Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Police Story

Long timeeee guys...dont think I hv stayed away from my blog 4 so long before...I cudnt even celebrate its 1st bday coz a lot of stuff has been hapng in my work as well as personal life (though none of dem r blog material)...sorry bloggy :(

Recently my frnd got a long “advice” frm a cop on how its not safe 2 talk on d cell n walk on roads at nite...resultin in the said frnd bein a much more enlightened individual ;)

Now dis reminded of my one n only run-in wid cops...dis hapnd wen I was in coll in mlore...now before I start wid d story I request all of u 2 maintain a minute’s silence2 observe d 1st bday of bloggy...59 58 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0...THANK U!

So dis was a reasonably cold dec nite...we were at d mlore railway station...n by “we” I mean me n my 3 roomies with whom I had rented out a flat...one of dem had fractured his foot tryin 2 figure out 4 himself which is stronger: his foot or an iron rod...well he sure did find dat out ;)

We had 2 ship him 2 his hometown which is a place called “kayamkulam” in kerala...ok we were putting him on a train but d phrase “we had 2 train him” doesn’t make any sense...so I guess we were dere 2 indeed ship him :D

Now we all bein coll kids, none of us felt d need 2 get platform tickets (don’t ask me wats d logic behind dat thot)...so dere we were...all 4 of us on d platform…hustled in a seat…an hr ahead of d train schedule whilin away our time doin literally nothing

All of a sudden, one of my frenz (lets call him d “idiot”) suggested dat we go around 4 a walk on d platform...havin no better option of my own 2 suggest, I n d idiot left d langda n d 4th guy dere n started our slow walk

A train dat was scheduled 2 leave before ours was at d station...havin walked d length of d platform we decided 2 walk inside d train...coz we had just landed in from mars n had neva seen d insides of a train before ;)

We walked inside 4 sometime...n den jumped out...n saw a cop walkin in front of us...I told d idiot 2 not attract attention n just act normal...

Idiot: u scared of cops dude?
Me: ssshhh
Idiot: u really scared of cops?
Idiot: look bro...I’ll teach u a trick or 2

Sayin dis he went rite behind d cop n started apin d way dat guy was walkin...suddenly d cop turned n luked at d idiot n I just walked by, as if I din know d idiot or d cop or d station or d entire concept of travelling in a train

I reached d seat whr the other guys were sittin without glancing back even once at wats hapng between d idiot n d cop...n sat dere wid these ppl n after a moment d idiot joined us...
His version: d cop din say anything (no one knows till date wat actually hapnd)

So all 4 of us were back whr we started...on d seat...but dis time like gud boys :D I filled d other 2 on wat had just hapnd...n dey echoed my opinion dat we shud kill d idiot n throw him rite on d tracks (pity we din do it)

N before we knew, a cop was by our side n lukin pretty angry...he was talkin in tulu n askin us wat we were doin in d train...now only d 4th guy in d group knew d language (lets call him smart-a..err smart-guy: SG in short)

We all turned 2 luk at SG so dat he cud talk us out of dis “situation”...now SG bein d SA dat he is, just luked up as if he was wonderin whether Pluto is actually a planet or not and if it was one, wud it support life

So I n d idiot started explainin 2 d cop dat we were just checkin out d seat 4 our langda frnd in d wrong train n how we came back wen we realized dat dis wasn’t d train...n all dis in a language dat we thot was tulu...d cop wasn’t lukin impressed n SG was still stuck wid his Pluto mystery

Cop: whr r u goin?
Me: Kkkkkkkk...kankanady
Cop: wat?

Now 4 d uninformed...langda was goin 2 kayamkulam n kankanady is like ten mins from mlore station

Suddenly d cop smiled n said be careful abt wat u do on such days n walked off...we said ok n luked at each other...each one of us silently wonderin wat on earth did he mean by “such days”

Dats wen SG back frm his Pluto research exclaimed dat its d nite of dec 5th n d next day was dec 6th (d babri masjid demolition day) n dat explained why dere were so many cops at d station...we all luked once again at each other n den without a word, all except langda rushed 2 get d platform tickets!!!

Moral of d story: Whoeva said dat every freakin story shud hv a moral!!!

Deres a strike goin on between d film producers n multiplex owners…so no movies r comin out…d last one I watched was “fast n d furious 4”…n only one word describes it best: kickass!
If u r gonna watch it, leave ur brains at home n just go in 4 some fun
Ciao :D


khyathi said...

oh...Sunny my boy...Finally u have done it.

Supperrr :-)

Keep it up.

sangeeta said...

Interesting Story !!!

