabbie had got all d on-lookers on his side…d MAG was alone (ahem…he was probably bankin on me…but I wasn’t sure if I was really willin 2 prove him rite)

N den some wise guy suggested dat d cops be called…my mind started racin…wat if d cops come n tow d car away? My bag wid all d printouts n d texts were in dat…n he had locked d door…damn why do I hv 2 get involved here? I went n stood next 2 MAG
Me: why cant we just leave?
MAG: lets see wat he wants 2 do?
Me: well d only thing he seems intrstd 2 do is abuse u…n luks like he’s doin a gud job of it
MAG: (cold stare)
Me: s**t
MAG: let him call d cops if he wants…I hv been thru dis before…no big deal
Me: (thinking) yeah rite…now dat makes me feel so much more better

Suddenly, d cabbie turned n got into his cab n left…still continuing his noble deed of cursin MAG…now d crowd started dispersin n I let out a sigh of relief…MAG started checkin d car 4 scratches…he remarked: “dere is a dent here na?”
Me: yeah yeah…now can we move? (thinking: or atleast unlock d door so I can get my bag)
MAG: pretty nasty one…think I shud claim insurance?
I went around 2 see wat he’s pointing at n I din see anything…I crouched n had a closer look…still nothing
Me: yup…claim it…its very bad (thinking: plz unlock d god damn door)

Finally we got into d car n left…we crossed onto d other side n MAG started his pravachan on how it was all d cabbie’s fault…I just nodded waitin 4 wat seemed like an eternity 2 reach my place n silently regrettin d moment I actually thot of helping dis guy.

Moral of d story: kill d idiot who said u shud do a gud deed every day!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Ok I tagged myself…well dere was no one 2 tag me n I really thot it wud be fun fillin dis up…so I took it upon myself…rmbr: “zindagi jeene ke do hi tareeke hote hain, ek - jo ho raha hai use hone do, ya phir - zimmedari uthao use badalne ki”…well…I just did :D

4 all u 1st timers, a tag is a pre-set list of questions dat u answer. At the end of it u can ask someone else 2 attempt 2 answer it n hence tag dat person

So here goes my rapid-fire…

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.
A. On my left shin. I got it when shabbir tapori shot me at point-blank range n I dived 2 avoid it. Prblm was I raised my feet in d process of d dive n d bullet was pretty slow. So it hit my shin. Sounds ok? :P

2. What is on the walls in your room?
A. Paint :D

3. What does your phone look like?
A. Black wid a splash of orange here n dere. It’s a w810i. N u better tell me dat its cool :)

4. What music do you listen to?
A. Any. Trust me. Any as long as I m in a mood. I can very easily hv “khwaab dekhe jhoote moothe” n linkin park playin back-2-back on my playlist ;)

5. What is your current desktop picture?
A. This ---->
It shows 5 feet. One of which is mine. The rest r unidentified n r up 4 grabs. So hurry!!!

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
A. I blink n d day shud be Friday. I blink again n d time shud be 6 :) possible?

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?
A. The Indian law calls it a crime n I m as much against d Indian law as I m against aliens takin over d planet. So dat answers it rite?
4 all those who din get wat I was tryin 2 say…d answer in pretty simple terms is: “YES. I believe every individual has a right 2 live life his/her own way. N marry d person of his/her own choice”

8. What time were you born?
A. Sometime in d afternoon. I m way too lazy 2 go thru all dat in d mrng :D

9. Are your parents still together?
A. Yeah. Still together. Still in luv :)

10. What are you listening to?
A. My cpu hummin ;)

11. The last person to make you cry?
A. Anyone who wud make me cry shud be spcl rite? Even dis person is :)

12. What is your favourite perfume/cologne?
A. I don’t hv a fav. I try not 2 stick onto d same fragrance 4 long

13. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite sex?
A. Black/brown/red hair
Black/brown/blue eyes

14. Do you like pain killers?
A. Yeah. As much as I like terrorists.

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
A. He he. Maybe :D (sheepish grin)

16. Fave pizza topping?
A. Lots n lots of cheese loaded wid as much poultry as d poor crust can take n den some more cheese

17. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
A. A maharaja mac wid French fries n coke. N add a hot chocolate fudge 2 d order (I’m on a diet u see) :D

18. Who was the last person you made mad?
A. Who was d last person I met?

19. Is anyone in love with you?
A. Yeah, of course. I’m a popular guy :D :D :D

Dunno if I shud tag anyone…guess I’ll tag all those who r intrstd…all d best…n tell me if u do dis stuff…wud luv 2 check it out :)

N just as I'm abt 2 post dis, I got a mail sayin dat Abhinav Bindra won d yellow metal at Beijing...man dats wat I call d perfect news 2 start d week wid...an olympic individual gold 4 India...dunno if dis has ever hapnd before...yippie...3 cheers 2 dat :D :D :D

Ciao :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gospel of Luv – 10 Rules 4 Guys

Over d years I hv had numerous pals who hv been in a relationship…some have been freakin serious abt it even though dey were just in the 11th grade while some even on d cusp of 30 weren’t sure of wat dey were doin…but 1 thing’s been common throughout: all d guys have common complaints abt d relationship…so 4 all u wannabe romeos, here’s a list of rules u better be prepared 4 if u intend 2 fall in d pit of luv ;)

Note: In dis list ‘u’ refers 2 d guys

1. U shudn’t disturb her (by callin on d phone) wen she’s out wid her frenz. But no such rules apply wen u r havin a nice time wid ur buddies.
2. Wen she says she din hear ur call or notice ur msg, its genuine. If u din notice her’s, den god save u.
3. I’m sure all u couples wud spend long nites on d phone. So dis rule is 4 all u poor souls: Wen she’s sleepy at nite, its fine. Wen u r sleepy, u r ignorin her.
4. U wud be constantly told not 2 hide things frm her. BEWARE – dis is a trap. D moment u think yeah u shud be honest n blurt out ur previous crush’s name, u r dead. N if dat crush still happens 2 be in ur vicinity, den u r not only dead, u hv lost all chances of nirvana!
5. Don’t ask more dan 2 back-2-back questions abt her frnd…u may suddenly get a high-pitched “why don’t u ask her only?” on ur face.
6. “Is dere anything abt me dat u don’t like?” She can ask dis in d most passionate of moments. N u bein completely smitten wudn't even be aware of wats comin out of ur lips. Yeah I know u were honest…but den u were also a fool!
7. If she asks u 2 sing 4 her over phone, don’t argue, just do it n get over wid it. N never ask her 2 return d favor. Ever heard of anyone singin over d phone?!?!?!
8. Don’t ever end a msg or a call without d mandatory “luv u”…dis, my frnd, is an unforgivable sin.
9. U shall never be in a bad mood. No matter wat, u shud always be happy n cheerful n caring n understanding even if ur boss was threatening 2 fire u if u don’t work for 14hrs a day or u had a bad fight wid d motorist who rammed into u wen u were crossin d road or even if a near one is on d deathbed, it just doesn’t matter. However if her neighbor’s cousin’s nephew’s classmate’s step-mom’s best-friend’s Pomeranian has a flu, u shud of course be mourning.
10. N finally d most imp rule of all…weneva u hv a fight wid her, just rmbr 1 thing: “u r always wrong”. D sooner u admit it, d better 4 u.

Hope at least 1 innocent guy wud benefit frm dis…d rest can click on d ‘comments’ link n type something out ;)

N talking abt luv,
Q. Do u believe in luv @ 1st sight?
A. Yeah, of course. It happens 2 me all d time ;)

PS: Watched “Jaane tu ya jaane na” over d weekend…damn cool movie…don’t miss it :)

Ta ta

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bunty, Babli, etc etc

Recently my frnd (lets call her babli) told me dat her cousin bunty has won a prize in some competition in one of those malls n d organizers had called him up n asked him 2 get a couple along if he wants 2 claim d prize…bunty had asked babli if she can get someone along n I was d chosen one (I don’t even hv a say dammit)

So off we went 2 dis place…it turned out 2 be an office of a well-known holiday packages n clubbin enterprise…we got dere n met bunty…now bunty bein babli’s cousin was a shrewd guy alright…he thot up dat d more d no. of couples he tags along d more his chances of baggin dat gift…so he brought along 2 gals n babli had called another one of her guy friend (hari prasad chaurasia, HPC in short) also…dat made d 6 of us n in bunty’s words “3 couples”

