Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Good News (GN): I’m posting!

Bad News (BN): There isn't anything particular that I have 2 say!

GN: I got a project :D

BN: Gotta work there :(

GN: Watched love aaj kal :D:D:D

BN: Didn’t watch kaminey :(:(:(

GN: Went home :D

BN: Had 2 come back :(

GN: Ate a lot when I was there

BN: Which somehow is directly proportional 2 the amount of calories that find a place on the human body (strange isn’t it?)

GN: I’m running out of good news!

BN: Death toll coz of swine flu is increasing on a daily basis

GN: Apparently some drug has been discovered 4 it

BN: Apparently that isn’t confirmed news

GN: As I said before, I’m really running out of good news!!!

BN: My cell konked off...n I was cell-less 4 an entire day!

GN: My cell’s working fine now :D:D

Since I’ve completely run out of news...I’ll post 5 random questions that anyone can choose 2 answer :D

1. What’s the English word for “majboori”?

2. What’s the last name of Madonna?

3. Why do we (Indians) pronounce “Z” as “Zee” when we talk of the bike CBZ, but pronounce it “Zed” otherwise?

4. Which was the 1st cell number ever?

5. Does anyone know what the point of this whole post is?

Update: Thanx 2 Miss Kido n Choco, I have got a few blogging awards of late...u can see those on the right of ur screen :D:D:D


Aparna said...

Good news is that you made this silly post pretty interesting, bad news is at 11.15 at night my brain does not function at its optimum level. So I do not know the answers to any of your questions.

Nupur said...

Hehe..... I'm just wondering when would the day come when Aaj Tak and India TV would come out with news in such an amazing way!!

blunt edges said...

@ Aparna
glad u found it interesting coz its the result of a no-idea-4-a-post syndrome! ;)
n welcome 2 my blog :D

@ Nupur
lol...well aaj tak n india tv ain't as cool as blunt edges (yup modesty is not one of my traits) ;)

Lakshmi said...

Loved ur post.. u definitely brightened me up so thts good news.. n a score for Blunt Edges..n i m bored out of my wits.. so I am gonna answer all ur questions evn it takes me the entire night to do so...

I googled all the questions n here goes...

1) Ppl say its complusion, obligation, helplessness and evn constraint.. feel free to choose one :)

2) Madonna's Dad name is Silvio Ciccone, so lets take the last name to be Ciccone... right???

3) I was taught in KG to pronounce Z as Zed so i did tht.. til a while ago.. so I blame it on my Miss in KG:)( not a good one, i knw..bear with me)

4)All i cud find was tht the world's first telephone number is presumed to be one..it says nothin bout cell phones... :( Sorry.. I failed tht one...

5)I think only U can answer tht.. But I can guess... mayb its coz u havent posted sumthin for long.. n u thot it wud b a good idea to remind ur readers tht u r still alive - hale n hearty... n ready to bore everyone to death if they wish so...

Signing off at this.. I m too lazy to type any more...


Choco said...

GN is that someone has taken the pain to answer all of your questions above
BN is that there is no BN. I am in an idiotically good mood right now.

GN is that I have another GN which is that this post was quite delightful to read
BN is that there is no BN right now. But it will be BN if you wait another month before posting something else.
Cheers :)

Choco said...

PS: Just noticed the awards :)

As the Mind Meanders said...

GN: The questions were cool
BN: I dont have any answers

HaRy!! said...

ho ho..yu cud as well make this a new NEWS tag and tag ppl around :) real fun it was...sometimes short posts like this are more fun than loooong posts! and yu just made an awesome piece of work outta it! :) cya

H a R y

Meenakshi said...

GN: :)
BN: :(

Vaman said...

GN: U Posted this blog
BN: Ur Asking Questions

blunt edges said...

@ Lakshmi
whoaaaaaa...all the answers!!!! :D:D:D
thanx 4 liking the post :D
n even i'm gonna reply 2 all the answers point by point:
1. i would choose "compulsion" (guess that comes the closest!)
2. Ciccone? No wonder she doesn't use it ;)
3. So u think pronouncing "Z" as "Zed" is wrong?!?!?!
4. hmmm...now that is an incomplete answer there ;)
5. bulls-eye!!! that's eggjhactly why i wrote this post :D
thanx a lot 4 such a long comment lakshmi...u know how i luv them :D:D:D

@ Choco
i agree with the 2 GNs and BNs...but i don't quite like the sound of the impending BN ;)
n thanx a ton 4 the awards :D:D:D (i'll probably update the post n mention about the awards...so that everyone knows) :D

@ Mr.Mind
GN: of course the qsns were cool (i came up with them na) ;)
BN: well...they were pretty tough ones!

