Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My 1st Ever Blog

Well….dis is d moment all u ppl hv been waitin 4…..I hv started bloggin (applause) ok I din hear any ;-)

Hmmm….now wat do ppl normally write abt…I’m not rackin my brains on dat….guess I’ll just keep on typin wateva comes 2 my mind (I sure aint gonna get any prizes 4 dis)

Today’s a cloudy day in april…now how many Indians talk abt cloudy days in april….I hv never seen any before dis….4 all u aliens out dere, april is summer in india….n summer in india is HOT….wid a capital H-O-T…maybe it’s a lil less in Bangalore…but it sure isn’t cloudy usually.

I just thot of fillin up pages wid details of d weather rite outta my 4th grade geography text but den I guess u wud rather well read my geography text dan dis…lol

So I hv hereby decided 2 tell u something abt my oh-so-interestin life….hmmm….hmmm…hmmm….hmmm….ok let’s search 4 some other topic.

Yest was all-fools day….n no, no one quite made a fool of me….a frnd did try…but must say a pretty feeble attempt….she msgs me at 12.15 n says her wallet is missin n it mite be in my bag….i searched my bag n told her its not dere n lo behold I hv been fooled….its not missin….yeah I know wat u guys wud be thinking who exactly is a fool here….but I wud rather not comment on it….coz she’s a 300-pound monster n I don’t wanna take any chances….so d moral of d story is: “I was april fooled. No questions asked”

A frnd sent me James Blunt’s 1973….so hv been listenin 2 it over n over again….just luv dat number…man m I in luv wid his voice….luvd his earlier songs also….u r beautiful & goodbye my lover….d latter bein, accordin 2 me, one of d best songs ever on heart-break….must say sadness never felt dis gud ;-)

Hmmm…guess I’ll wind up 4 now...n wait till d next time 2 talk more abt my interesting life ;-) till den u can listen 2 James Blunt crooning:

I will call you up every Saturday night
And we both stayed out 'til the morning light
And we sang, "Here we go again"
And though time goes by
I will always be
In a club with you
In 1973
Singing "Here we go again"

Ciao :-)


prachi said...

Hey SU cool yaar blogging shuru kar diya..

This shows k you are in FREE POOL n a FREE FOOL

bu ha ha ha

sharin said...

Hmmmm not bad infact. U seem to be extremely jobless. Good start kiddo. Keep it up. Ma blessings are alwayz with you.

300-pound Monster.

veenz said...

hmmmmmmmm...gud one !!!!

khyathi said...

Hey..Su...I have gone thru your first ever man...keep it up...

Suchitra said...

Hmmm... cool Sunil:)
Pisceans are dreamers(day)...thats what i found in ur blog...

Rubina said...

Awesomeeeee....good u took all my suggestions ;)
Seriously,wat a cool way 2 start a blog....i likd tat geography part...he he he....funny it ws:D:D
keep up the good work and ya u can always ask me 4 more suggestions ;) ;)

P.S. I have nvr posted a comment 4 anybdys blog evr....lets c if this wrks ;)

Niharika said...

gud 1 to start with...
Keep blogging....

blunt edges said...

hey guys thanx 4 all d gud words pourin in :)

@ prachi

@ sharin
thanx 4 d blessings gal....n if it wasnt 4 u dis blog wud hv never inspiration ;)

@ veenz
thanx a ton lady

@ khyathi
thanx a lot khyathi....but ur name doesnt give out ur identity....i din quite get who u r...plz enlighten :)

@ suchitra
he he....guess m a day dreamer...quite a gud observation dat :)

@ rubina
yup boss....hv taken all ur suggestions n i sure know whr 2 knock next wen m in doubt ;)

swati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swatiii said...

Good one yar.

Now i know what people do when their status is BUSY.

Keep blogging and waiting for some more interesting details about your life... :-)

suhas said...

Hey Bhai..
Good one....:)
Waiting for ur next post ...

Lagey Rahooooooooooooooo ;-)


Shruthi said...

Coool... Sunil!
Have fun blogging...

keerti said...

nice job man....

so much you typed!!!!!!!!


clouds in summer and who is tht singer!!!!!!

n wat was tht nice to get the sad feelings aaa!!!!

why man why do u wanna feel those heart broken feelings n all!!!!

chalo i will stop...

i cant type more....

he he he....


keep the flame burning!!!!

dont ask me which flame!!!!

shruti said...

Hey Sunil...

Cool Yaar...

Hey waiting for your next post...

Shruti :)

sangeeta said...

I hav nvr commented on anybodys blog ever but since u pleaded me .... here i go

weather broadcasting happens at the end not at the begin...

hmmm...u r not bad at geo..gud ;)

last but not the least
I want tis song "goodbye my lover"
and u better give me

blunt edges said...

whoa....even more responses....thanx a lot pals...eventhough i had 2 plead wid many 2 hv a luk at d blog, i guess its all worth it :)

@ niharika
thank u....n u posted ur comment just moment before i posted cudnt thank u earlier :)

@ swatiii
well...i guess dis is a gud excuse why my status is always busy swatiii (wid d 3 i's = teen aankhen?!?!)

