Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Hate It When...

1. People break queues in the office cafeteria. I would have given them a piece of my mind (and my arm) if it was outside.
2. I have to work overnight every alternate day and I come home at the most weird of times (read anytime between 2 to 6 am)
3. I’m expected to work on weekends also.
4. No matter how hard I work and how long I slog, there are atleast 2 other people in my team who work harder and slog longer.
5. I don’t get time to update my blog even though there are a couple of ideas in my mind.
6. I barely get time to read all the blog updates that pop up on my blog list.
7. I have to cancel movie plans with HC (Hot Crush) because of work.
8. She goes for the same movie with a guy friend and messages me saying she had loads of fun.
9. I see the ‘Happening’ song from ‘Main Aur Mrs. Khanna’. Whatever happened to the extemely beautiful Preity from ‘Salaam Namaste’
10. I can’t read Mr.Mind’s and Choco’s blog anymore.
11. I can’t think of a valid/funny 11th point!
12. Wait! I hate this too ->

It’s from my office restroom and I see it multiple times every single working day of my life and its strategic placement ensures I read it every time I go in for a leak.

So I do hate 12 (or maybe 11) things now, but there is one thing good that’s happened lately. I have been chosen for the ultra-prestigious, uber-cool ‘Superior Scribbler Award’ by Meenakshi. ***huge applause + standing ovation***

So now these are the rules that accompany this award. Talk about great responsibilities accompanying great power!
* Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.
* Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
* Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
* Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
* Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Since I don’t have a huge history of following rules, I’m gonna break the first rule! I have more than 5 favourite bloggers, so every single blogger who reads this can take the award and display it on their blog. But mind you, you should follow the rules. Only I can break them shamelessly ;)

PS: I'm not some weirdo who goes on clicking snaps in the loo, it was a one-off thing!


Poornima said...

Nice blunt

Meenakshi said...

hahaha.. the PS was really needed. that was the exact thought I was wondering about after seeing the pic and its explanation... lol..

Shanu said...

Hey u are back :)

Aww for point 10. Im sure they will be teary eyed when they read it.

Bechara Bluntu..wrking late :(

And dont u worry..all u need is one date wit ur HC..and boom..shez ur HG (hot girlfrnd)now.

I am sure u dnt need more thn 1 date to floor girls ;)

Ashley said...

Yay! You posted!
I never knew a "Hate List" could be so cute!
2.Too bad about the late nights for the wrong reasons..
3.No Fair!!! :o
4.Story of everyone's life. :|
5.You have now. :)
6. Yay! You read mine! :)
7. :(...Please post more on this one..
8. :'(
9. I agree...Heartily...
10.I just checked...Neither can I!!!

Cheers! :))

NIM said...

and finally u post... :D so I guess your job sucks :( what do u do exactly? and seriously... u clicked the pic in the loo? that bored huh?

Riddhiculuos said...

All Bow down for the bLunt NEss has finally shed his edginess and decided to write for us. A post that he thought will not take much time and shut us up for another long spell of muted bluntness..

Whatever the above rant meant.. it meant -ABEY SAALEY POST NAHI LIKH SAKTA Time Per.. HUH.. that makes me your jijaji.. hehehe .. ohhk continuing..

1. heheh u should beat those breakers up this time and justify-
Queue-ki, baat hi kuch aisi hai

2. overnight.. hmm u work at a courier service? DHL? overnight at a call centre? Watch-men?