We were d last 2 reach d place…d other 4 were already dere…we went in n bunty talked 2 d receptionist dere n asked her wat next…n den fell d bomb…d receptionist asked whr is d “married couple” n bunty almost had a heart-attack !!! He confirmed if wat he heard was rite…n yeah it was (but he still din hv d heart-attack)

Now none of us had heard all of dis…we were just waitin 4 bunty 2 come back n tell us wat d whole damn thing is abt…dats wen HPC decided dat we hv waited enough.

He decided 2 take matters in his own hands n went n asked bunty “Wassup bro? Anything wrong?”

A confused lukin bunty luked up 2 his savior n replied in a feeble voice, “They need a married couple!!! N both of us aren’t married na!!!”

The receptionist heard dis n said dat rules r rules n she cant help it…these 2 guys decided dat dey need 2 speak 2 her mngr n find out if dere was an alternative…dey called him up n he confirmed wat dey had just heard frm d lady on d other side of d table (note: d heart-attack still eludes bunty)

Now d 2 dejected guys came back 2 us wid their heads almost touchin d grounds…dey told us wat d matter was…n we…er…sympathized wid dem…babli started her lecture on how bunty shud hv found out wat d funda was before callin in so many ppl…n we collectively nodded our heads in silent agreement

Den suddenly HPC had dis gleam in his eyes n he luked up 2 yours truly…n 4 d 1st time in my life I realized wat on earth is telepathy…I said NO even before he opened his mouth…d others still din get wat exactly is hapng…n HPC proceeded 2 enlighten dem:
“D lady knows dat I aint married…she knows dat bunty aint married…but she has no clue abt dis guy’s (my) marital status…he can go in wid babli as a twosome n d gift will find its way into our hands!!!”
(4 some strange reason it reminded me of dis dialog frm don: “Sonia…tum jaanti ho yeh revolver khaali hai, mein jaanta hun ki yeh revolver khaali hai…magar police nahin jaanti ki yeh revolver khaali hai”)

“NO!!! I can’t do dis!”, I felt like I was talking 2 myself…no one was even listenin…dey all agreed dat dis is d brainstorm of d century n we r just lucky 2 be part of dis great conspiracy

Babli, eventhough a bit skeptical at 1st, agreed 2 go wid d flow n of course my protests were fallin on deaf ears…so dere we were d “married couple” of d day… bunty introduced us 2 d receptionist as THE couple…n d lady gave a wry smile indicating pretty well dat she knew dis was a stop-gap arrangement…but she wasn’t worried (why wud she be? D company was givin d prize…it wasn’t frm her pocket)

She asked my name n I decided I m gonna keep it as discreet as possible…I just said my 1st name n forged a signature by just writin down my name…she said we will hv 2 sit thru a presentation 4 an hr n a half…so dat was d deal…me n babli r a couple for 1.5 hrs n we had decided amongst d 2 of us dat we r gonna walk away wid d gift whether bunty likes it or not

We were led upstairs n den ushered into a big hall whr many couples whr sittin wid a company rep…d six of us were seated wid special emphasis on d “couple” occupyin d center seats…a rep joined us n he started a random interview…he asked twice if we guys r married n I replied wid a straight face dat we r…I cud see possible smirks on d others’ faces waitin 2 explode but I was stuck wid my dead-pan luk (never one 2 let go easily :) )

He asked stuff like whr we stay n everyone told him n den he turned 2 babli n she replied wid a “we hv made our home in…” n it suddenly dawned on me dat we were supposed 2 hv d same nest (must say I almost blew it up dere…but den babli was dere 2 save d day)

Den we filled up a form…dere was 1 column dat asked d last 3 places dat we visited n stuff…n we put in kerala (my suggestion), karwar n mysore (her suggestion)…wen we were asked abt it I spoke at length abt how kerala was (comes naturally 2 me ;) )

Dis was followed by a lady who took over d mantle of quizzing us…she started off wid a “ha boliye janaab”…a hyderabadi n a proud one at dat…she refused 2 talk in any language other dan hindi…was a pretty funny lady n talked a lot n told us abt dis holiday scheme dat dey were promoting n dats wat dey wanted d couples 4 (at last it made sense)

She even went on 2 say dat I n babli don’t exactly luk married…I pushed my chair closer 2 babli n asked “now?” Negative…so I told babli “smile” n I also smiled…now? Still negative…phew dis is beyond me.