Keep it up (i mean the gud work ;)) :P

Rubina said...

hey i tht u wer busy wit wrkk...nw i knw wat u wer doin...suhas nodo,sumne he keeps tellin busy busy antha...seems nthn lik tat ;)

Anyways! nice blog as usual ;)
and ha tell us the truth wer u the "idiot"?

sahana said...

funny story with a moral !!

guessing what conversation must had happened between Idiot and the cop :)

Niharika said...

funny, had good time reading it... keep writing

kaveer rai said...

here u go, get your self tougher than steel to listen to some real review and for that you'll have to loose all your baby fat at first and to tell all the blog readers i knw a lot of stories about sunil and the railway station specially about the one when he was walking back form the railway station and for some reason even remembered god n family for help anyway u can ask him regarding tht ..and must say dude this was one not soo bad as i thought it wld turn out to be seeing your busy schedule or atleast the one u created and talk about always and who ever asked u give reviews on movies and i do remember what u said when i asked abt how was the movie ..." like always speed and babes "couldnt expect a better review though and definitely you dont need any brains to watch tht and if anybody havent told u yet like urs not all others brain is detachable nor is it bought from the stock clearance chinese store.
and come on u prove to be a chicken always run away from the cops and there were some smart ass u did hang around with who proved to be the male chickens deserved to be called as idiots or u had a better title to the story "a bunch of hybrid idiots " hybrid just coz one of u thought about pluto and iam sure u still dont know if pluto is a planet or not ....n thank ya feels good after a long time to write something nice on ur blog again ;P

blunt edges said...

@ khyathi
yes yes yesssss...I DID IT!!! :D

@ sangeeta
danx...of course i'll keep it up (d gud work dat is) ;)

@ rubina
ha ha ha...well dis is work n dis does require effort ;) m i d idiot? of course not...m neva d idiot...m d hero of d story (wasnt dat a ground rule???)

@ sahana
thanx...he he...lets say if mtv were 2 air dat conversation, it wud hv more beeps dan dialogs ;D

@ niharika
i sure will...keep readin :)

@ kaveer
DUDE...dat railway station incident was supposed 2 be a secret!!! well...half d coll knew, but still a secret ;)

DPhatsez said...

mi amigo! Glad you dropped by. I shall read thy posts once done with my exmas by next month mid.

Following you! :)

Keep visiting and keep blogging!
Cheers! (no worries Johnychayan ain't joining)

Illeen said...

at the outset..congrats..or well ..happy anniversary maybe..anyway bhawnaon ko samjho :)

And I guess, stories that don't have morals make interesting reads.Loved this one.

Shanu said...

Lol..that was awesome.

Ticketless travel is one of the many things I have alwyz wanted to do...but never had the guts to!! But this post has been encouraging..I will surely chk the date before I try it though :P

blunt edges said...

@ DPhatsez
lol...johnychayan has become a cult figure ;)
all d best 4 u exams dude :D

@ Illeen
thanku thanku...d only person who wished bloggy n me **sniffle sniffle** (khushi ke aasu) ;)
glad u liked it :)

@ Shanu
thanx a ton 4 droppin by :D u shud definitely try ticketless travel some day...gives u a great sense of achievement after d journey...though 4 obvious reasons i hv neva done it after dis incident ;)

iceprincess said...

hey...that was hilarious..
i found ur astronomically challenged friend,ur ohh so curious lets c how indian trains look behaviour,and ur utterly funny way of writing...awesome....
u will c me around.....

blunt edges said...

@ iceprincess
thanx :D n welcome aboard :) keep d compliments flowin...d narcissist in me just luvs dat ;)

perplexed said...

...and you are back!! since my blogroll has disappeared after much changes have been done to my blog... i wasn't notified when you put up this post... i had almost given up hope on this blog ever being updated anyway ;) funny post this though! :)

DPhatsez said...

Mandan Sunny! :)

I am the liking the post! \m/ Keep it coming!

ahem! I read comment trail on Shanu post.She had to tell you on me following you!
Ahem! Insulted though i am at not being exalted on doing such a gracious deed (FIRST FOLLOWER), i have decided to forgive you.

'follow' me and appease my Leo ego and maybe..just maybe..the next 2 minutes of silence won't be for your martyrdom.
:) \m/

blunt edges said...

@ perplexed
saw ur new blog luk...pretty cool...n no dis blog wil neva stop gettin updated...though dere r high chances d posts may be "spaced out" :)

@ DPhatsez
SORRY (dats wat i call a big sorry)...eventhough i hv been a year into bloggin (man m i a veteran), i still dunno many things abt blogspot..."followin" was 1 such thing...m gonna follow u d moment i phinish typin out dis comment..hope ur ego is "appeased" (dats d 1st time i m usin dat word) ;)

Shanu said...

Came over to chk if there was a new post and saw ur follower count has gone up to 2...Cool..kidhar tum ek follower ke liye taras rahe the..abhi toh do do hai!!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
kya kare yaar? popular hone ka yehi toh side-effect hai...followers just keep comin ;)
noticed dat u hv posted again...directly jumpin over 2 ur blog...n me not postin coz of "lack of inspiration" n partly due 2 an acute case of laziness ;D

Shanu said...

Lol..i kno how you feel..i havent had much inspiration lately either..and i have only just started!!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
hey wats wrong wid ur blog...i cant seem 2 post comments...u missin out on my invaluable tips ;D

Shanu said...