3. weekends are usually Weakends.. like i knw this is bugging.. As i once wrote in my post my case i had a time when i was working 7 days a week. and for u just the definition of weakend- 'Sad-urday
Shun-day' :(

4. Empathisings me

5. mum dad often say "time toh nikalne se nikalega na" tumh toh khud se hi fursat nahi milti.. jaise humne toh kabhi kaam kiya hi nahi.. :P

6. yes yes u are a very bussy BE.. heheheeheh why do i try so hard word-play.. pepul bhill note gate it ate oll

7. HC wants u get jaylous

8. HC wants u get jaylous

9. Preity of salaam namaste is all Nessed up now.:P sadmaa laga hai bechari ko. Just Cheel Cheel.

10. aSame hre.. chocoooo :( minddddd :(

11. neither can i

12. hmm hmm hmm hmm

Rest room photo--- BRILLIANT.. like when ever u are pissed like beyond limit.. or whenever it is your last day of office.. do every one a favour. eat ten big babool gums and paste them all over that poster.. aaha or sneak inside office and do that.. fun hoga..

Scribbler.. aaha i knew this one pehle se hi.. KAngaroo-chew-relations bhonce again.. kp it up

About the awards- Diplomacy rules... kisi ka dil nahi na dukhaya aapne.. shraddha hai sabki jisey chahiye le lo... hehhe shraddha kaun hai? Bhavna kaun hai? god u have such fan following.. :P

PS-Stop justifying yourself,.. like nobody is judging u.. we do not have our morality glasses on. and what u do at loos is your personal life.. keep it away from your public life..

Bakwas ends.. th comment just became tad too long.. maafi

Riddhiculuos said...

@ point1.
Queue-ki, yeh andar ki baat hai. :P

As the Mind Meanders said...

Once those queue breakers fill their plates... grab the plates and start eating from them. Give them a toothy grin and say with loads of food in the mouth "Bookh laga tha". Make sure morsels of food fall back into the plate while you sleep. Alternatively sneeze a snotty wet sneeze into their plates and their faces as they walk by :D

Get a change of job mate… any thing that comes between you and the blog is not a good thing…

Look at the bright side… HC still texts you after going out with the “GF”… there is still opportunity…. Cheer up :)

Some wise man said many centuries ago… to know how your girlfriend / wife will look when she grows older… take a look at her mother… I ask you ‘Have you seen Preity’s mother????’ If you did blunty… you would know that Preity is still evolving :D

Mr. Mind is a jerk… he has nothing to write… dunno about Choco…

As the Mind Meanders said...

Replace eat with sleep in the first para of my last comment... this tells you the state of mind while I wrote this... everything is sleep :)

Lakshmi said...

Tht was nice... Points number 1-6 r almost as if they r being read aloud frm my for the seventh, I dont even get time to hav a crush on sumone...arrey, koi hot guys dikhne ko hi nahin milthe hein..My university has a severe shortage of good lookin young men...thts wat i noticed the first day i was there...n no change until now.. :(

Loved the rest room snap... hilarious :D

Ashley said...

Couldn't help noticing "As the Mind Meander's" comment-"‘Have you seen Preity’s mother????’ If you did blunty… you would know that Preity is still evolving :D"

Now I haven't seen her and I got curious. In case you haven't either, here is the link:

Parikshith Kumar said...

That poster is superb dude! The Mystery of the Missing Gum. Lets call Hardy boys or Sherlock Holmes to investigate, shall we? Hahaha...


The Survivor said...

That made a fun read.

Guess its time to change the workplace where people slog less than you.

Was wondering the same about Choco's blog

blunt edges said...

@ Poornima
thanks a lot :D
n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ Meenakshi
lol...i'm so happy i put in the PS...eventhough it was an after-thought ;)

@ Shanu
yes i'm back! :D
yeah hope they cry till their eyes dry off ;)
yup...bechara indeed...i just came back from office an hour ago :(
i have had quite a few dates with her n it hasn't worked out yet...still in the 'good friends' phase :(

@ Ashley
nice comment that...isn't there something cool about point-by-point comments :)
n i know i have told u this before but ur profile pic is very very cute :D
n nothing more about about point 7 (touchy issue u see!) ;)

yup it sucks...i work in the IT industry...writing code is my forte ;)
lol...took that snap on a sunday i was working...n the loo was deserted :)