N if we thot dis was d end…well we had some surprise left…a 3rd person came in…he was d mngr…he told us d tariff…it was a cool 1.5 lakhs…n it was a 1-day offer…so we had 2 commit den n dere…so finally we got an opening…we did some “couple discussion”…n came 2 d conclusion dat we need some more time 2 think like say around a week
Dem: “Not possible”
Us: “Bad luck den”

D packed gift was given 2 us n we filled up some feedback form n dashed out of d place…all of us huddled around as d gift was bein unwrapped…n dere came out d mega-prize 4 which all dis effort had gone in:
A set of crockery – kitchen bowls 2 be exact…n a 1-day pass 2 one of those clubs
Babli pocketed d pass n 2 bowls…bunty? Well he finally had his long-pending heart-attack!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving On

Man its been long since I hv written something…n guess wat d reason is…go on take ur shot…still din get it? Ok den I’ll do d honors: I HV BEEN BUSY !!!

Yes u read it rite…I HV BEEN BUSY !!! Yup d unimaginable has hapnd…n I swear I dont hv anything 2 do wid it…its not like I hv been neck-deep in work or anythin…but den movin on frm d bench 2 a regular prjct is not all dat easy…its been a long while since I hv checked my own blog 4 comments...but obviously it din make a bit of a difference as dere is not even a single one since d last time I checked :(

So I was sayin dat movin on was a bit tough…hv been tryin 2 get 2 my seat at 9 but it just doesn’t happen…its gotta be 9.45 at least till I make it…maybe d laziness dat had crept in (or was it always dere? ;) ) durin d “bench” days hasnt deserted me…but its not like I aint tryin…4 instance, I just snooze my alarm thrice in d mrng these days compared 2 my earlier 5 times (4 all those who r intrstd…I just switch it off after dat !!!)

Hv joined a new team n d ppl r pretty cool…we hv had 3 team lunches since I hv joined n all 3 were at some really hapng places…so dey get all d points without even tryin…who’s worried abt work if such gud things flow along rite? Yeah rite :)

Work is ok…or so I think…hvnt discovered anything out-of-d-world till now…but den who knows…dis week I just might ;) we r finally getting proper weekends coz d exams r over n dere r no classes dis month…wish d hols were 4 two months dan just one…sigh

Had left my collection of songs in my old pc n hv been stranded here...n if it wasn’t 4 some generous frenz who sent me some tracks I wud hv committed suicide…din know music was so imp 2 me…hmmm I just keep surprising myself ;)

It was a frenz bday recently n d treat has been long since pendin…n she gave a treat yest…n man did I hog like crazy…actually m not much of a foodie (honest)…just ate so dat she doesn’t feel bad…m a pretty nice guy u see :D (honest again…n btw dats my angelic smile…its pretty famous around here…but still thot dere mite be some ignorant readers ;) )

“Indiana Jones” is out n I dunno why ppl r so dyin 2 see it…I wud rather watch Sarkar Raj…n read dis interview somewhere of AB Jr. the interviewer asked him why he is lukin so angry in d promos n junior said he’s not angry he’s just bein intense…lol (I really found dat funny)

Saw a movie “50 First Dates” on tv…try catchin it d next time…is really a cute flick…n Drew Barrymore luks more cute dan ever…man she’s one gal who can put on any amount of flab n still luk chweet :D (PS: I luv her)

Dats all 4 now folks…will move on I guess…my work awaits me (man never thot I wud say these words)

Listening to : “Meherbaan” – A.R. Rahman (A-W-E-S-O-M-E)
Ta ta :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I’m Back!!!

