Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Nameless Award!

Bliss has given me an award (but for some strange reason, it doesn’t have a name!). It just came with the following rules:
1) List 7 things about yourself that nobody knows.
2) Pass on this award to 7 other people.
3) Comment on their blog and let them know that they are tagged.

I know I have many tags pending against my name, but this one’s an award, yeah yeah I know it doesn’t have a name and a fancy pic, but it’s an award nevertheless (or so claims Bliss), so this goes first!

So 7 things about me that nobody knows ha? This is gonna be fun:
1.    I’m an atheist. Yup, you heard it right. I ain’t anti-god or anything, but I just don’t pray. I’m not the kind who argues about the existence of god. I respect those who believe and their beliefs, and I expect them to respect me and my beliefs (or rather the lack of them)
2.    I’m terrible with kids. I just can’t do the sweet-talk thing with them. I remember going to my cousin’s place and meeting his kid for the first time. They bought the kid and thought I might pick him up or talk to him or something. Six people stood around me waiting for my next move. And all I could manage was a wave of my hand at the kid, who seemed more relieved than me that he could go and do something fun than sit with me.
3.    I’m dying to see when and who will be my 50th follower. The list has been stuck at 48 for some time now.
4.    I just can’t figure out why the world’s crazy over Angelina Jolie. Ok, she acts well, but sexiest lady in the world? NO WAY!
5.    I’m not a morning person. I like it quiet in the mornings and I can get real sulky if I’m subjected to lots of noise. I normally carry on with that mood till I have my cuppa tea.
6.    I have this weird habit of noticing the minutest of details of the movies I like. For eg. Did you know that in Rang De Basanti, Karan’s (played by Siddharth) character’s first and last line in the movie is ‘Nautanki Saala’
7.    I have been working for a little over 3 years, and I already know I’m in the wrong field, but I still have no clue what I really wanna do!

So there you go, 7 things about me which I hope you didn’t know. And now I pass on this award (yeah IT IS AN AWARD!) to the following lucky people:
1.    Shanu (It would be really fun to know your 7 secrets! Hope you do it!) :)

2.    Iceprincess (There now you even have an idea for a post!) :D

3.    Riddhi (I’m sure your list would be downright hilarious) :D

4.    Grayquill (Never seen you do a tag. Try one for a change) :)

5.    Ashley (Let’s actually see if you are 45 or 18) ;)

6.    Madhu (There I tag you once more) :)

7.    Meenakshi (Thought I would give you an award too) :)

8.    Lakshmi (Maybe you can make it more than one post for this month) ;)

9.    Anita (You should have a lot of spare time on the bench! Spare some for this tag) ;)

10.  Zeba (Hope the intelligent blogger spills some secrets) :D

11.  Nim (One more person who has lotsa free time!) :D

12.  Parry (Let’s have some laughter here buddy) :D

13.  Gayathri (I hope your first secret isn’t that you are related to Vishwanathan Anand) :D

14.  Reflections (Just coz she loves awards, even if it’s a nameless one!) ;)

Yeah I know it went a little above 7, sue me :P


wishes galore said...

loved reading your secret 7 list:)

dont worry, i ll be your 50th follower but let the list reach 49 yaar..
your point 7 matched mine..i hope the coming year we both figure it out :D

Grayquill said...

This tag I will consider but only because it is short. No Promises!! Also, 7 is a good number – right?
So you hate kids huh? – I do for the most part too. It actually worried me before I had kids if I would like them. Since then I have discovered for the most part kids are great once I bond with them or have some kind of connection. But if you and your kid are in front of me in line at the grocery store - I will pretty much hate you and your kid unless said kid is well behaved.
Oh, thanks I guess, for the award that is nameless and that requires 7 times more work than any award should.
I'll be the 50th follower as soon as you get a 49th. I hope to beat out "wishes galore" in the effort to be number 50 HA!:)

iceprincess said...

aaaaaaaaaaw..i loved d first and second one d most...
i like d weird one..ppl shld be different..
as 4 ms.croft..i agree..i love catherine zeta jones.and find her sexier..
i accept d awrd..and will blog..right now......

bliss said...

alright, it doesnt have a name and comes without a fancy pic. big deal!!!! you did a great job with it anyway!!! like i said, wats in the name! oh wait, Shakespeare said that! :P

good, job, blunty!
ps: btw, they 'bought' the kid??? *looks questioningly*

Me said...

aha! u got 50 followers!! see kind im sure the num of followers will even soar high..
its quite interesting that u found out that little detail abt karan. i havnt noticed it. next time i watch it, i'll notice.