@ Riddhi
how on earth do u manage 2 come up with such a lot of nonsense everytime???
omg look at the size of the comment! u sure win the prize 4 the coolest n craziest comment (trust me pepul bhill gate it) :D
n i work in the IT industry :)
HC wants me 2 get jealous??? trust me she succeeded! :(
n i might just try ur chewing gum wala idea :D
PS: i totally love ur comments :D keep them coming :D

@ Mr.Mind
that "bhook laga tha" idea is brilliant! it makes my evil mind happy :D
hmmmm...change of job eh? ***scratches head***
HC texts me all the time yaar but it isn't going anywhere :(
lol...where did u find preity's mom??? :o

@ Lakshmi
guess all the good looking men are in b'lore ;)
glad u loved the snap :D

@ Ashley
okkkkkkk...not an exciting prospect is it? ;)

@ Parry
lol...hope they find the gum soon ;)

@ The Survivor
hmmmm...another job change suggestion eh?
u guys sure got me thinking!
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

buckingfastard said...

bro u opened my i m gonna fail nxt semester onwards 2 maximise my college years...

wats better dan dad payin u 2 hav fun!!! }D

Madhu said...

u hate so many things?? lol...i hate a lot more!!

Well congrats on that award...but it wuld have been better if u named a few fav bloggers...after all not all are as shameless as u to pick up the award without being individually acknowledged for it..:P

and do let us know if u go out wid that HC....ill pray that u do!

Anita :) said...

Ayoo...u working late... hmm..pitiful :-( Lovely post ..!! And I thought you mirrored my opinion when u said that there are atleast 2 other people in the project who slogs more than you :D I loved that line :)

blunt edges said...

@ buckingfastard
go on away 2 me there are no better days than the ones in college!!!

@ Madhu
i didn't name any bloggers intentionally...wanted 2 be known as the last blogger 2 get this extraordinarily awesome award...buhahahaha :D:D:D
hope ur prayers come true! :D

@ Anita
thanks a lot :D
n working late sucks...i'm actually writing out this comment from the office while a take a break from coding :(

ki said...

oh dear god, if my office loo said that to me everyday, i'd rip it off the wall or rip my hair out in frustration!!!

blunt edges said...

@ ki
i'm actually quite close to doing that! ;)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

totalliemeh said...

7 and 8. tch,(shakes head)

you know what i hate? know that sound the moblie makes when you just had a call or message, indicating your balance? ah. that just i also hate(hate hate hate) the inconsistent bus operators who declare an infinite strike a month before and then call it off at 10:30 pm on the last day, making me sit up and write all the assignments i had postponed.

superior scribbler?? wow,thats soo you!!!!!:D

break the rules,oh yeah.......

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

n u're bak... n the blog is fully justified ;)

1. i have broken queues at times.. thses r times wen it helps bein a girl. **smile n get space** ; )

2 to 4. Al IT ppl hav same views.. wonder y!! i heard jus the same things from my sis bt i believed it more wen u wrote abt it. *hope sis does nt read this*

5. work on this point. : )

7. HC's msg interpretation "i missed u a lot and the guy i went wit totally sucked.. " lol

Gr8 post.. *high 5*

Tomz said...

Hi Blunt,
Reading your hate list, I happened to note that majority of the items are part of my hate list also.
I have a request to you to be more frequent in Blogger with your funny experiences, (not because of I am eagerly waiting for your coming posts [:o], but because,, my posts will be there waiting for your unique comments [:D].)
I happened to see that you drop comments to others only if you have a recent post. [;)]
Well, as long as you have this much fans and huge rush of readers in your blog, you are the King, I admit...
Kudos for your post

blunt edges said...

