Friday, February 13, 2009

I’ve Been Tagged!!!

Well d last time I had 2 tag myself…but this time I’ve actually been tagged by someone…how cool (or is it kewl) is dat?!?!

Ok now into d details…I’ve been tagged by perplexed (I’m eternally indebted 2 u)…n dis tag requires me 2 take the sixth picture from the sixth folder on my pc and write about it…so here I go…

This was taken durin one of those really intrstng classes whr I just cudnt keep my eyes open…my frnd gave me his cell n a ball-point pen n asked me 2 make his cell funky!

Yup…u heard it rite…a ball-point pen 2 make a cell luk funky…he shud hv atleast given me a spray paint rite? But den I m such a gud guy dat I obliged without complainin (so nice of me na…I know)

So we started thinkin abt wat 2 do…I aint dat gud at drawin so I knew I had 2 scribble somethin n convince him dat its cool…we thot (or rather "I thot"…he isnt exactly much of a thinker) of diff quotes…n we shortlisted some…of dat we chose these 2 phrases…which actually sound atleast a lil original (don’t dey? Ok dey do…thanx)

I wrote d 1st one diagonal 4 some reason dat isnt yet known 2 anyone alive…n ended up almost crammin d whole area on d cell…so after a lot of thinkin (again just me) I wrote d 2nd line on d base…

He was showin around his new-found “funkiness” around n I was takin credit weneva anyone said its gud n just disappearin wen some gave those weird luks (cant spoil my rep rite?)

At d end of it…he found out dat it was so cool dat he neva used d panel again?!?! Wat do I say? Apart frm d obvious fact dat d poor guy doesn’t hv a gud taste!

I just realized dat its been a month n a half into 2009 n dis is my 1st post…yikes…dats like an awful lotta time 2 be lazy…I continue 2 surprise myself :D

So its d season of luv…n happy v-day 2 all…go hold hands n show ur luv 2 d world…n don’t care a damn abt d guys who poke their nose into stuff dats not one bit their business (read muthalik n his sena of jerks)…hv fun…n spread luv…ta ta!


kaveer rai said...
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kaveer rai said...

awwwwwhaaaaa..YAWN ....did i..did i really ....oh daam look wat ur blog made me do ..i slept off readin ur very interesting blog...but ya read it twice coz i wanted to find atleast somethin good in it..but must say u just surprise me tooo how can u be soo lame n boring now..just feels like hit by a new version of sunil plague..n iam sure u stole the cell from somebody n did tht very creative work of yours ..must say u are far more creative than i thought (oh my god u can write in english ...n the hardest part using a ball pen )..2 lame copied lines and u call it ORIGINAL ...pritham would be proud tht he has company(ya the music director)...and ppl just though it was a wonderful yr n u landed up again with ur BLOG...guess wat one of the blog pinkchaddi became real famous in last few days ..coz it was worth it ...why dont u try somethin like tht something against the impotents sri ram sena ...PINK LUNGI CAMPAIGN ...( stop imaginin urself in one)...N ya HAPPY V day (stop lookin at the calender yup thts tomm 14th )

Rubina said...

hey i recognise tat phone!!!
n u called tat cooolll!!!!! :O
reallyyyyy :O :O
ur idea of cool is so uncool... :D

Prachee said...


Moral of the stroty

"Dont take mob out from ur pocket when SU is around"

Vaman said...

New year ka start accha nahin tha :(

perplexed said...

wow..something finally got you off your lazy back! and I am never giving my phone to you!!... no matter what!

kaveer rai said...

dude just cldnt restrict myself just isnt me look everybody says ..u shld be stoned .....but in this bad bad wrld when nthin can scare ppl ur blog just did on thje right day on the write time ..FRiday the 13th ...u cant be worse than this ..or will be surprised again ...

Natasha said...

I will never give my cell phone to you!!!! I love my cell way too much :)

blunt edges said...

@ kaveer
u r certainly d only soul in d world who spends more effort on my blog dan i do!

@ rubina
helloooooo...i just got a ball cool can u actually make a cell wid a ball pen?!?!?!
wid a spray paint i cud hv made a rockstar out of d cell :D:D

@ prachee
thodi na apna phone hai ;)

@ vaman
i'll come back wid somethin better (hopefully) :)

@ perplexed
no no...i can do better...we shud try it out sometime ;)

@ natasha
maybe d world isnt ready 4 my creativity as yet :D

perplexed said...

Happy birthday!! :)

I need cake!! :P

blunt edges said...

@ perplexed
wonder how u found out ;):D