Nikki said...

Had a good time reading this post!

Ashley said...

Oh Dear God...Blunt Edges..Are you my male counterpart???? The points 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and some of 7 match to the T. And no..I am not trying to wriggle outta doing the tag myself by saying so...

Oh! And Pnt 1= Me till a year back...Now I grudgingly pray once..every morning...But don't think much about it...
And Thankyou Oh Thankyou for the award...My third..I am mega lazy when it comes to putting em up. But promise to do this one! :)

And Lookie...You have 50 followers now! You shouldve wished for a higher number in the tag it seems! :)

wishes galore said...

congrats..before i could register you already havd 50 followers!!!
i am the shagun wala "51" ;);)

Madhu said...

great! u tag me again...i have read this tag done by so many others...but never wanted to do it cauz it meant revealing my secrets...vokay!! Will go by the rules cauz uve awarded me [nameless one eh??]...ill do it...:)


P.S hey its 51 followers now...Congos!

NIM said...

oh ya... I do have lots of free time indeed... ;)
Thanks for the tag and the(unusual)award.
I agree with ur 4th point. how could they make Angelina Jolie the sexiest woman in the world? Do they have buttons for eyes???

Reflections said...

Pure luck I turned up here I say;-D

Terrible with kids huh.....I was the same...when nobody was looking I used to pull grotesque faces at 2 yr olds and make them cry....oh wht the heck I do tht even now;-D

Ok if not AJolie then who????

And thank u sooo much for the award....I'm overwhelmed;-D


Riddhiculuos said...

hahaha chanlu ladke u got 52 followers now.. Big deal award ke saath reward bhi mila..
Thank you for nameless award. as they say whats there in a name.. naam gum jayega.. does not hold true never had one right?

Ahem about the points..

1. I’m an atheist...hmm ok.. ok

2. aah.. i love kids. kids don't love me..

3. haah i already said ..good technique u got sympathy votes

4. Shit.. Ditto.. the female has "inverted Lips" as in the part that is usually inside is there on the outside.. i hate her pout which ppl seem to love.. she looks hideous.. eewwwww

5. I am an all time person tho.. kabhi bhi kahin bhi bak bak all the time..

6. ok yes i do the same... Nautanki sala ..Eggjacktley.. I just have to see the movie once and it is like with dialogues imprinted.. kaash itna dimag padhai mein chalta..

7. is bingo the same . I do not know where will i land up.. Hum kis gali jaa rahey hein..apna koi thikana nahi haiiii :(

And yes I like the tag..never been tagged earlier... aaha good

Riddhiculuos said...

chanlu... i meant Chalu

Shanu said...


**Wipes hassi ke aanshu frm her eyes so that she can comment on the post**

Tch tch tch :P

Shanu said...

Ok now that I am done laughing let me comment responsibly:

1) U an atheist? Dont worry tere hisse ka prayer bhi main kar legi :)
2)Copy cat :P
3)Yaad hai kya..hum bloggin ke initial days main kaise follower counts ke upar se ek doosre ko taane maara karte the..kahan gaye woh din :(
4)I so agree..i hate her..shez ewwww
5)Main bhi re not a mornin person..but being arnd ppl cheers me up no matter wat time of the day
6)Main na koi movie dekhti hai na..toh raat ko dream main woh full movie replay hoti hai-scene by scene..matlab I watch all movies 2 2 times at the cost of one :P
7)Same pinch..happens to the best of us

Tere jaise main bhi chote chote things notice marti hai..and i notice that tune mera name frst likha..matlab I am the first prize winner...which makes me super duper happy..thnk u bluntu.
Yes, I will take it up...keep ur eyes peeled :P

Anita :) said...

Blunt Edges!!!! u have 53 followers Oh my! and u know u are in wrong field,,but u really dont know what else to do? Same here...!! So nice to see someone like that...u know I have the worst time setting goals for the 'performance year' at office...!
Great to get to know you better! (and i really doubt whether we work for the same firm)

ode writer said...

hmmm... nice post!

i din't know abt the nautanki saala thing, and yea, u should be glad u got an award and 53 followers now! :D

Cheers :)

blunt edges said...