@ damsel
n that's exactly where postpaid mobile plans come into the picture! ;)
lol...the fact that they call a strike doesn't bother u...but u hate it when they cancel it? hahahaha
yup...superior scribbler ain't it? :D:D:D
n now i'm humming the song...break the rules oh yeah! :D

@ smriti
thanku thanku :D
1. i don't mind giving way 2 pretty gals too ;)
2 to 4. its these stupid deadlines! :(
5. i will :)
7. i have got confirmation...she really had a blast :(

@ Tomz
yay...i'm the king...i like that! :D
will drop by more regularly dude...but do read point number 6 in my hate list (its like an anticipatory bail!) ;)

Beauty and the BEast said...

LOL!!! thanks for clarifying the loo bit.. was just thinking to myself about guys clicking snaps in loos :P

I am mighty impressed with your work schedule and surprised that you are still alive to tell the tale!!! I think you should start applying elsewhere now!!!!! :O

I had so much fun reading this hate list that I am tempted to say.. keep hating... :O :O

bliss said...

Blunt edges,
here is the most prestigious award of all times. i am sure you must be delighted!! *rolls eyes at the obviousness* so accept it!!


Ashley said...

Hey! I thought I replied to this one...
But anyhoo...The girl in my profile pic is mighty thrilled. I had given her a makeover recently. And she is just happy that someone liked it..

Psst: If you want your Calvin to look different and more say Hobbes know where to send him ;)
Psst Psst: I have a feeling we have not heard the last of a good way :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Are you going to post 12 things you like next?? :D
What's up with you?
How have you been?

Shanu said...

Ohh my eyes!!

I cant blv bluntu flirting with the gori mem? Kya re bluntu..mem mil gayi toh desi gal ko bhul gaya? Main kab se tere liye pose marke khadi hai...tereko dikhta nahi kya..meri tareef toh kabhi nahi ki...ab main kahan jaaun?

Mindey Ashley ke peeche diwana..tu ashley ke peeche pagal..mera kaun sahara? :(

Shanu said...

@ Ashley

Keep ur pawz off my Bluntu nahi toh teri aankhen noch longi..u jungli billi

blunt edges said...

@ Beauty
keep hating? lol...that's like the coolest line ever!

@ bliss
m as happy as happy can be :D
thanx a lot bliss :D:D

@ Ashley
calvin is asking if the girl in ur profile pic has a name :D
even i hope point7 grows 2 be something big! :)

@ Cursed
aha aha...i might! :D
m doing good yaar...just been very busy :)

@ Shanu
OH MY GOD!!! (i just couldn't type 'OMG' 4 this!) now that's what i call the baap of all comments!
lol...n i'm really laughing as i type this :D:D:D
kya mast comment shanu...have i never told u tera woh pose ekdum jhakaas hai? bole toh kya kehte hai usse angrezi me..."mind blowing" :D
hope u didn't scare off ashley ;)

Shanu said...

Ohh Thank god u replied!

I was abt to delete the comment coz i thgt u mite get scrd..i m glad u took it in the rite sense :)

The pale observer said...

Blunt - it's been a long time since our mutual blog visits!

Just wanted to say hi (and stop to read of course!)


Holli in Ghana

Ashley said...

Tell Calvin that I call her "Jenni" now..**Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani effect:)**

My sweet...Why are you maroing racist comments on Blunty's blog? Someone might see and object you know...:p
And meri Jaan..If the pose is not helping, please send over the pic to me. I promise to spruce her up. :)

Aur yeh kya hain..Aankhe nooch lungi...noch ke bata zara..main bhi toh dekhu..kaise nochegi... :p

Shanu said...

@ Jungli billi

Tu mem hai toh mem hi bolegi na..kya kar legi tu shaani..himmat hai toh samne aa!

And I am prd of my desi gal looks...u keep ur memgiri to urself

Ashley said...

My confused sweetheart
Tum mujhse kya bulwana chahti ho? Ki main mem hu ya nahin? Girly, I wasn't born yesterday :p

And 'Desi Gal" is the "Hottest gal in the world". Look at Piggy Chops. So chill. You are the smoldering hot gal. Stay that way!