@ HaRy
thanx a lot 4 the wonderful words dude...glad u thought it was awesome :D:D

@ Meenakshi

@ Vaman
arre extra-intelligent ppl r like that...they ask a lot of qsns :D:D:D

Lakshmi said...

Hi BE.. I did for u... now u ll never comment on me for leaving teeny weeny microscopic ones... btb, I enjoyed doing tht.. waiting for the next post...

Shanu said...

Wat?? And I thght bakwass was my forte!

blunt edges said...

@ Lakshmi
that's very sweet of u :D

@ Shanu
u got competition boss ;)

Srinivas said...

@Blunt Edges

Some creativity that. But I went onto an entirely philosophical plane midway through the post wondering if the premature exhaustion of good news, with the bad news still pouring out, were an indication of the times we live in. :P

As to your questions, my IQ is not that great: let me just answer 3 as it is up my alley. "zed" is the British way of pronouncing it while "zee" is the American way and since we adhere to the British system we pronounce it "zed". However, with regard to bikes and other things fashionable, "zee" "seems" - or so they say - more stylish. That's for that!

Thanks for dropping by :) And yeah good to see my sterile blog in your blogroll too! :)

Rubina said...

GN: ehh....ummmm....
BN: i read ur blog :|

the answers to the most difficult qsns evr!
1.havin 2 read ur blog ;)
2.she hs a last name? enthanavo...wonder if she knws it!
3.we say "ijed" actually! :D
4.0000000001 :D
5.ur proof to being jobless

blunt edges said...

@ Srinivas
u actually found d path 2 ur philosophical plane via my post?!?!?! :o
whoaaaa...my post must be way better than what i thot ;)
thanx 4 visiting and yup all gud blogs do find a place on the roll :D
i knew the "zed" n "zee" funda...but can't understand why we need 2 use "zee" 4 some words alone...we, indians sure r strange n therefore unique :D

@ Rubina
would have preferred if the GN and BN were interchanged! ;)
1. lol...that really cracked me up...gud one :D:D
2. welllll...why wouldn't she? :P
3. yup..."ijed" sure is much more cooler ;)
4. athu ninte number :P
5. now this might be right ;)

Zeba said...

GN - I read the whole post and noticed 'proper english'.

BN - I have nothing to say. Knee deep in work!

GN (for you) - I still took time out to read your post!

Nim said...

"GN: Watched love aaj kal :D:D:D"
seriously?? how is that good news...(i din't like it :P)

Kaminey is really good ...watch it.
I think the english word for majboori is compulsion??? maybe not.
the others i'm not attempting.

blunt edges said...

@ Zeba
knee deep in work aint all that bad right??? isn't neck deep when u start getting worried? ;)
ahhh...very kind of u 2 take time out 4 this humble soul (plz note the not-so-underlying sarcasm) ;)

@ Nim
i kinda liked love aaj kal (yeah i'm in a minority here!)
will try watching kaminey soon...yup even i zeroed in on compulsion :D

Sangeeta said...

GN : its better than the News in Aaj tak!!
BN : Even i hav't watched kaminey :(

N here r the answers :
1. Compulsion

2. Ask her father !! :P

3. "ZEE" - tats the "American" effect.

4. 9090909090 :D

5. U wanted to write sumth other than perl script :)

Madhu said...

this was quite intrestein..though i cant answer ur question..[read=lazy]

GN:Ur post made me read everybit..its got me hooked..

BN:my post reminded u of ur mother ryt???Makes me feel older:(

and regardin ur questions!!...Who cares..i dont..do u?? :P:D..

btw..does madonna hve a last name?? Jeez dint know that!.:D

perplexed said...

GN: there is a post on your blog!!!

:) :)

blunt edges said...

@ Sangeeta
aha...better than aaj tak na...that's well n gud :D:D:D
n hopefully we'll watch kaminey soon!
1. correct
2. haven't met her dad since almost a month :P
3. i know...why copy it then?
4. yeah right :P
5. hahahaha...guess u r right...this is way too easy than perl ;)

@ Madhu
lazy bum :P
n btw my mom aint old!!! ;)
lol...actually even i don't care much about the qsns...n why exactly wouldn't she have a last name??? :o

@ perplexed
GN: n u found time 2 read it ;)

buckingfastard said...

GN: 1st visit 2 ur blog....

BN: i hv 2 wait fr ur next post!!!

Grayquill said...

majboori = random?? kinda like this post - but it kept my interest. GN=Good Natured; BN=Bad Natured
GN=Go North
BN=Before North
GN=Going Now
BN=Bye Now

Madhu said...

well i did not really mean that..Ur mum must sure be young..she has got such a kid like son..:P:D....

blunt edges said...

@ buckingfastard
thanx 4 visting :D
n i must admit u have the most whackiest name i have come across ;)

@ Grayquill
nice set of GN and BN those...glad u liked the post :D

@ Madhu
i'm sure u didn't mean it...was just kidding :D

Zeba said...


blunt edges said...