@ wishes galore
thanks a lot...i guess point 7 is a very common phenomenon! n thanks 4 agreeing to be no.50 :)

@ Grayquill
glad to know you agreed 2 consider it :)
n trust me 7 is a great number! :D
i don't hate kids! isn't 'hate' too strong a word??? i just ain't good with them!
lol...ok ok i'll ensure i n my kid are well-behaved at the grocery store! ;)
aha...a race 2 be number i wasn't expecting that! i like that :D

@ iceprincess
aha a faster comment this time ;)
is different the same as weird?
thanks 4 agreeing to blog :D

@ bliss
lol...its a typo obviously...i'm so glad my cousin doesn't read my blog ;)

@ Me
touchwood! :D
watch RDB again...i have probably watched it more than 10 times!

@ Nikki
thanks a lot...glad u liked it :D

@ Ashley
is blunt edges the masculine form of ashley? ;)
thanks 4 agreeing to do this one...i can understand how tough it is to crawl out of the laziness attack ;)
yup...should have said a hundred or something :D

@ wishes galore again
lol...shagun-wala 51...that's cool! :D:D:D

@ Madhu
let's hear some madhu (mad who?) secrets! :P
yup...more than 50...yay!!! :D:D:D

buttons indeed! ;)

@ Reflections
lol...i trust u 2 jump up the moment i say the word 'award' :P
i'm so glad i don't do that 'making-faces-at-kids' thing! the world is doing fine with just one evil force :P
if not angelina, who? many...megan fox, jessica alba, bipasha basu, aishwarya rai!!!

@ Riddhi
well it pays 2 be smart ;)
1. now what's that reaction meant to be?
2. well in my case, the 'not-liking-part' is mutual! ;)
3. as i said, i'm very issmart :D
4. hahahaha...inverted
5. i should have guessed!
6. same pinch!!!
7. no thikana at all :(
glad u liked it...n looking forward 2 seeing it on ur blog! :D

@ Riddhi again
of course u meant 'chalu' :D

@ Shanu
arrogance...false pride...just found a few synonyms for shanu :P

@ Shanu phir se
1. :D that's sweet :D
2. meow! :P
3. all those days became part of folklore jab tu bahut aage nikal gayi...u popular capitalist blogger :P
4. welcome 2 the club :D
5. so unlike popular belief, we do have something in common! :D
6. wah wah...tussi toh vadde talented ho! :D
7. i know! comments on the first prize part! yup, i'm 'peeling' my eyes...its a bit painful process though ;)

@ Anita i cool or am i cool? :D:D:D
hahaha...maybe we do work at the same isn't that a cool thought! ;)

@ Rach
thanku thanku! :D
very very glad about it...but like someone said, i could have wished for a higher number! ;)

Madhu said...

how on earth did u know about mad who!!! My sister calls me that...have i mentiond it anywhere?? DAMN!

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

ah, well my keyboard is tired of typin *good blog* ; )

1. same same (thts hw they say in thailand)
2. somehow kids look best with their parens only.. door se hi bye achaa hai
4. i don like her as well.. brad pitt must b crazy!!
5. same same agn : )
6.i neva remember nething abt the movie the moment i step out of the theatre. Ghajini ishtyle.. hahaha :)
7. i need to work tht long to comment on this one..!!


blunt edges said...

@ Madhu was just something that came 2 my mind...but glad it hit bulls-eye :D

@ Smriti
u can still type 'good blog' ;)
1. happy happy...that's how i say it ;)
2. u bet! that's an unwritten rule as far as i'm concerned!
4. now this seems 2 be a common consensus around here! wonder where are all the angelina-bhakts!
5. happy happy again! :D
6. not even the movie u absolutely fall in love with? :o
7. maybe u are at the right place :D

buckingfastard said...

why in god's name its an award and not a luks like a tag isnt it....

or did u gave it a name of a award to just to get free ka publicity :D

damsel in distress said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
damsel in distress said...

you never tag me! come to think of it, no one does. hmm. like i care.:P

atheist?terrible with kids?jolie craze?not a morning person?i the wrong field/dont know what u want to do?

well, this is as goosd as me doing the tag.meh!

happy xmas and a happy new year!!!

P.S. oops. almost typed in my pswrd here. did anyone see? whew.

Lynda G. said...