Chipadi_BAV said...

SU.. tu din me kaam nahi karta.. raat ko kya karega.. jaaa naa JHOOTA

Meenakshi said...

Blunty, your comments section is getting as entertaining as your posts...

its become a hobby to read all comments to your posts too..


gayathri-vishwanathan said...

i hate it when my boss calls for a meeting at 3.30 when it is my peak hour for afternoon nap...

nice one...sorry i commented pretty late

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
meri pyaari jhansi ki rani :D
u r an absolute riot n i'm sure u know that :D

@ Ashley
calvin says hi 2 jenni n wonders out aloud why its 'jenni' and not 'jenny' :D

@ Shanu/Ashley
so where n when do we have the cat fight? :D
calvin n i would be there ahead of time...hoping u people don't disappoint us ;)

@ Holli
great 2 see u back here...will drop by ur shores soon :D

@ Chips
phur :P

@ Meenakshi
lol...thanx a lot...glad u liked it...even i love my comments section :D

@ gayathri
arre cool yaar...i hate 12 things n u hate only one! i'm proud of u :D
no sweat whenever u get time :D

Zeba said...

Long time!!!

I hate people who break queues, no morals, lazy asses, loose characters, blah people...

Hardwork always pays.

HC is a bit mean no? But girls do that messaging thingy... they think they are communicating and staying in touch (which is important for them), so they don't really care about the contents...

There is always someone more hardworking than you, that's the rule really.. so all you can do is not sleep at all, but i strongly advise you against it!!

I know the feeling of not being able to read blog updates. It's ok. The post are all there so you can read it anytime!!

Shanu said...

@ Bluntu

Awww at the cute comment:)

No re, no cat fite..Ashley is a darling..I will let her have u :P

Cursed♪♫ said...

Enrique does not know yet. And even if I ever meet him, I'll be so busy screaming and being on Cloud 9, that I'll forget to tell him :)

blunt edges said...

@ Zeba
1. long time indeed...guess i ain't the only busy person around! ;)
2. ok i get it...u hate people who break queues! :D
3. no, it doesn't...that's just a myth!
4. :(
5. i need my sleep!
6. arre some people post so regularly that i feel bad that i can't catch up...n then they would have around 5posts that i haven't read...n i'll feel lazy to go thru all i'll read just the latest!

@ Shanu
no cat fight??? r u sure??? plz think again...n again if reqd!
i knew i couldn't trust u people 2 come true on the big big dialogs!!!
khaali-pheeli got my hopes up! :(

@ Enrique
now wasn't that expected behavior? ;)
so i guess enrique isn't as lucky as us 2 read ur version of hero! ;)

Ashley said...

Tell Calvin that he is one smart toon! :D
Jenni is short for Jennifer. :)

My sweet...Have him? Is he a delicacy of some kind? If yes..How do you know. :P

@Blunty again
You are disappointed? But this is how we fight re...
You know what they say..."Jo garajte hain woh baraste nahin".. ;)

blunt edges said...

wonder if shanu is gonna answer that one! never been this curious ;)

m i a delicacy!!! hahahaha :D

Shanu said...

No re Bluntu..Tum delicacy nahi ho..tum toh bas delicate ho :P

P.S: This comment makes no sense at all..but sensewali baat karna toh kabhi maine seekha hi nahi :P

HaRy!! said...

damn with the 7&8 points dude...yu shud make yur HC to work then as well!

gkam said...

Congrats on ur Award!
5. 6. If I had a buck for everytime I felt so...
7. 8. Can't ! Rob is in UK. I'm changing my HC. :P
9. Totally agree!
10. Neither can I! Whatever happened?
11. Knew there would be one of these :P

Cheerio! keep posting :D

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
arre that's why we r frenz na...coz we both talk senseless stuff ;)

@ HaRy
she's my HC bro...i ain't hers (or so i think!)