@ Zeba

Shanu said...

GN: U have been tagged
BN: You have 48 hrs to complete it..Your time starts now!

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

wah! u r giving strong takkar to india tv and aaj tak by publishing such (head) breaking news...enjoyed readig them!

gkam said...

GN: You have news, See BN
BN: You have news, See GN



P.S. have blog-rolled ya !

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
48hrs kuch kam nahi hua sarkar?

@ gayathri
does that mean u actually enjoy india tv n aaj tak??? ;)

@ gkam
lol...yeah i was jumping from GN to BN and back :P
thanx a lot gkam :D:D

Shanu said...

Boss..48 hrs nahi..abhi sirf 24 hrs reh gaye hain..chal jaldi kar!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
thoda aur time dede bechare bachhe ko :D

Shanu said...

Okie okie..just bcoz i m in a good mood..u have till the end of this week! But no copy pasting!

iceprincess said...

me laaiiikkkkeee d flow of the news....
let me try answering....
2.ciccone...was there in some dan brown book..
3.bloody americans....
5.lets write..anything..kuch bhi...eeek..plzzz...aaaaaaaaahhh
i liked it neways.....

blunt edges said...

@ iceprincess
well answered long lost frnd ;)
n someone's desperate 2 write n read anything? lol

iceprincess said...

yup..am pretty desperate..but to write and read..let me specify...dirty minds..i say....

blunt edges said...

hahaha...i didn't mean anything else baba :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

..... ok am done laughing now!!!

I have no answers to your questions, I am not even 'trying' to answer them...

Would be fun to read how you came upon those answers yourself :D

blunt edges said...

@ Beauty
the questions were a result of absolute lack of imagination n boredom!!! (how honest m i???) D

Jyoti said...

Interesting this post was.

Funny how you were running out of Good news and the list of bad news was never ending types. Pretty much ironical, eh.

And.. Majboori.. Hmmm.. I wonder.

blunt edges said...

@ Jyoti
ironical it sure was!
n some ppl have said that majboori would be compulsion...so m going with that at the moment :D

workhard said...

very nicely written without any purpose.. no clue to the questions u posted

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riddhi said...

1. What’s the English word for “majboori”?

Emraan Hashmi, helplessness, Mahtma Gandhi- as in no way offensive but i saw some uncle use this phrase once "majboori ka naam mahatma gandhi" I have no clue what it means.

2. What’s the last name of Madonna?

Kale Tilwali

3. Why do we (Indians) pronounce “Z” as “Zee” when we talk of the bike CBZ, but pronounce it “Zed” otherwise?

ohh because when once upon a time we were young our teachers always pronounced Z as Zed. But one fine day there was a televani and it said Zee TV.. and then the Z became Zeee malik.. and here came CBZ.. now we have Sub Zee burger.and ZooZOOs..we do not pronounce them as ZedoooZedoos.. so i guys we have been confused with the idea of these words from the very begginning

4. Which was the 1st cell number ever?
The First Cellphone (1973)

Name: Motorola Dyna-Tac
Size: 9 x 5 x 1.75 inches
Weight: 2.5 pounds
Display: None
Number of Circuit Boards: 30
Talk time: 35 minutes
Recharge Time: 10 hours
Features: Talk, listen, dial

But they do not have 'the' number.. hota hai hota hai .. this is one question for which we have no answer. For example the full form of DLF.. find kero aur mujhe batao.. i do not mean delhi land and finance.. i mean the DLF city the architecture thingi.. the indian crick match DLF.. full form nahin pata.. :/

5. Does anyone know what the point of this whole post is?
the point of this entire post is pointing towards only one point that again points towards a very interesting point of pointing fingures pointlessly over a pointless post regarding finding a point to write a post. Point taken.

riddhi said...

the longest comment awards goes toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

thank you thank you..

blunt edges said...

@ riddhi
u r one crazy (ok maybe the correct way 2 say it is CRAZZZYYYYYYYYYY) woman...aren't u? :P
1. emraan hashmi...i agree
gandhi? even i didn't get what that meant!
2. madonna kale tilwali...ahh...scorching hot name!
3. so what do u say? zed or zee?
4. the 1st cell was a moto? i thought nokia was the pioneer!
5. great u took the point (i thought i almost lost it there!)

n i googled DLF...got Darbari Lal Foundation Limited from wikianswers :D

n the prize sure goes 2 u ***applause***

ps: u rock with the long comments! welcome back :D:D:D

blunt edges said...

@ workhard
thanx a lot...great 2 see u going through my older posts! :D

S said...

haha..Super read !!
first visit to ur blog: Loved it :)

blunt edges said...

@ S
thanx a ton :D