"...Sue me!" LOL! Too funny!

blunt edges said...

@ buckingfastard
no idea dude...that's exactly the way i got me being the innocent naadaan guy just passes it on :D
ps: n if it keeps me popular, why complain? ;)

@ damsel
lol...sorry time i'll certainly tag u :)
whoa...didn't know we had so much in common! :D
thanks a lot 4 the wishes...merry xmas n a very happy new year 2 u too :D
i did get an update on my mail...some weird scribble which u that the password? ***raised eyebrow***

@ Lynda
thanks a lot :D

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

thanks for the award...and no i am indeed no distant relative of vishwanathan anand :(

Chandrika Shubham said...

Quite interesting and funny post. :)
I like the stlye of your writing. It is really impressive. Oops! I am not 50th. :(

Best wishes. :)

Anita :) said...

I have done my part for getting the nameless award :-)

Anita :) said...

I have done my part for getting the nameless award :-)

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

the first item on the list - makes me wish u'd go thru my latest blog - and post a comment.just curious to know how the young'd react - -
interesting blog, btw - yours

Tomz said...

I dont know what to comment on this post..anyway ur secret 7 was worth informative.

Lakshmi said...

Blunts.... Thank you, thank you and again... Thank you...

Finally.. I ve got somethin to work upon.. :)

And as far as ur answers go..

1)I believe in God but I did observe tht God does not punish atheists... HE loves u too :P

2)I love kids n they love me too...mayb its got sumthin to do with the brain status or IQ or watever.. I still am at their level...

3)No comments.. I was a follower since time immemorial ;)

4)I don't know bout the world's sexiest ladies.. but the gorgeous(est) is definitely 'ME' :D

5)I know nothin bout mornings.. I havent been up yet to see wat a morn looks like... sorry :)

6)I m not such a movie buff.. so.. no comments

7)Aapka number bhi aayega.. Be patient... 3 yrs isnt such a long time... I took 22 to figure out wat i wanted.. mayb God wants u to be confused a li'l more... btb, thinkin of wat i said.. I m not sure wat i m doing right now is wat i really want in life :O

Adieu.. I hope the comment was long enuff for u... :D Its been weeks since i commented sumwhr... consider urself lucky.. or even blessed ;)

Lakshmi said...

Hey... Did i mention Thank u ??? ;)

Lakshmi said...

An out of office auto reply??? Watever.... :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Even I'm bad with kids. They kind of annoy me. Just can't handle them!
What's new with you? It's been long.
I posted something. Do see it!

Meenakshi said...

Int-Meenakshi's home;bedroom-Night
"award award award...award award award.. "
Pan on:
Meenakshi jumping around the room.
"Benaam hua tho kya hua, hai tho award hi.."

"Banda blunt hai tho kya hua, mujhe award tho diya; that too an award with a tag. Blunty, achha bachha hai !"

She grabs the award, sits on the bed but cannot wipe off the smile.
She visualizes point 2 and laughs.

P.S : apart from suing u for exceeding the allotted number, you failed the third rule of the award too.. You did not give intimation of the Nameless award . :P

Imp.P.S : Script likh likh ke hairaan pareshaan(but khush) Meenakshi aajkal ghar pe bhi script language mein baath karthi hai.. so bear the above script comment.. If you can't ,go sue me ;) :P :P :P

COMMUNI said...

I loved reading your post. Glad to hear that you really notice minute details of a movie just like me. You could even check out the costumes of the co-artists, sometime you'll find that the same had been used in many films previously and sometimes by the hero and heroine of a movie.

blunt edges said...

@ gayathri
hehe...that's a pity ;)

@ Chandrika
thanks a lot 4 the great words :D
a warm welcome 2 blunt edges :)

@ Anita
i'm so proud of u :D

@ kochuthresiamma
welcome 2 blunt edges :D
will definitely check out ur post soon :)

@ Tomz
thanks dude :)

@ Lakshmi
whoaaaa...some comment that!
damn even u got that out-of-office thing!
comming back 2 the comment
1. i smiled :)
2. now i wont argue with that! :P
3. n i'm eternally grateful 2 u 4 that! :D
4. aha aha! now u got me interested there! ;)
5. lucky u! :)
6. unlucky u! ;) i love the movies :D
7. hope the realization dawns soon!