Haan yaar...i dunno..i cldnt reply to my comments either..keep tryin a couple of times..ho jaayega..pls mujhe apne comments se vanchit mat rakho..tereko pata hai na..i love comments!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
i knw i knw...who doesnt luv comments...tried again...no luck...thot me havin lunch mite help...guess wat...even dat din work ;) will give u my vishesh tippani wen it sorts out :D

Shanu said...

Hey tried sorting out the bug..do have a dekko when u have the time and let me know if it now wrks.

New to blogger and have no clue how and why things stop wrking!!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
aye aye captain :)

Shanu said...

Wow this post is full of my comments!!

Following u :)***Same pinch***

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
so me got 3 followers now...yay \o/

Shanu said...

Adding to the chat forum:P

Have a question abt blog layouts...feelin silly abt it..but kya karun..new to this bloggin business..help me pls..care to share ur email address so that i can pester u wit my questions??

Shanu said...

hey..mnged to figure it out..thnks newyz..and btw..4 followers inspite of no new posts..not bad!!

blunt edges said...

had an exam on sunday...so din go online 4 2 days...someones redecoratin d blog ha??? wil come over n check as soon as i type dis out...so u figured it out by urself ha? now me toyin wid d idea abt d mail id...he he he

Shanu said...

Do u see the signs?

U not being online for 2 days = 1 new follower...Now wat does that tell u?? LOL

BTW a suggestion: Please rename this post. It should be A Chat Story..wat wit our ping pong comments..ummm..but not ur fault really..toh jaane de..naam mat badalna :P

blunt edges said...

lol...so shud i like go offline 4 a month or somethin? ;)
yup...it sure is a long chat story...ha ha ha...serves my company rite 4 bannin all chat sites ;)

Shanu said...

I completely saw thru ur effrts of tryin to convert my blog post into a chat post :P

Ur poor company doesnt realise chattin is way better thn havin employees bloggin on company time??

blunt edges said...

lol...u bet...but den i feel like i m chattin as much as i m bloggin...if not more ;)

atlast blog banane ka kuch toh faayda hua ;)

n was it so obvious dat i was tryin 2 convert ur blog into a chat post as well (i thot i disguised it well enuf) :D

Shanu said...

Lol..I have to admit it was a gr8 effrt yet not good enuff to fool the master (thatz me in case ur wondering!!)

How come u havent posted nethin yet? Inspiration ki itni kami!!

blunt edges said...

rofl...master ha? meri billi mujhi se miaow...!!! ;)
arre me got my exams on sunday...d last one...after dat i'll post somethin...atleast actin toh kar lu ke i m studyin ;D :D

Shanu said...

Ohh exams and all...good..all the best..do well.

Btw I though u were wrkin..toh exams kaise?

blunt edges said...

i work as a pizza delivery guy n study home science in d spare time...i aspire 2 be d head chef at my pizza joint ;)
lol...jokes apart...me workin in an IT firm...n also pursuin my MS...hence d exams...dats all ur honor :D
wat do u do? (u do somethin rite?) ;)

kaveer rai said...

did all the ppl who subscribe ur comment list get cursed with all ur daily dose of crap chat ...or is it just me who gets more than one mail from ur blog as update ...jeeezzz ppl from the stoneage go get a life ..or atleast download a msngr n learn how to get past ur firewall ...maaaan

blunt edges said...

lmao...not one stupid msngr bypasses d "wall" dude...n i dunno if anyone else was stupid enuf 2 subscribe 2 my comments :P
n atleast u gettin some mails coz of dis smart guy...who even bothers 2 do dat otherwise ***wicked laugh*** (sample:buhahaha)

Shanu said...

OK..That was damn hilarious and mighty embrassin..While I have had my share of embrssmnts I have never been soo embrssd..online atleast!

Didnt realise I was spamming mailboxes!!

@ Kaveer

I guess this is the last of the "crap chat" emails u will rec.

kaveer rai said...

oki ,,,,here let me be nice for once ...i was nt serious when i said u spam my mail boxes ..its oki to carry on ...

blunt edges said...


@ Kaveer
thanx a ton K...i owe u one...hope u hv un-subscribed...if not, do it RIGHT AWAY!

dunno wen was d last time i was sittin in front of a keyboard n was so unsure of wat 2 type...sorry 4 d embrsmnt...dis sure wasn't part of d script

Shanu said...

Aare nahi re..dont b sori..wasnt ur fault now was it...and come to think of it...acha hi hua..now I can come up wit a post on how I got embrssed online...positive sochne ke apne hi advngts hote hain :)

blunt edges said...

:) talk abt lukin at d +ve side of things :)
but dont give any links 2 whr d embrsmnt occured ;) (dont wanna ruin d reputation of poor lil bloggy) :D

Shanu said...

Lol..naah i wont...umm or I mite...depends on my mood ***evil grin***

blunt edges said...

oye teri!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

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