Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Change We Need & A Tag We Need!

For the first time on this blog, I’m attempting to write in “proper” English. Now this simply translates to no sms lingo (I know how boring!)

Different people at different stages have commented on my blog about the discomfort they have faced while reading the posts because of the “sms-style” of writing and I am not even making an attempt to talk about the many others who have told that to me in person! ;)

Here are the comments (in the order in which they were posted) that have persuaded me to try this “new” (read uncool) kinda writing :D

1. and murderer...Rats/mouse/rodents are one thing, thts one mouse (/rat/rodent)i don't have to worry about! but whats the excuse of murdering english language??

same pinch at that one..i used to do exactly the same. it was before i came to know about the 45 rs,450 sms pack (thats is now 45 rs 350 or something, so everyone now resort to 70 rs 700 sms +35 A2A free calls) airtel had to offer.
i hd 2 shrtn al my msgs x unrdbl sntncs SAT(so as to) tel my clsmte 2 brng QM nts,n also bt wot d tchr tot wen i ws sleepin etc..
was really hard to snap outta that habit.infact am still working on it.
other than this tiny minuscule atomic microscopic hardly noticable kunji defect i just loved the blog. blogrolling you, following you(i havent even published your comment yet. couldnt wait to read the blog..:))

2. brother,english is bleeding!!!;)

3. Ahem! SMS lingo is torture mon ami.
Your english teacher is turning in his/her grave.

4. hello murderer

5. IthinkIfollowedthejistofthestoryithinktheratwaskilled. Iamoldandallthatshorthandlingowasjustwaytohardformeandwaytomuchwork. Ifeelkindoffoolishbecausefiftysevenotherswereabletoreaditjustfine.R U FLN IR8ED YT? :)))

6. murderer!... well, am outta blogsville soon, wish i get to see one post of urs that doesn't spill good old tough english blood before i go!!!

And people think being a famous blogger is easy (sigh! Ask me ;)). As my good friend what-on-earth-was-his-name said, “With great power, comes great responsibility!” :D

So, for the sake of his beloved readers, blunt edges, who normally treads his own path, puts in an extra effort (this is way tougher than it looks!) and walks on a track that the world follows (I have no clue why I wrote that line in the 3rd person! :D)

This post is dedicated to the blogger who came up with comment number 6. Hope this post gives you reasons to stay back in blogsville :)

Moving on to the actual post (yes, that was just the reason for me changing my writing style). I have been tagged by Lakshmi and Jyoti. This tag has some questions and all of them require me to give 4 answers. So here it goes:

4 places I have lived:
1. Mumbai: This was were I was born (it was called Bombay then) and spent the first half of my life. My first home!
2. Kerala: Home sweet home :D That’s where my folks are and that’s where I eat the most ;)
3. Mangalore: Spent my college days here. And St.Aloysius is the best place on earth!
4. Bangalore: I work here. I live here. I blog here.

4 TV shows I love to watch:
1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (season 1-3)
2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (season 3-6)
3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (season 7-9)
4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (who can forget season 10)
Yeah I cheated. Sue me :P

4 places I have been on vacation:
I ain’t much of a traveling person. And I usually go to places for a short visit (meaning a day or two). Does that qualify as a vacation?

4 of my favorite food:
1. Sea food!!! ***slurp***
2. Pizza (cheese burst is the current favorite)
3. Gajar ka halwa (and only when my mom makes it)
4. Pav Bhaji :D

4 websites I visit daily:
1. My blog
2. My mail
3. My company HR site (to check if I have enough attendance to leave early :D)
4. Google (for something or the other)

4 places I’d rather be:
1. In a casino in Las Vegas (with loads of cash on me)
2. On a beach in Brazil
3. Home
4. Another casino in Vegas (with loads of cash on me) :D:D

4 novels I wish I was reading for the first time:
Eh? That wasn’t for me, right?