@ Cursed
same pinch on the kids thing...will check out your post soon :)

@ Meenakshi
OMG...what was that! lol :D
i violated that part intentionally...people should read my blog non-forcibly right?
n u can 'script' as much as u want, i promise not 2 sue ;)

salutations 2 a fellow movie buff :D
a warm welcome 2 blunt edges :D

Sid said...

u thought about it and ur follower count has increased to 54...55 now :)

oRange* said...

i totally agree with u on the angelina jolie thing!
she just has HUGE lips which are so not sexy!

i'll be your 50th follower with pleasure :D
but the problem is blogger's acting like a bitch and im not able to see the follower tab on anyone's blog ..not even mine! so i guess ill just wait for it to appear

Gauri Mathur said...

I am also waiting for the 50th follower, my list has stopped at 47th :D:D:D

Beauty and the BEast said...

ah!! so now you are not all that mysterious anymore :P

Loved reading the bit about the kid being relieved at not being stuck with you!! :D

Hope you get to do more tags!

NIM said...

i see my card!!! yahooo! thanks

blunt edges said...

@ Sid
cool...thanks a lot dude :)
n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ oRange
isn't it strange that i haven't had a single jolie fan comment here? :o
the follower count has crossed 50 but please don't change your mind :D

@ Gauri
so i ain't the only one who gives undue importance 2 the follower count ha? ;)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ Beauty
was i ever mysterious??? ;)
arre there are still a few tags pending against my name...just lazy 2 take it up! :)

@ Nim
entirely my pleasure :D

HaRy!! said...

well i really luvd all the 7 blunt list :D an atheist as well and truly i respect those who believe !! but upto me on my wishes !!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hey S**** :D
Happy New Year!!
Check out my new post!!

blunt edges said...

@ HaRy
salaam from one atheist 2 another! :D
glad u liked it :D

@ Cursed
lol...u tease! :P
thanks a lot...wish u a wonderful new year too :D
yup jumping over 2 your blog :)

moonlite:D said...

:) loved reading ur secrets!! :)


hey same here...i just dunno what to do with kids...i used to like them just look like some foreign thing or something n so true about angelina :)...

Zeba said...

'They BOUGHT the kid and thought I might pick him up or talk to him or something.'

Gettit????? :P

I love this post... like all yours (now you could go like.... tell me something new Zeba!!)

gkam said...

dang!! I read this post earlier and I forgot to comment. Sorry BE! :(

Anywhoo here i go:

1. I'm sorta agnostic, so my halfway Atheist I suppose :P
2. It reminds me of the movie Meet the Fockers :D
3. Publicity gimmick; and it worked! :P lol
4. I second that!
5. Me neither. Coffee over Tea
6. neat! I never noticed that
7. oh, hope u sort that out mate!

Happy New Year :)

blunt edges said...

@ moonlite
thanks :D
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

what should u do with kids? ignore them ;)
n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ Zeba
i know i know i got it wrong...a previous reader also pointed it out...i know u r just returning the favor :P
thanks a lot :D

@ gkam
no probs gkam...happens with busy people :P
1. aha aha...u may get there soon! ;)
2. lol
3. it sure did...ain't i smart?
4. does ANYONE like jolie?
5. mornings should be banned ;) (yeah i know the sentence makes no sense...but then neither does the entire blog) :D
6. thanku thanku :D:D
7. now that's something i can't guarantee!
thanks a lot gkam...happy new year 2 u too :D

Shanu said...

***Stares Angrily at Bluntu***

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
heyyyyyy...happy new year :D
n what's with the stare??? :o

Shanu said...

Its an angry stare Bluntu..

Im angry!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
haan wohi baba...lekin kyu?

Shanu said...

Abhi yeah bhi main bataun? Tereko samjhna chahiye!

Now u have made me aur bhi angry!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
***scratches head*** wasn't supposed 2 meet u on 31st coz u were on a date with Mr.Mind...aur 14feb ab tak hua nahi hai!
aur tumne kuch post kiya bhi nahi hai jisme maine comment nahi kiya hai!
toh ab bacha kya? :o

Shanu said...

Bluntu..I am angry bcoz u have sacrificed our 8 mnth frndshp for the Ashley babe who has been arnd only for 8 weeks.


U are mean

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
tujhe suddenly kya ho gaya drama queen? new years ka hangover nahi gaya kya? :P

Shanu said...

