Friday, July 11, 2008

Gospel of Luv – 10 Rules 4 Guys

Over d years I hv had numerous pals who hv been in a relationship…some have been freakin serious abt it even though dey were just in the 11th grade while some even on d cusp of 30 weren’t sure of wat dey were doin…but 1 thing’s been common throughout: all d guys have common complaints abt d relationship…so 4 all u wannabe romeos, here’s a list of rules u better be prepared 4 if u intend 2 fall in d pit of luv ;)

Note: In dis list ‘u’ refers 2 d guys

1. U shudn’t disturb her (by callin on d phone) wen she’s out wid her frenz. But no such rules apply wen u r havin a nice time wid ur buddies.
2. Wen she says she din hear ur call or notice ur msg, its genuine. If u din notice her’s, den god save u.
3. I’m sure all u couples wud spend long nites on d phone. So dis rule is 4 all u poor souls: Wen she’s sleepy at nite, its fine. Wen u r sleepy, u r ignorin her.
4. U wud be constantly told not 2 hide things frm her. BEWARE – dis is a trap. D moment u think yeah u shud be honest n blurt out ur previous crush’s name, u r dead. N if dat crush still happens 2 be in ur vicinity, den u r not only dead, u hv lost all chances of nirvana!
5. Don’t ask more dan 2 back-2-back questions abt her frnd…u may suddenly get a high-pitched “why don’t u ask her only?” on ur face.
6. “Is dere anything abt me dat u don’t like?” She can ask dis in d most passionate of moments. N u bein completely smitten wudn't even be aware of wats comin out of ur lips. Yeah I know u were honest…but den u were also a fool!
7. If she asks u 2 sing 4 her over phone, don’t argue, just do it n get over wid it. N never ask her 2 return d favor. Ever heard of anyone singin over d phone?!?!?!
8. Don’t ever end a msg or a call without d mandatory “luv u”…dis, my frnd, is an unforgivable sin.
9. U shall never be in a bad mood. No matter wat, u shud always be happy n cheerful n caring n understanding even if ur boss was threatening 2 fire u if u don’t work for 14hrs a day or u had a bad fight wid d motorist who rammed into u wen u were crossin d road or even if a near one is on d deathbed, it just doesn’t matter. However if her neighbor’s cousin’s nephew’s classmate’s step-mom’s best-friend’s Pomeranian has a flu, u shud of course be mourning.
10. N finally d most imp rule of all…weneva u hv a fight wid her, just rmbr 1 thing: “u r always wrong”. D sooner u admit it, d better 4 u.

Hope at least 1 innocent guy wud benefit frm dis…d rest can click on d ‘comments’ link n type something out ;)

N talking abt luv,
Q. Do u believe in luv @ 1st sight?
A. Yeah, of course. It happens 2 me all d time ;)

PS: Watched “Jaane tu ya jaane na” over d weekend…damn cool movie…don’t miss it :)

Ta ta


Rubina said...

ya ya jaane tu is a real cute movie... :D

Vaman said...

Good one mate....

khyathi said...

Few luv rules were pretty old ones...You could have included few more fresh new rules...
Overall i will giv u 6 out of 10
Keep it up

Clads said...

Hey, good to see that u got some time to put down the rules......
But, wat is love with rules yaar!!!Is love truly present with the rules??? I feel, to allow love to rule you, there shouldn't be any rules or conditions to it...Anyways,good job :)

veenz said...

Such ruls r tld by da one experienced....nywys gd one...

sangeeta said...

Jaane tu is cute movie ....... :D
Luved it

There s no rules set for Love ...
And i dont agree with few listed

Neways gud one .... Come up rules for Gals ;)

Niharika said...

Interesting one to read amongst all blogs till now, pretty gud list, but wont agree to few of them......must tell ur blogs are improving day by day... keep up :)))))

kaveer rai said...

hmmmm wat can i say i dnt wanna be bad anymore ...i need to attain nirvana someday ....nt bad dude i hv no idea wts looove but ya the rules r funny ..u finally wrote the constitution of love mr sunil ambedkar the way i love hitler but nt ambedkar he has been a nightmare since high school to 12th in all language text books hindi english kannada social no place left ..hate tht guy now u knw y i named u ambedkar ...hey ur blog id pretty famous now(what am i tlkin???) why dnt u write something serious ..where the youth can rise n do somethin to bring a change ...i saw a movie on global warming today was soo touched .."an inconventional truth"very good movie ..n ya jaane tu ..was cool very simple but well narrated n very fresh actin ....

blunt edges said...

@ rubina
why m i not surprised :)
of course d whole point of my post was 2 tell how gud a movie 'jaane tu...' was :P

@ vaman
thank yew thank yew :D

@ khyathi
dunno d fresh ones yaar kya kare...m sure u wud know pass it on ;)

@ clads
glad u liked it :)
yeah even i think rules shudn't accompany luv...but den i guess its one of those things dat r very much around but still we hate 2 admit

@ veenz
ha ha ha...yeah dey r told by d experienced gurus...m just listin dem down ;)

@ sangeeta
rules 4 gals?!?!?! u kiddin rite?
hmmm...guess dere is just 1 rule 4 gals...keep remindin d guys who d real boss is ;)

@ niharika
he he...thanx 4 d gud words...keep readin :D

@ kaveer
i m surprised at d range of topics u cover in d space of 1 comment...frm ambedkar 2 global warmin...phew
n d movie is called "an inconvenient truth" not "an inconventional truth" smart guy :P

kaveer rai said...

kya beta trp gir rahaan hain just 9 comments ..... gotta do somethin like wat ramu did .... bring out a sarkar .....good luck

ps:to be very clear just 8 comments

damsel in distress said...

i love imraan khan.

ahem,coming back to the post.

interesting.(scratching chin)..You mean to say you didn't know all these before? sho!

blunt edges said...

@ damsel
really? imraan khan? d bushy eyebrow man? boy...anyone can be a heartthrob if u manage 2 act in a hit movie whr do i get a movie offer from???? ;)
i knew d rules all along...dis was my way of givin back 2 d world d gyaan i had ;)
ps: use itch-guard 4 dat scratchy :P

Just another gal... said...

I loved this post.... really cool...keep up the good work!!! :)

blunt edges said...

glad u luved it...a very warm welcome 2 my blog :D