4 movies I can watch over and over again:
1. Dil Chahta Hai
2. Rang de Basanti
3. The Departed
4. The Matrix

4 things I hope to do before I die:
1. Learn to juggle with knives (really!) :D
2. Learn to play the guitar
3. Drive a merc
4. Find the secret to immortality :D

4 people I want to tag:
Not tagging anyone, though you are free to tag yourself if this interests you. Please do tell me if you do it :)

Phew! Talk about hard work! Where’s my pizza???


Parikshith Kumar said...

Way to go man, way to go. For a moment, when I saw proper English on your blog, I thought I had landed on the wrong page. :-) What a transformation.. It's as if a man wearing tattered Jeans and funky T-shirts has all of sudden started developing a liking towards Van Heusen formal wear :-)

Good, you really should be writing like this, mate. And I watch the exact 4 TV shows as you do :-)

Meenakshi said...

nice try but i guess u can always mix... A Win-Win ;)

keep writing :)

Jyoti said...

Your last line reminded me of Joey!

And hey, don't you think using full-full words is SO much better! You will you will, eventually. Then sms lingo starts looking REALLY lame.

Trust me.

iceprincess said...

am so proud of you.....
i is kinda cumbersome to switch to proper english after d essay writing spree of high school...
do u actually think ppl will tag themselves?

blunt edges said...

@ Parry
From faded jeans & funky tees 2 van heusen ha??? Man am I growing up or what? ;)
Cheers on the tv shows buddy :D

@ Meenakshi
A win-win ha? The effects of tech comm classes are sneaking through :P

@ Jyoti
Lemme get this straight...u tag me...I do the tag...u comment...n not a single word on the tag!!!
In totally unrelated news, Joey rocks eventhough Chandler gets the smartest lines :D:D

@ iceprincess
Thanks a lot :D
N honestly I don't think people will tag themselves. I even thought of tagging u but then some people don't like this tagging stuff and feel compelled to complete it just coz someone tagged them. So, i just played it safe and let this tag die with me ;)
A very long explanation 4 a one-line question. N people ask me how I score so high in my papers ;):D

damsel in distress said...



thats so..i mean..i am really..i didnt..its actually..wha...why...i mean..did u just...oh my god..

whew! i guess am speechless.

thanks.(sniff) one ever..(sniff) dedicated!!(blows nose harder.) excuse me.

i guess i am trying to say that the whole post was just awesome! it felt really good to read it in proper english.writing in proper english is a gift(ask me,i know.wren and martin will sue me if they ever read my blog!)am sorry(or maybe am not) if i hurt you in any way with the comments k..but am glad i did.. :)


now on the post.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. chandler moving in with monica in the current season thats on air on star world. that will be officially the umpteenth time i am watching it.

lol @ 4

learn to play the guitar?? best friends, two of them plays guitar. i own a guitar. i know how to play "tujhe dekha to yeh","humko sirf tumse pyar hai" and "twinkle twinkle little star" on guitar. that reminds me,i need to change the strings on my guitar. my neighbours are soo gonna kill you!:P

some one please get the guy a pizza!! its on me!!! HE EARNED IT!!

keep up the good work.:)

HaRy!! said...

hello here:) nice knowing yu...4 shows that yu liked made me lol :) , company HR site...yeah i do that all the time :)

H a R y

cya keep visiting!

AJ said...

Man.... It took some effort to read that 5th point...

What category does that fall in???;-) :D

SMS, "proper" english or ?????:D

Good job buddy :-)

Keep it up!!!!

Lakshmi said...

Now...that was interesting... really good...(thumbs up... and YOur(added the Y & O while re reading my comment) effort...needs appreciation.. yeah sure...Keep up the good work!!!

Choco said...

Oh wow....This was good read..No really...Very good and easy read..Lolzzzz..

But loved to know a lil' more about you..And you didn't tag anyone at the end of it! I am sooo proud of blunt edges I could cry (sniff sniff)

blunt edges said...

@ damsel abt a comment befitting the post! was wonderin whether u'll be reading it or not ;)
n whats with all the nose blowing n all? I've got a clean blog here m'am :P
even I have been catching up on FRIENDS on star world & zee cafe...different seasons but what the heck ;)
n some songs u know 2 play on the guitar...they r probably as old as any guitar in the world :P
ps: i still didn't get the pizza!