Koi baat karne ke liye nahi hai ya..main bore ho rahi thi..tu online dikha..toh socha thoda TP ho jaayega :)

blunt edges said...

hahahaha...i shud hv guessed...nautanki :P

toh how was new years?

Shanu said...

New year eve was spent at home ya. Thanks to the events of the last 2 years, my parents dont approve of me staying out late on New Year's.

Toh ghar par mom dad ke saath baithi thi..I watched season 2 of The big bang theory while my mom dad watched the new yr wala sum serial on TV. Phir 12 baje watermelon milkshake piya(yumm!)and continued watchin BBT.

Wat abt u?

blunt edges said... that's a very healthy (coz of the watermelon shake) new years eve...n i'm sure ur folks wud totally approve of that ;)

don't think my folks wud approve of what i drank ;)

bas some frenz got together n khoob jamaya rang ;)

btw never had watermelon milkshake (suna hi nahi hai)...just had watermelon juice!

Shanu said...

Aaare very simple and super duper tasty..kabhi try karna..easy to make re..bas watermelon pieces and milk..saath main mixer main ghuma..milkshake tayar!

Tu ganda baccha hai..rukh main teri mom ko tera complaint karti hai :P

Actually I am v thakela types..soch rahi hai..main bhi 2 peg maar loon..rang jama loon..wat say?

blunt said...

will try the milkshake some time :)

my mom actually asked me what i did on 31st...n i just said time-pass...n she was like 'ya ya' ;)

go 4 it yaar...cheers...mera poora moral support tere saath hai! :D

Shanu said...

Chee chee chee...bholi bhali bacchi ko mat bhigad.

Waise dnt tell me u at wrk this late on a Saturday!

If yes, Come on dude, get a life

If no, wat u doin online on a sat nite? HC free nahi hai kya?

blunt edges said...

arre ghar pe hu yaar!

n i told u na...HC is a lost cause! :(

Shanu said...

:( Aise sad mat ho yaar!

Dont worry u wil get a SHC (Super Hot Crush) who will be a found cause ;o)

blunt edges said...

inshallah :D

aur kya lost n found ka pj maar rahi hai yaar? :P

Shanu said...

Haan haan abhi toh tereko mere intelligent jokes bhi PJs hi lagnewale hai..Go to my blog..see how ur asheel comments are distractin ppl and nt lettin them comment on my post :(

blunt edges said...

hahahaha...mere awesome comments ke wajah se tera blog thoda toh entertaining ho gaya :P

thanx bolna kab seekhegi yeh ladki? :P

Shanu said...

I am still waiting for u to responsibly comment on my blogpost so that I can thank you..But afsoos..tu kabhi responsibly comment karta hi nahi..toh main thanks kyun bolun?

blunt edges said...

jo responsibly comment kiya, woh blunt edges nahi ;)

n the thanx was 4 playing a major role in making ur blog so entertaining :P

Nipun said...

Cool work.
a great blog I must say..
Just stumbled here..



p.s. I m following u now. Be happy.

manoranjini said...

"I have been working for a little over 3 years, and I already know I’m in the wrong field, but I still have no clue what I really wanna do! " -- IT field??Lols..self explanatory - First time here and happy new year !

Zeba said...

i hate owing favours!! ;)

blunt edges said...

@ Nipun
thanks a lot dude :D
welcome 2 blunt edges :)

@ manoranjini
yup...IT it is!
thanks a lot n happy new year 2 u too :D
welcome 2 blunt edges :)

@ Zeba
phur :P

Psych Babbler said...

I agree with you on No. 4...have never understood that!!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Check out my post buddy!!!

blunt edges said...

@ Psych Babbler
welcome 2 the club n 2 blunt edges :D

@ Cursed
aye aye captain :D

Reflections said...

Its my turn now:-))!!!!

blunt edges said...

@ Reflections
coming over :D

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Wow @ point 6!!
@ point 7 , welcome to my world :P

blunt edges said...

@ Fantasies
so u didn't know point 6 ha? see there's lotsa gyan being distributed at blunt edges :D

@ PuraAbarca
thank you :D
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

Chandrika Shubham said...

I loved reading ur blog. :)
U have written a nice discription about yourself. A bit Kool.... :)

Anya said...

Very cool blog :-)
Keep blogging ......

greetings from The Netherlands

Anya :-)

Nipun said...

