Friday, February 13, 2009

I’ve Been Tagged!!!

Well d last time I had 2 tag myself…but this time I’ve actually been tagged by someone…how cool (or is it kewl) is dat?!?!

Ok now into d details…I’ve been tagged by perplexed (I’m eternally indebted 2 u)…n dis tag requires me 2 take the sixth picture from the sixth folder on my pc and write about it…so here I go…

This was taken durin one of those really intrstng classes whr I just cudnt keep my eyes open…my frnd gave me his cell n a ball-point pen n asked me 2 make his cell funky!

Yup…u heard it rite…a ball-point pen 2 make a cell luk funky…he shud hv atleast given me a spray paint rite? But den I m such a gud guy dat I obliged without complainin (so nice of me na…I know)

So we started thinkin abt wat 2 do…I aint dat gud at drawin so I knew I had 2 scribble somethin n convince him dat its cool…we thot (or rather "I thot"…he isnt exactly much of a thinker) of diff quotes…n we shortlisted some…of dat we chose these 2 phrases…which actually sound atleast a lil original (don’t dey? Ok dey do…thanx)

I wrote d 1st one diagonal 4 some reason dat isnt yet known 2 anyone alive…n ended up almost crammin d whole area on d cell…so after a lot of thinkin (again just me) I wrote d 2nd line on d base…

He was showin around his new-found “funkiness” around n I was takin credit weneva anyone said its gud n just disappearin wen some gave those weird luks (cant spoil my rep rite?)

At d end of it…he found out dat it was so cool dat he neva used d panel again?!?! Wat do I say? Apart frm d obvious fact dat d poor guy doesn’t hv a gud taste!

I just realized dat its been a month n a half into 2009 n dis is my 1st post…yikes…dats like an awful lotta time 2 be lazy…I continue 2 surprise myself :D

So its d season of luv…n happy v-day 2 all…go hold hands n show ur luv 2 d world…n don’t care a damn abt d guys who poke their nose into stuff dats not one bit their business (read muthalik n his sena of jerks)…hv fun…n spread luv…ta ta!