@ HaRy
the company HR site is an all time fav ;)
thanx a lot for following me buddy...will visit ur blog soon :)

@ AJ
lol...that probably falls into the "nonsense" category ;)
i was kinda dizzy after reading that...n then took some more time 2 decipher the whole thing...the things people do 2 make a point!!!

@ Lakshmi
thanx a lot :D
n even u falling into the "boring" category with the Y & O kya? ;)

@ Choco
hahaha...thanku thanku...what's with everyone coming n crying on my blog??? PEOPLE DON'T MAKE MY BLOG MESSY :P

Archana said...

Not much of a traveler, but then you'd like to fly half way across the world to South America & hit up a beach in Brazil? Hmmm, could it be all the beautiful scantily clad ladies? :P Lol jk. And yes, FRIENDS is by far the best sitcom out there. :)

Jyoti said...

LOLOL.. I didn't notice this -- You've put the title as 'The Change we need' and below that you've put a picture of change-as-in-chillar.

Kudos to that! :D

And oh yeah, I tagged you. And I'm glad I did. :)

Loved the different TV shows you watch ;)

riddhi said...

Ahem no murdering or raping the angrezi lingo.. wah wah babua tumhar angrezi toh bahut hi good hai..
By the way I have been reviewing some grreat files where english is so so so cool that all these angrezi pundits who adviced rightful use of english will commit suicide.
To the tagged person who is leaving blogsville. Stay back this is worth it..
And the example of innovation in angrezi bhasha is "farjification of documents'
So, as long as there is no farjification of emotion all is well.. But dont play with emotions.. pyar koi khel nahin..lolz sorry as alway the most senselessly long comment award goes to ..
thank u thank u

riddhi said...

and friends is not the best sitcom.. It is Just shoot me.. Just shoot me Just shoot me.. Blunt u still haven't found it. Huh.

blunt edges said...

@ Archana
bang on target my frnd...brazil, here i come!!! :D:D
a certain lady who commented after u doesnt quite think the same way abt FRIENDS...wonder why ;)

@ Jyoti
thanku smart m i! :D

@ riddhi
n how i luv d senselessly long comments u come up with...though even by ur exceptionally high standards "pyar koi khel nahin" was a bit far fetched!!! ;)
lol at "farjication"...that's definitely a cool word...aur kya kare yaar...humri angrezi toh hamesha se jabardast (read "ja" not "za") rahi hai...bas hum dikhate nahi (i meant "show off") :D:D:D
nope...didn't get "just shoot me"...will take it up as top priority captain! ;)

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

good one BE...i have been doing just 4 things since an hour...

a) read a similar tagwali post on some one else's blog.

b) read a similar tagwali post on some one else's blog

c) read a similar tagwali post on some one else's blog

d) read a similar tagwali post on your blog

since i finished reading similar posts 4 times, i have decided to stop@ it.

Shanu said...

This is the first time some1 has summoned me to their blog by posting a comment on mine.And me no likes it!

Kya re Blunty, tu shaana hai kya..tereko post likhne ko bola tha..yeh kidhar bola tha ki tu likhte hi main instantly read karegi??

That done, honestly i dont care for your shudh long as kya likha hai samjh main aata hai, shudh ashudh ki farak penda hai!

Nikki said...

Just keep writing! :)

Grayquill said...

u only gt 1 channel n de tv?
m so proud of you! n i feel so honored.
Sorry that's the best this old guy could do.

perplexed said...

haha... Firefox dictionary! That's what I used to break away from the sms way of writing!

iceprincess said...

whoa..some explanation.....

Emaan said...

hi buddy !
long timeeee.. how hav u been ?
didnt know u had just been tagged ..
nevermind ive tagged you again.. hee hee.. check 'Sach ka Samna' (face the truth) for the questions on my blog .. hope u do it.. just for fun !

happy f'ship day

blunt edges said...