Are u working for INFOSYS??
please tell..


blunt edges said...

@ Chandrika
a bit cool? i thought i was very cool ;)
thanks a lot 4 the nice words :)

@ Anya
thanks a lot :)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ Nipun
nope...why do u ask? ***raised eyebrow***

Shanu said...

Yup I kno..u dont work in Infosys ;)

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
oye chor...dusro ki baatein sunti ho? sharam nahi aati? :P

Shanu said...

Doosre? Tu abhi doosra ho gaya?

Tu toh mera apna tha :(

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
wah wah...kya line maara hai shanu...n i can't think of a good enough comeback 4 that! ;)

kaisi ho yaar? long time :)

Shanu said...

Kya yaar...meri senti dialogue ka ek senti jawab dena chahiye tha na..useless types hai tu!

Main thik hai abhi..beech main bimar ho gayi thi re....chnge in weather na..howz it cold there?

blunt edges said...

it was till its moved on 2 the no-jacket season :)

senti reply ha? time try karunga yaar ;)

Shanu said...

Good..if u want thoda practise kar lena..dnt disappoint me next time!

blunt edges said... i need 2 find someone 2 practice it with...wonder if ashley is free ;)

Shanu said...

U kno wat Bluntu..I dont think I ever wanna talk to u agn..Ashley Ashley Ashley..thatz all u ever think abt..I hate you!

blunt edges said...

is my sweet lil shanu gettin jealous? mazak kar raha tha bachha :D

tu hi mere khayalon me...khayalon me nahi toh atleast mere comments section me ;)

Shanu said...



blunt edges said...

note 2 self: n u still got it :D

2 shanu: did u see...this is the 102nd comment!!! :D:D:D

Shanu said...

Whoa..all thnks to our mindless conversation!

3 cheers to us!

Hip Hip Hurray!!
Hip Hip Hurray!!
Hip Hip Hurray!!


blunt edges said...

kya yaar i say such sweet things abt u...n u say its mindless conversation? tch tch

The pale observer said...

Great list! I'm an athiest too - but after losing my son, I'm comforted by having his spirit somewhere out there, looking down on us :) I guess logic goes out the window when we really need it to :)

blunt edges said...

@ Holli
i guess the mind should be left out in such matters...sorry about your son

Nipun said...

Just wanted to know about the procedures and teachings during the training sessions.
I have been recruited this year. Will be joining in sept-oct.
Just curios.
Nothing else..:)

blunt edges said...

@ Nipun
oh ok ok...all the best :)

Shanu said...

Yea kya itna thanda response..I thgt Nipun ki wajah se sab log jaan lenge where u wrk and wat ur company trainin procedures are..but afsoos!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
lol...i thought u knew...sab ko kyu batana hai? :P

Harini said...

Its fun reading things about bloggers :P.

I thought to be your 50th follower but you have surpassed that mark already :P.

For point 4.... finally someone who agree with me \:D/.

Point 5 is same... I am a nocturnal animal.

blunt edges said...

@ Harini
lots of people have been agreeing on point 4 here...incidentally not a single person has commented aginst it (i was actually expecting something on those lines by some people!) :)
thanx a lot 4 following me...n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

Chintamani Muthulakshmi Ramaswamy Kurup Narayanan said...

dude.. last post on 17th December, 2009.. wake up from ur slumber man.. Or else do one thing.. Shanu ke blogs pe jo shayari mara hai.. u post them here.. atleast teko ek post milega.. :D

U havnt forgotten my name na... :( :P

Chintamani Muthulakshmi Ramaswamy Kurup Narayanan said...

damn!! Blogger doesnt show my full name.. bahut nainsaaafi hai.. :( :( :(

Chintamani Muthulakshmi Ramaswamy Kurup Narayanan :D

amateur~virtuoso said...

Hey Blunt!!
I guess you are more of an agnostic than an atheist.

blunt edges said...

@ CMRKN(u didn't think i'm gonna type the whole name did u?)
yeah i know its been a long slumber...will try coming up with something soon!
n shayari from shanu's blog eh? now that's an interesting idea! ;)
of course i haven't forgotten u or the name! :P
well now your name is strewn all over the comments section...happy? :)

@ amateur~virtuoso
hey wonderful 2 see u here :D
really have no clue which of the 2 i am :¦

Lynda G. said...