M listenin 2 MLTR’s “25 minutes” while typin dis out…yup pretty old song…but one of those dat I can hear anyday anytime…n today’s “anyday anytime”…coz m doin literally nothing at d moment…hv just been chattin over mails 2 a pretty recent friend…just checked d no of mails dat we hv played catch-catch wid…n lady brace urself…d count is 63!!! Not bad I say…just goes 2 prove dat m not d only person jobless around here ;)

So wats been happenin in my mind blowingly-interestin life??? Lots of stuff…really…had gone home n hv put on oodles of weight…much 2 d happiness of dearest mommy :D (nothing better dan hoggin away like a pig n lukin up 2 ur mom showin her pearlies smiling away 2 eternity…ah heaven)

N yeah I had 2 come back…just wen I thot life cudnt get better…why do we hv so less holidays??? :( NOT FAIR!!!

Today wud probably be my last day in d free pool…so dat invariably means dat I may hv 2 start workin…man even d thot is so scary…phew…lets hope it’s a passin phase n I get back on d bench soon (amen) :D

I made it clear 2 a friend of mine who suggested a project wid “good scope” dat m lukin 4 a “project” n not 4 “work” (don’t ppl get d difference!!!)

Another thing happenin in my life wud be dat I cleared d CodeGym assessment…I know most of u wudnt be knowin wat it is…so here it goes…its d most imp thing in d telecom domain in dis company (I can say anything I want…now dat I hv cleared d freakin exam)…many hv been askin me how I managed 2 clear dis out-worldly test…among d 10-12 from my team who were brave enough 2 take dis exam…only 2 emerged smiling…n 4 all u nutwits out dere…one of dem was me :)

So hv been distributin my gyaan 2 all n sundry who dream of clearin dis test in their lifetime…I hv told dem how I prepared day in and day out…how imp it is 2 hv a complete command over any one programming language of their choice (I took ‘C’)…n how imp it is 2 clear d assessment comprehensively…d pass percentage is 60…n surprisingly ppl hv been listenin (no smirks ok)

N just 4 d record I scored 60 ;)

Wat else? I m in luv…yeah I know all u ppl wud be surprised…but cudnt help it…it all happened so quickly dat I din get time 2 tell u guys abt it…so thot its best 2 write abt it here…wat better way 2 proclaim ur luv 2 d world :)

It happened wen I was at home…n just in case u were wonderin who got so lucky…I m in luv wid mangoes :) man dere r some really gud ones at home n I m so far frm dem now :(
Now I know how it feels 2 be away frm ur beloved…tanhayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ( u got competition sonu!!!)

“25 minutes” has started repeatin itself 4 d 3rd time…m too lazy 2 change d track n 2 top it d song is really chweet…so m just leanin back n lendin it my ears…all over again…SING ALONG :)

After some time I've finally made up my mind
she is the girl and I really want to make her mine
I'm searching everywhere to find her again
to tell her I love her
and I'm sorry 'bout the things I've done

I find her standing in front of the church
the only place in town where I didn't search
She looks so happy in her wedding dress
but she's crying while she's saying this

Boy I've missed your kisses all the time but this is
25 minutes too late
Though you traveled so far boy I'm sorry your are
25 minutes too late

Ta ta :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bring It On!!!

"I am sore wounded but not slain
I will lay me down and bleed a while
And then rise up to fight again

Why hv I put dis quote up here? Who m I gonna fight? Yeah even I hv an enemy (gasps)!!!

The villain in dis story (no not my mngr dumbo) is someone who has proved twice in a row dat his sole purpose in life is 2 be a thorn…n he bloody well is a pain whr it matters most…I unfortunately know him…n considered him a frnd (my mistake).

He always detested my popularity (ok…I m d hero here) n made ingenious plans 2 strike me out…well must say he came quite close.

Hmmm…I guess I shud start wid a flashback…so here it goes…we do a time travel back 2 d yr 2003…I hv no clue which month…I guess colleges start in June…so June it is.

