Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Last Post of 2008

Its holiday season…n all stores in town r offerin cool discounts…dats wen u know dat xmas n new yr r around d corner…he he…n no I hvnt shopped anything of late (wat wid recession n all in d news…how can a responsible citizen go out n splurge???)

So, in other words, u all can gift me stuff n make a responsible citizen a very very happy citizen :D (howzaat?)

So dis is d 1st new yr season for dis blog n its all excited…he he…I sound like d mtv tickr…treatin d blog as an individual ;)

N wid new yr comes d resolutions…now makin resolutions is one thing but stickin onto it is a totally diff issue…I dunno wat resolutions I’m gonna make…anyways I hv neva stuck onto any dat I hv made, so it doesn’t make much of a difference…well dis time one thing dat does come to my mind is makin it 2 d office on time…m tired of bein late…n even more tired of d jokes on me 4 neva bein on time :(

A frnd had told me dat December is her most fav month…maybe coz xmas is around…n my guess is coz her bday is also in d same month…but wateva it is it makes her feel on top of d world

N talking of bein on top of d world…I just made a list of 5 moments wen I hv felt on top of d world…n all of dem r true (of course anything I say is true…I m after all a honest n responsible citizen) :D

1. Visitin home wen u r stayin away due to work/study…nothing like touchin base n bein in d company of ur luved ones…where u don’t hv 2 act n appear intrstd in completely borin stuff…home is one place whr ur true nature comes 2 d fore…d real person in u is out only in d confines of ur nest
2. Holdin a 2-day old baby…ok holdin a 1-day or a 3-day old baby wud also be fantastic…I recently held a 2-day old sweety in my hand n trust me it was heaven :D
3. Getting an unexpected gift…n a really cool one at dat (I got an ipod classic…god bless my big bro) :D
4. Getting a call frm a old frnd wen u really wanna speak 2 someone
5. Bein introduced by someone as “meet (name), my best frnd” – priceless

Well I’m done 4 d yr…n d blog n me wanna wish all d readers a very happy xmas n a wonderful new yr ahead…hv a blast on 31st…I’ll be leavin town tmrw nite…dats why d advance wishes

PS: if u wish u can lemme know 5 moments wen u felt on top of d world…who knows I mite hv just started a tag ;)


Meenakshi said...

hey very nice blog... :)
Hmmm almost every day i feel on top of the world because of all the sweet ppl around me at home(pg) and at office... :) (Thank U Guys...)

Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year... :)

perplexed said...

oh nice! i will take this up as a tag on my blog! ;)

oh n hey.. i got him the ferrari black... slightly (no, totally) over my budget but he loved it! thank you! :)

blunt edges said...

@ meenakshi
:) one content gal u r...wonder how many ppl out dere actually feel on top of d world everyday...u sure r part of a rare group ;)

@ perplexed
din see d tag on ur blog :(
ferrari black eh? coooooooool...so someone's surely smellin like heaven...n u r one rich gal arent u? ;)

perplexed said...

You have been tagged!

rain girl said...

awwwwwwww i LOVE the fifth point! :( wish someone introduces me like this... :((

blunt edges said...

@ rain girl
:) now dats one point dat makes me smile every single time...i had visited my frnd's place n she introduced me 2 her roomies wid dat line...trust me feels wonderful :D

bliss said...

nice one.. i never make it on time to anywhere too so i guess, i know the brunt of jokes going arnd!!! but u r a, umm, huh, blunt guy, u can make it thru..
well, my fav 5 moments so far have been-
1 wen i scored really well in my tenth boards. my dad came home nad hugged me right away.. never had his hug felt better!!!!
2 wen i won my first ever prize in elocution. i know its no big deal, but hell, i had been on and off that silly stage a gazillion times and never won ath. so the first one was really great moment.
3 wen, my frnd, who had moved to delhi came back home and i saw her on station. i ran upto her, forgetting everyone else. i think i stumbled over someone on the way, but dsnt reallly matter. that was a moment of exhilaration
4 my first long real fight with my dad and we hadnt talked for days. to make up, we both had ice cream togther, just us and no one else. i came back home and cried. those were my first ever happy tears!!!
5 wen i found out that my frnd going thru serious troubles in her relationship had eth sorted out, finally. i can not explain the feeling of relief and joy!!!
so thats it..... tag or no, my first ever answers of preset ques!!! yayeeeee!!!!! i am officially a part of blogsville now!!! :) :) :D

bliss said...

no actually, i have one other truly happy moment.

wen i came back from a silly 15 day long camp. the feeling of being back at home was more than i can put in words.

now dont go rolling ur eyes at this point cuz i know, u stay away from ur family much longer but still...

blunt edges said...

@ bliss
hahahaha...nahi yaar...i aint gonna compare those 15days with my staying away from home...its always different the 1st time around :D
n nice answers those...esp the one when u had a fight with ur dad...sweet :D