@ gayathri
lol...that must have been really tough!!! i'm really proud of u take some well-deserved rest :D

@ Shanu

@ Nikki
aye aye captain! :)

@ Grayquill
hahaha...i'm sure u would be a happy soul :D

@ perplexed
aha aha! firefox dictionary it is then!

@ iceprincess
I KNOW! (monica style) ;)

@ Emaan
happy f'ship day 2 u too...welcome 2 my blog :)

As the Mind Meanders said...

How much did it hurt to write in prpr engls ??? :-)

perplexed said...

oh and... You have been tagged again!! :P

blunt edges said...

@ Mr.Mind
it hurt my pocket more...what with the 2 large cheese-burst pizzas that followed this marathon effort ;)

@ perplexed
ahhh...just what the doc ordered :P

Victoria said...

i'm glad you tried straight speak. sms lingo infuriates me :P

blunt edges said...

@ Victoria
whoa...hope u didn't check the prev posts ;)
n welcome 2 my blog :)

sangeeta said...

Felt strange reading ur shud English!! n I knew all the answers :(

Keep Writing! :)

blunt edges said...

good strange or bad strange? ;)
i know u knew all the answers...kya kare yaar...m a "what-u-see-is-what-u-get" kinda guy :D

gkam said...

Like the way u've titled the post

Change= Spare change! :D

firs' time 'ere. Nice blog u got 'ere :)


rahul said...

came here blog blog you have!!

blunt edges said...

@ rahul
thanx a lot :D
keep visiting :D

d gypsy! said...

i am an expert at sms lingo, so i never had a problem

but this is digest-able tooo... i would still read u, dont worry :P

keep writing... :)

blunt edges said...

@ d gypsy
i knew u were into sms lingo coz ur display name has a "d" 4 a "the" :D that i know u would still read me (inspite of this handicap!), i'm officially a relieved person ;)

Shanu said...

Kya re blunty..tera har new post on demand hota hai kya? Maine abhi tak demand nahi kiya toh tune likha nahi..chal koi baat nahi abhi bol deti post kabhi likhega?

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
hahahaha...yeah m acting hard-2-get ;)
arre kuch idea nahi aa raha hai yaar...kuch bata na tangy tuesday ki rani ;)

Shanu said...

Hard to get? post karne ki baat kar rahi par jaane ki nahi! Boys!!!

Likhne ke liye toh bahut kuch hai...u can write abt wat happened the last time we strtd chattin thru ur comment box! Yaad hai?

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
lol...ok baba...not hard 2 get...khush? :P
hahahaha...yup sochne wali baat hai...i can write abt...hey btw i'm going on a vacation i won't be online till wednesday...toh miss my comments on ur blog...ok? yeah ok :D

Shanu said...

Nahi..pls na blunty mat jaa..main tere (comments) bina kaise jiyegi? Yeah 5 din mujhe 5 saal lagenge :(

U goin back home?

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
yup...4 mahine baad :D:D:D
i know i know...mere jaane ka bahut gehra asar padega tumpe...kya kare...a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do :P

Shanu said...

Wow..4 mnths!! Get ready for 5 days of fullon pamperin and loads of hot meals. Enjoy urself....bahut khana aur mota hokar aana. And dont worry abt me...Ill survive ;)

Have a safe trip dude!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
eggjhactly!!! u just guessed all my plans...tussi toh vadde smart nikle ;)
n i was so worried u wouldn't be able 2 manage :P
thanx a lot yaar...will catch u once i get back...n i'll surely post next week :D

Shanu said...

Haan yaar..bachpan se!

And ull catch me next week? Wat if i fall bfr that? PJ tha!

Will wait for ur next post :)


blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
i don't expect anything less than a pj from the queen of "fullon bakwaas" ;)

Miss Kido said...

Nice title :D

Company HR site... wah wah... :D

Drive Merc??? Me too *Same pinch* :D

Miss Komal said...

You've got some real scary comments :P , better to bid goodbye to sms lingo.

- extra effort (this is way tougher than it looks!)