I met “him” (ok don’t wanna spill his name out n give him a chance 2 sue me 4 libel) 4 d 1st time ever on d very 1st day of coll, which btw was St. Aloysius, M’lore…n no my life din change its course immeadiately if dats wat u guys expected :P
He was in my class, unfortunately…we talked normally…though I don’t rmbr wat we talked…but we did talk…he had a weird name (yeah he still has d same one)…a name I hv neva heard anywhere else…before or after. N he’s pretty conscious abt dat stupid name of his…though m sure he wont admit it now…but at dat time he was…I know (I said I m d hero…heroes neva lie)

So dis dude was an avg student in class…maintained pretty decent grades (quite an achievement 4 his pathetically low IQ), n wrote stupid poetry n drew even “stupider” (dunno if dere is such a word) cartoons or caricatures or wateva it was dat marked d margins of all his notes…he was a mess wid spellings n an even worse singer…yeah he used 2 hum songs n I used 2 sit somewhere around n beat my head on d bench n even dat wud seem music 2 dis jerk n he wud continue singin.

So off we went frm 1st to 2nd and den to d final yr…pretty breezy ride…some of d best days of my life (yeah eventhough dis clown was very much around) and we were pretty gud frenz or so I thot.

We finished our courses n me bein dis incredibly intelligent guy (heck I told u I m d hero) got placed in a well-reputed IT firm…n he went on 2 do his MCA (no…not in our coll…d management realized its mistake of takin him 4 d bachelors…so dey din let him anywhere close d moment he passed out).

I came 2 B’lore and was leadin a pretty happy life n dere he was in his coll scheming an evil plan 2 bring my gud name 2 dust 2 quench the neva-endin thirst of his sadistic mind…we used 2 talk occasionally…wen both of us were bored n had no other job n all d flies at our places were dead n part of folklore.

Fast frwd 2 present tense…d exact date wud be d 6th of April, 2008. On dat fateful day, he got his chance…he saw his long-awaited dream bein fulfilled…he saw my waterloo (plz don’t break d word into smaller words n derive meanings)

He got 2 know dat I hv created a blog…n dere he was…at his menacing best…writin out d worst comment n takin out all his pent-up frustration on dat poor lil blog of mine. But, alas, his effort went in waste. Ppl had already read d blog n formed opinions n dey din fall prey 2 his onslaught.

But not one 2 give up so easily (a trait dat all aloysians share), he struck back on my 2nd post…n dis time he hit d bull’s eye…d moment he came 2 know dat I hv updated my blog, he jumped on n was d 1st one 2 comment…n he literally shred my blog into pieces…he dissected each n every line I wrote…n almost wrote a comment dat was bigger dan my post!!!

Everyone followed suit…just as dat shrewd brain of his had anticipated…he had achieved wat he set out 2 do…he had triumphed…he had lived his dream…he won d battle…he rejoiced…he celebrated …his attempt at drivin me away frm blogosphere almost materialized…n I thot I wud neva be able 2 come up wid something in reply…but it wasn’t “Game Over” yet…dere was still a lot 2 play 4.

N den I thot (yeah I did)…a lot (now shut up will u? I thot n dats it)…n I decided dat d best thing I can do is tell d world (ok maybe not d entire world but all those who r listenin) d truth behind those savage attacks.

N today I hv done dat…I hv exposed him (not literally…thank heavens)…n I stand here…amidst d ruins of wat was once a blog of gud reputation…waitin 4 his next move. N dis time I intend 2 give it back…real hard.

Go 4 it dude…throw ur best at me…I m ready…as I said at the beginning…m gonna “rise up to fight again

Note: All the incidents mentioned here r true 2 d best of my knowledge n any resemblance 2 any characters livin or dead is purely INTENTIONAL :P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wat Next?

Before I start, I wud like 2 thank all of u who read thru wat I posted…n I wud like 2 thank some of u even more…those who read thru it n even commented…it feels darn gud 2 hear nice words abt ur baby :)

Well, wat next? This is something a vast majority of my frenz r askin me…wats my next post gonna be abt? N if its not “wat next?” its “wen?”!!! Wen do I intend 2 post again? I neva thot abt it till one of my frenz popped up d question over lunch…till den I was thinking dat I hv written something n it ends dere 4 me…now everyone has 2 tell me wat dey think abt it…so I left it at dat n waited…4 comments n praises n hopefully no brickbats ;)