You are a popular one, Blunt Edges! :D I think you need to come out of hiding and write us something...PLEASE!

Chintamani Muthulakshmi Ramaswamy Kurup Narayanan said...

yus..yus!! beeery beeery happy..!! :):P:)

reminded me of beer.. *hic :D

blunt edges said...

@ Lynda
popular? that sounds good :D
will post soon :)

*hic* indeed :D

sakhii•• said...

i would like 2 b ur 50th follower....

Sid said...

hey dude why are u not blogging? Its been a long time now

blunt edges said...

@ sakhii
well the thought is what counts...screw the number ;)
welcome 2 blunt edges :)

@ Sid
just can't think of anything 2 write yaar...m thinking...will try 2 post soon :)

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

this comment chain is even more entertaining : )

Wen's ur next post coming up??? the impatience is al ur fault... blog's so nice that we cant wait only... :)

blunt edges said...

@ Smriti
aha aha...n i'm grinning...praises are always welcome...i have got a ready-to-be-inflated ego ;)
will try posting soon...just can't think of anything interesting! :)

Sjmach said...


blunt edges said...

@ Sjmach
:D welcome 2 blunt edges :D

Choco said...

@Blunt Edges
Been almost two months now...Have you retired from blogging or something?
Or are you trying to win "the longest chain of comments in any blog" contest?
Get a Guinness Book of Records entry maybe?
Or is it that you want people to come and do Shayari here?
What will it take?

Here goes.
"Yaaro Na Hoona Naaraz
Na Karna Mr Edges Pe Shout
Dua Karo Ki
Yahan Pe Na Hua Ho
Time Out!"
Courtesy 9XM Haq Se- Now what to do. I am no good at this Shayari business. But owed you one nevertheless! :)

Ketan said...

Well, a fellow atheist here. But I do blog a quite against belief in God. I won't get into the reasons here, but for me belief in God amounts to something gone wrong with the World, and a margin for making the World more beautiful by having belief in humanity, rather than in God.

In your second point you have made an interesting typo - "they bought the kid". And I hope it is a typo. :P

I don't know the number of your followers but I am the next! ;)

And well, only two other readers thought 'bought' could be a typo. People find business opportunities everywhere! :P


Ketan said...

And sorry for the visual version of eavesdropping I indulged in. ;) Seems like will have to hop over to shanu's blog to see what shayari is all about. :)

blunt edges said...

@ Choco
lol...this is the 2nd time u have borrowed from 9XM Haq se!!! thanx 4 the effort :)
no no...just a no-good-enough-stuff-happening-in-my-life-2-blog-about phase! will hopefully come up with something soon :)

@ Ketan
a warm welcome 2 blunt edges :D
completely respect your logic in being a non-believer...will hop over 2 ur blog soon :)
do check out the shayari...i believe its much more entertaining than any of my posts here ;)
thanks a ton 4 following :D

sakhii•• said...

thnx...m folowin u!!

blunt edges said...

@ sakhii

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

blunt edges said...

@ Anon
all in a day's work my friend! ;)

Sangitha :) said...

1. Really?? I am an on off atheist.. :D
2. Me juz the opposite.. im popular among kids.. :P terrible with elders.. They lable me as arrogant and childish.. can u believ dat?? :x
3. Im dying to c who will be my 8th.. :(
4. Yeah.. even i hate her..
5. Im a morning person.If im not subjected to lots of noise i dnt wake up.. :D
6. Wow really?? sahi hai yaa.. :P
7. Haha.. U r not alone.. But still im the most ambitionless person arnd.. :P

And once again congo for that award.. :)

blunt edges said...

@ Sangitha
1. yup really :D an on-off atheist? lol
2. of course i can :P
3. i'm not exactly sure if i'm your follower or not...if i ain't, i'll surely be your 8th :D
4. okkkkk...i don't "hate" her...too strong a word! ;)
5. u meant an alarm right? ;)
6. ***bows down gracefully***
7. i'm so totally ambition-less

thanks a lot :D
i just love long comments \m/

Punam said...

I landed on your blog and this picture of guns stared at me.. then I was almost going to hit the close button, but I scrolled down and read two of your posts. Point one amazed me. Atheist, but with respect towards others' belief systems. That is rare.

blunt edges said...

@ Punam
glad u didn't close the window right away ;)
welcome to blunt edges :)