@ gkam
thanks a lot :D
5. 6. the blogosphere would be crowded with millionaires! :D
7. 8. Rob kaun hai boss??? ;)
9. :(
10. they have probably lost their minds!
11. quite predictable...ain't it? ;)

Shanu said...

Aww..senseless baaton wali hi fi :)

blunt edges said...

tu soti hai bhi ya nahi? time dekh! kal monday nahi jaana kya???

Shanu said...

Aaare itni jaldi kaun sota hai..main over 18 hai :P

Waise tu kya kar raha hai online itni raat ko??

blunt edges said...

hahaha...guess what? main bhi over i guess even i can stay up :P

Shanu said...

Tu over 18?? Kuch bhi bakwaas mat kar. Kal school nahi jaana kya? Chalo jaao sone.

blunt edges said...

oye nautanki :P
u know something...m sitting in office...these people dragged me in today also...abhi kuch testing chal raha waiting 4 the results :(

Shanu said...

Ohh bechara nanha munha Bluntu..tereko aaj bhi office. See thatz the price u pay for being good at wat u do :)

Waise tu sab ka blog padh raha hai..mera nahi..dushmani hai kya merese?

blunt edges said...

hahaha...nahi yaar...saving the best 4 the last ;) (m sure that line would earn me brownie points!)

just finishing up all the pending reads on my blog roll starting from the earliest...will jump over 2 ur shores soon :D

Shanu said...

Jumpo jumpo..waise this is remindin of sum nt so funny incident that happened on ur shores not so long ago...Kya repeat telecast hone ke chances hai kya?

blunt edges said...

ahem...i can't recollect what incident u r talkin abt ;)

Shanu said...

Hmm..I was running outta topics to blog abt..wonder if i cld blog abt it and refrsh ur memory :P

blunt edges said...


Shanu said...

Chee chee chee..itna late reaction!! Tu toh bada slow hai re!

iceprincess said...

awwwwwwwww..i so love cribbing..i loved d post..and i am sorry that i have commented late..plz plz forgive moi..and accept my comment..
i understand point 5 and 6.....

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
had got busy yaar...saaarrryyyy! ;)

@ iceprincess
n the wait ends! where r u boss???
thanks 4 taking time 2 read this (plz get the sarcasm!) :P
n don't give my points as an excuse 2 me...meri billi mujhise meow! :P

mentalie said...

what about an 'i love it when...'

so much chirpier :)

blunt edges said...

@ mentalie
not loving much things these days :(

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

omg.. the blog n then the 'chain' of comments... wat a read...

PS: m readin too much of ur blog. feels like m hooked on 2 it *in a scary way* lol.... i hope u don feel that way.. its quite nice actually, so i cant help bt read... :(

gkam said...

Robert Pattinson!! who else? ;)

Reflections said...

Hero...why didnt atleast hint u had updated???
The post was yeah well good...but tht scribbler award.....awesome;-D

u knw I've been eyeing tht scribbler award for sometime now ......going to graciously accept it coz I knw i'll never get tht award legitimately from anywhere else...heeeeeeeeee

oh by the by congrats on the award...heeeeehaaawwwwww;-D

The Idiot Blogs said...

Mr Blunt... I reccomend that you get sharper... either get a new job... or get the bosses job:-)

Suggestion- Get HC a job in your department.. make sure she shares responsibilities with you...

blunt edges said...

@ Smriti
keep reading...that's what i say!
its one addiction u won't regret (or so i hope!) ;)

@ gkam
ahhh...i should have guessed! girls these days don't seem 2 think beyond him! ye aaj-kal ke ladkiyaan bhi na! ;)

@ Reflections
lol...wouldn't it have been a bit cheap on my part 2 go around shouting that i have updated my blog (well thinking about it i'm a pretty cheap i could have tried it!) ;)
congrats on the award...atleast someone took it! ***sigh of relief***

@ The Idiot
i ain't much of a sharp person...but i'll still try ;)
wish i had the powers 2 bring n throw people to and from my team!
a warm welcome 2 blunt edges! :D

iceprincess said...

aaww..plz plz..let me meow meow..i have become one wasted creature...sme1 give me d wasted billi award..plzzzzzzzzz

Ashley said...