Well must say m overwhelmed…i got responses of all kinds…many commented on d blog itself…many din comment…I got some mails sayin how much dey liked my post n some told me in person…many asked me for d songs I mentioned dere…I guess I hv given James Blunt more publicity dan he cud hv ever imagined…wonder if I’ll get a percentage of d profit he makes thru his records (I deserve it 4 sure) ;)

N I guess d reason why so many ppl checked my blog was d way I “promoted” it…I told abt it 2 all ppl I know…asked everyone 2 hv a luk n comment…I shamelessly asked ppl I randomly met 2 go thru it n lemme know how it was…I maybe shouted louder abt my blog dan wat SRK did 4 OSO…now I know wat u went thru bro ;)

N den…back 2 square one: “wat next?”/ “wen?”

N I hv got enough suggestions on dat front:
1. Write a novel – I’m more dan happy 2 do it…but den a few negligible things r missin – name of d novel, characters (no. & names) and a plot…apart from dat, everthin else is in place :)

2. My frnd suggested dat I chronicle his flirty life…of how he’s tryin 2 woo a certain gal…well dude, I don’t intend 2 do dat…just coz I luv d way I m (hmmm…more or less)…n d last thing I want is a broken limb and a few missin teeth ;)

3. Den dere were innumerable other suggestions which I guess wud fall under d “censored” category…so I’ll let it pass by ;)

So d bottomline is: I cudnt think of any topic 2 write abt…now dis was something I wasn’t prepared 4…maybe dis is wat dey call “Writer’s block”…well if it is…den m happy…why? Coz dis puts me in a club of “Writers” rite? Aren’t Dan Brown, Jeffrey Archer and John Grisham part of d same club? Guess dey wud be glad 2 hv me on board (hey guys…wassup???) ;)

So dis invariably goes out as a thank u note 2 all u ppl who labored thru my 1st post n who wud hopefully repeat d trend wid dis one too :) thanx a lot folks!!!

N guess wat I hv got myself a publicist 4 d blog…she has promised me dat she’ll publicize my blog no matter wat crap I write…so I hv done my job (i.e., write crap) now its officially over 2 u Ms.Publicist…do ur boss proud ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My 1st Ever Blog

Well….dis is d moment all u ppl hv been waitin 4…..I hv started bloggin (applause) ok I din hear any ;-)

Hmmm….now wat do ppl normally write abt…I’m not rackin my brains on dat….guess I’ll just keep on typin wateva comes 2 my mind (I sure aint gonna get any prizes 4 dis)

Today’s a cloudy day in april…now how many Indians talk abt cloudy days in april….I hv never seen any before dis….4 all u aliens out dere, april is summer in india….n summer in india is HOT….wid a capital H-O-T…maybe it’s a lil less in Bangalore…but it sure isn’t cloudy usually.

I just thot of fillin up pages wid details of d weather rite outta my 4th grade geography text but den I guess u wud rather well read my geography text dan dis…lol

So I hv hereby decided 2 tell u something abt my oh-so-interestin life….hmmm….hmmm…hmmm….hmmm….ok let’s search 4 some other topic.

Yest was all-fools day….n no, no one quite made a fool of me….a frnd did try…but must say a pretty feeble attempt….she msgs me at 12.15 n says her wallet is missin n it mite be in my bag….i searched my bag n told her its not dere n lo behold I hv been fooled….its not missin….yeah I know wat u guys wud be thinking who exactly is a fool here….but I wud rather not comment on it….coz she’s a 300-pound monster n I don’t wanna take any chances….so d moral of d story is: “I was april fooled. No questions asked”

A frnd sent me James Blunt’s 1973….so hv been listenin 2 it over n over again….just luv dat number…man m I in luv wid his voice….luvd his earlier songs also….u r beautiful & goodbye my lover….d latter bein, accordin 2 me, one of d best songs ever on heart-break….must say sadness never felt dis gud ;-)

Hmmm…guess I’ll wind up 4 now...n wait till d next time 2 talk more abt my interesting life ;-) till den u can listen 2 James Blunt crooning:

I will call you up every Saturday night
And we both stayed out 'til the morning light
And we sang, "Here we go again"
And though time goes by
I will always be
In a club with you
In 1973
Singing "Here we go again"

Ciao :-)