Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Police Story

Long timeeee guys...dont think I hv stayed away from my blog 4 so long before...I cudnt even celebrate its 1st bday coz a lot of stuff has been hapng in my work as well as personal life (though none of dem r blog material)...sorry bloggy :(

Recently my frnd got a long “advice” frm a cop on how its not safe 2 talk on d cell n walk on roads at nite...resultin in the said frnd bein a much more enlightened individual ;)

Now dis reminded of my one n only run-in wid cops...dis hapnd wen I was in coll in mlore...now before I start wid d story I request all of u 2 maintain a minute’s silence2 observe d 1st bday of bloggy...59 58 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0...THANK U!

So dis was a reasonably cold dec nite...we were at d mlore railway station...n by “we” I mean me n my 3 roomies with whom I had rented out a flat...one of dem had fractured his foot tryin 2 figure out 4 himself which is stronger: his foot or an iron rod...well he sure did find dat out ;)

We had 2 ship him 2 his hometown which is a place called “kayamkulam” in kerala...ok we were putting him on a train but d phrase “we had 2 train him” doesn’t make any sense...so I guess we were dere 2 indeed ship him :D

Now we all bein coll kids, none of us felt d need 2 get platform tickets (don’t ask me wats d logic behind dat thot)...so dere we were...all 4 of us on d platform…hustled in a seat…an hr ahead of d train schedule whilin away our time doin literally nothing

All of a sudden, one of my frenz (lets call him d “idiot”) suggested dat we go around 4 a walk on d platform...havin no better option of my own 2 suggest, I n d idiot left d langda n d 4th guy dere n started our slow walk

A train dat was scheduled 2 leave before ours was at d station...havin walked d length of d platform we decided 2 walk inside d train...coz we had just landed in from mars n had neva seen d insides of a train before ;)

We walked inside 4 sometime...n den jumped out...n saw a cop walkin in front of us...I told d idiot 2 not attract attention n just act normal...

Idiot: u scared of cops dude?
Me: ssshhh
Idiot: u really scared of cops?
Idiot: look bro...I’ll teach u a trick or 2

Sayin dis he went rite behind d cop n started apin d way dat guy was walkin...suddenly d cop turned n luked at d idiot n I just walked by, as if I din know d idiot or d cop or d station or d entire concept of travelling in a train

I reached d seat whr the other guys were sittin without glancing back even once at wats hapng between d idiot n d cop...n sat dere wid these ppl n after a moment d idiot joined us...
His version: d cop din say anything (no one knows till date wat actually hapnd)

So all 4 of us were back whr we started...on d seat...but dis time like gud boys :D I filled d other 2 on wat had just hapnd...n dey echoed my opinion dat we shud kill d idiot n throw him rite on d tracks (pity we din do it)

N before we knew, a cop was by our side n lukin pretty angry...he was talkin in tulu n askin us wat we were doin in d train...now only d 4th guy in d group knew d language (lets call him smart-a..err smart-guy: SG in short)

We all turned 2 luk at SG so dat he cud talk us out of dis “situation”...now SG bein d SA dat he is, just luked up as if he was wonderin whether Pluto is actually a planet or not and if it was one, wud it support life

So I n d idiot started explainin 2 d cop dat we were just checkin out d seat 4 our langda frnd in d wrong train n how we came back wen we realized dat dis wasn’t d train...n all dis in a language dat we thot was tulu...d cop wasn’t lukin impressed n SG was still stuck wid his Pluto mystery

Cop: whr r u goin?
Me: Kkkkkkkk...kankanady
Cop: wat?

Now 4 d uninformed...langda was goin 2 kayamkulam n kankanady is like ten mins from mlore station

Suddenly d cop smiled n said be careful abt wat u do on such days n walked off...we said ok n luked at each other...each one of us silently wonderin wat on earth did he mean by “such days”

Dats wen SG back frm his Pluto research exclaimed dat its d nite of dec 5th n d next day was dec 6th (d babri masjid demolition day) n dat explained why dere were so many cops at d station...we all luked once again at each other n den without a word, all except langda rushed 2 get d platform tickets!!!

Moral of d story: Whoeva said dat every freakin story shud hv a moral!!!

Deres a strike goin on between d film producers n multiplex owners…so no movies r comin out…d last one I watched was “fast n d furious 4”…n only one word describes it best: kickass!
If u r gonna watch it, leave ur brains at home n just go in 4 some fun
Ciao :D