Awwey...Shanu and Blunty....Why did I not see this before???...You guys can surely talk...with each other...through the night...Awwwwww...Now how many of us can find someone to do that???

**Smile Sigh and Tch Tch** :D

Reflections said...

I was just in time huh otherwise I sure wd have missed my 2nd award;-D

blunt edges said...

@ iceprincess
lol @ wasted billi award...u totally deserve it :P

@ Ashley do we have a new queen of sarcasm here??? ;)

@ Reflections
lucky u ;)

HC said...

ohh okk... HC huh?? thats a cool way of addressing me on ur blog.. ;)

blunt edges said...

@ HC
aha what do we have here!

HC said...

Jackass.. haha :D
No dude i am not ur HC.. :P
Love the way u write..u have a kickass sense of humour so juz wrote some crappy shit.. wanted to c ur reaction or maybe the lack of it.. Enthoke paranaalum nee oru pulli ana kettaaa.. :D

blunt edges said...

@ HC
lol...thanks a lot 4 the nice words (not the 'jackass' part) ;)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D
do i know u?

HC said...

Arre kitna baar welcome karing tu.. :D
hmmm...yes..u know me or maybe u dont remember me now.. I used to blog before re..:P
and correction.. u r not pulli but not even calvin..but 'su' which is 'nil'... hai na? :D

blunt edges said...

@ HC
whoaaaaaa...a mallu who used 2 blog n who KNOWS me...n u would think that would be easy 2 crack!
unfortunately, i have no clue...u wanna help me out here buddy?

HC said...

know as in i dnt really know u and nor do u know me.. Its juz like u know someone's name, u know they exist but dnt really know 'know' them..
and the fact that i know ur name juz goes to show how well i have read ur blog posts and comments.. hehehe B-)
Wich part of know was i now? *hits on head* :D

blunt edges said...

@ HC
phew...was all that intended 2 make any sense?
ok...let's make it simple then! by what name did u blog?
hope that's not a toughie! :P

HC said...

no!! it was wsnt supposed to make any sense.. u expect me to give sensible answers.. dats so not me..!! hehe :P
and my blog name was Chintamani Muthulakshmi Ramaswamy Kurup Narayanan.. :D

blunt edges said...

Chintamani Muthulakshmi Ramaswamy Kurup Narayanan...of course i remember u! :D

last heard the interpol was in search of the govt official who registered your name 4 inflicting a crime on all humanity! :P

HC said...

Awwwww... u still remember me su wich is nil.. *sheds tears of happiness* :D :D
And wat crime huh?? I am a boon to the whole of humanity.. :D

blunt edges said...

@ HC
of course u are a boon...but your name! now that's an entirely different story! :P

Choco said...

Aww Blunt Edges...Checking out blogs after such a long while and it is heartwarming to see that someone missed me! :)

blunt edges said...

@ Choco
look who came out of hiding! :P
glad 2 hear from u buddy :D

Sangitha :) said...

whoa.. I missed too many posts of urs.. to be precise three.. chalo sabpe comment maro.. :P
I can completely identify with number three: Forget pay we need to beg for atleast a comp off for wrking on weekends.. :(
and the fourth point.. i thot it happens only wit me.. Glad i got company.. :P

Sangitha :) said...

and ya congo for that award.. bolne ko bhul gaya.. :D

blunt edges said...

@ Sangitha
ahhhh...isn't it wonderful 2 see comments on an old post :D:D:D
have got just a single comp-off so far n i must have worked for atleast 10 weekends n don't even talk about the innumerable night-outs! sigh

ps: thanks a lot...bolne ko bhul gaya ;)