U BET !! :-(

You are such a cute writer ( *ahem ahem ..I meant about the writing style , obviously )

RDB and DCh are mine faves too .


Madhu said...

lol..nice reda..well i have kinda forgotten how to write complete words...Blogging helped me to get back to that school habit! I still type dads letters in the SMS lingo at times...:P

Nim said...

oh its great that u have given up the sms lingo...It is annoying at times.
but i must confess that i do sneak it into my posts sometimes.

I do agree with the fact that FRIENDS is the best sitcom ever!!!
Can't ever get sick of it!!

blunt edges said...

@ Miss Kido
thanku thanku :D:D
same pinch 2 u too!!!

@ Miss Komal
***blush blush*** (that's 4 the "cute writer" comment) :D:D:D
yup...literally forced into dumping the habit :(
RDB & DCH sure r 2 of the coolest indian movies ever!!!
ps: m still blushing ;)
pps: welcome 2 my blog :D

@ Madhu
same story everywhere...i don't know what's the need 4 full words as long as u can effectively communicate what u wanna say with shoretened versions of the same! :(
a warm welcome 2 my blog :D

@ Nim
cheers on F.R.I.E.N.D.S...nothing comes close!!!
n a lil sms lingo here n there does no harm ;)
welcome 2 my blog :D

Shanu said...

Yeah Blunty u are back!!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
yup i am :D:D:D
jashn ka elaan karo!!! ;)

Shanu said...

Mota hokar aaya ya nahi? Fullon pamperin ke baad kaam karne ka mann toh nahi kar raha hoga na

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
u bet yaar...poora khaate peete ghar ka lag raha hu abhi ;)
i joined a new proj a day before i there's a lot of catching up 2 do :(
m sitting here n reading docs n also tryin 2 fight sleep :(

Shanu said...

Ohh bechara nanha munha blunty! Dont worry baccha..its just 1.5 hrs to 5...phir ghar chale jaana ok?

waise mere liye kya laya kerala se?

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
we work till 6 :(:(:(
lucky u...5 ko nikalte ho!!!
ghar se bahut saare sweets deta tumhe...unfortunately(hehehe) u aren't around :D:D:D

Shanu said...

Meano..i was there..aur tune mujhe offer bhi nahi kiya. Main tere left se 3 cubicles ke distance par baithi hai..but u didnt offer me the sweets..ganda ladka

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
wonder what makes u think i would bring all those wonderful sweets 2 office...rather i'll hog on like crazy at home na...pagal :P

Shanu said...

sabke liye nahi...sirf mere liye laneka! Jaa katti..main bhi tere liye kuch nahi layegi!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
arre tu jaa kaha rahi hai jo tu kuch laayegi??? :P
just finished a meeting...m hopping over 2 ur blog 4 some bakwaas ;)

Shanu said...


gayathri-vishwanathan said...

oye be write something on ur blog, will u? i am bored of seeing this tagwali post

blunt edges said...

@ gayathri
jaldi likhunga yaar...not even getting time 2 check all the blogs on my roll...n the worst has hapnd...even i'm busy!!! ;)

tarana said...

i can imagine how tough it is to write in proper English ... i find it too difficult to write this comment (i have edited dis one 19th to the dozen) salute to dear.. :)

blunt edges said...

@ tarana
thanx a lot 4 empathizing :D
2 say that it was tough would be an understatement...its irritating n this is easily the post where i pressed backspace the most number of times!!!
n btw welcome 2 the blog :D

Zeba said...

I really really really HOPE that you are going to continue with the proper language!! I am a sucker for good English.

I started my blog in SMS language as well and almost gave my mom a heart attack. But once I changed turfs I see this way is better. Helps in class as well!

blunt edges said...

@ Zeba
i'm kinda treading a middle path right now..."proper english" is an effort...n the best part is my mom doesnt read my :D
welcome 2 my blog zeba :D

workhard said...

You wanna juggle with knives!!!

Please post a video when u done.. would love to watch it..

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blunt edges said...

@ workhard
if i do survive that, i sure will! ;)

Anonymous said...

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