@ suhas
u know how it all started na....dat dey we were talkin abt bloggin n dis keeda(worm) got into my mind ;) so i owe u one bro :)

@ shruthi
thank u...thank u...thank u :)

@ keerti
he he...plz dont ask me why i wrote wat i wrote ;) n yeah i'll keep d flames burnin as long as u keep readin my posts ;)

@ shruti
thanx a lot yaar...m glad u liked it :)

@ sangeeta
ahem....dis one needed a lot of pesterin 2 go thru my post....n d fact dat she mentioned abt weather broadcastin proves dat she did go thru it n din just jump 2 d comment's window ;) so gal, u deserve ur song n its on its way :)

ANJANA said...

Hey King,

So glad to your read your blog & must say its a must read :)

Great going...Great start...
N indeed the weather has been surprisingly/awfully pleasant for April..With the global warming pacing at the rate it is bet we'll have to brace ourselves for a lot of such surprises :)

Yeah yeah i'll cut 'the' talk... :D

If i'm not wrong, you like Bryan Adams...
Bryan Adams has released his latest album Bryan Adams wait for the songs to be you'll love those too :)

Here's wishing you all the very best for YOUR signature styled blog which like you always puts a smile on everybody around...

With lots of wishes & regards,
Signing off...

vineyard_garcia said...

NEAT start..he he..dis comes from a more experienced blogger...he he..muah

kaveer rai said...

i wonder why ur company pats u or does it ...... iam just writing this coz u asked me to comment here u go ...tu bi kya yaad rakhoge ....the graph oblique good too borin ... i hv a blog too but will never ask u to comment ..... n i wonder if u can delete this comment ...must b u can ..if u couldnt i would hv written a bigger comment than ur blog ...dude ur blog sucks ..buts its fun to read for a jobless time u write a blog do let me know so tht i can write a huge comment here ..iam already bored writin this stuff n as u requested i hvnt used my brain to write this comment but i still love this more than ur blog ... ur blog gives me a chance to write my blog .... let me know when u write ur next .... n DIL PE MATH LE YAAr...if u still feelin low ...this time we have a miss india from gods own country ... i still wonder how bad is mr gods geography ... since when is kerala a country ..but must tell u miss india is sure beautiful but her oh my god its longer than howrah bridger in kolkata ..i hope u feelin better now ..keep writin ...remember pen is mightier than sword ..different issue that ppl hardly use swords

vandana said...

Hello there,

gud one man, u hav made a gud start..njoyd reading ur blog with a gud blend of humour :)

Have fun:)

kaveer rai said...

just correxctin the mistakes i hv done above ....its not pat its"pay " and ya its "miss indias name ..oh my god "

Jacob said...

hmm.. okay.. pakshe ente doubt nee ithu evidunnu oppichu ennanu!
well in ur nxt blog, u can mention bout d best thing dat happend to u in ur degree life: ME :D i'l give consent only if am playin the lead role.
Like actor sreenivasan says in d movie Sandesham, "Cubaye patti mindaruthu..." am tellin u: dont u eva talk bout James Blunt n his song u're beautiful.. aliya nan senti avum. ders a story behind dat. i'll tel u later.
well, good stuff. keep d gud work going...[applauds].

sreejith said...

de guy is a 'bit' representation.....well he can be represented by a block of Zeros..."000" ...than a block of "1111"........just kidin...!

Sapphire said...

Boo! :P

Neat Blog buddy...

Keep bloggin ... can see a trace of the modest piscean writer that you can blossom into... heh heh :0)


suhas said...

He He He.....!!!
Kaveer bro ne kuch kaha kya ???:)
Dil pe mat pe dyan de bhai ;-)

Tera naya post ke liye waiting kar raha

blunt edges said...

man i shud take a copy of these comments n show it 2 my mom....2 let her know dat her son can do somethin gud ;)

@ anjana
ha ha u r d 1st person 2 call my blog a must-read ;) thanx a lot...waitin 4 d bryan adams tracks :)

@ vineyard_garcia
oh yeah experienced blogger...ur comments r most respected ;)

@ kaveer rai
man ur life is a big mistake...wonder wat all u gonna correct...may u hv oppurtunities like dis 2 correct all ur wrongs :P

@ vandana
thanx a lot onsite m'am ;)

@ jacob
now wats dat secret dude? hmmm...cant wait 2 find dat out :)

@ sreejith
bit representation huh? meet me soon buddy ;)

@ sapphire
d perfect example of beggin 4 a comment....i literally went on my knees 4 some words by dis lady...he he...thanx a lot n ;)

@ suhas
u back dude? ;) yup...m postin soon

damsel in distress said...

so this is how the murderer started out. hmm...

blunt edges said...

@ damsel
yup...dats how it all started...n d rest as dey say is history (or in dis case a massacre) ;)

Choco said...

Ahahahahaaaaaaaa! Blunt Edges!!! Lovely first post man! In case you are wondering what I am doing here, lemme tell you (all serious) that I check out all the first posts of all the blogs I like. Don't know how I missed yours.

But man. I have never hit the jackpot like this b4. Sunil indeed! :D :D :D

blunt edges said...

@ Choco
LOL...i quite dunno what 2 say u snoopy blogger :P

moonlite:D said...

lil more than uselesss, talking abt the post :D lol