Monday, April 28, 2008

Bring It On!!!

"I am sore wounded but not slain
I will lay me down and bleed a while
And then rise up to fight again

Why hv I put dis quote up here? Who m I gonna fight? Yeah even I hv an enemy (gasps)!!!

The villain in dis story (no not my mngr dumbo) is someone who has proved twice in a row dat his sole purpose in life is 2 be a thorn…n he bloody well is a pain whr it matters most…I unfortunately know him…n considered him a frnd (my mistake).

He always detested my popularity (ok…I m d hero here) n made ingenious plans 2 strike me out…well must say he came quite close.

Hmmm…I guess I shud start wid a flashback…so here it goes…we do a time travel back 2 d yr 2003…I hv no clue which month…I guess colleges start in June…so June it is.

I met “him” (ok don’t wanna spill his name out n give him a chance 2 sue me 4 libel) 4 d 1st time ever on d very 1st day of coll, which btw was St. Aloysius, M’lore…n no my life din change its course immeadiately if dats wat u guys expected :P
He was in my class, unfortunately…we talked normally…though I don’t rmbr wat we talked…but we did talk…he had a weird name (yeah he still has d same one)…a name I hv neva heard anywhere else…before or after. N he’s pretty conscious abt dat stupid name of his…though m sure he wont admit it now…but at dat time he was…I know (I said I m d hero…heroes neva lie)

So dis dude was an avg student in class…maintained pretty decent grades (quite an achievement 4 his pathetically low IQ), n wrote stupid poetry n drew even “stupider” (dunno if dere is such a word) cartoons or caricatures or wateva it was dat marked d margins of all his notes…he was a mess wid spellings n an even worse singer…yeah he used 2 hum songs n I used 2 sit somewhere around n beat my head on d bench n even dat wud seem music 2 dis jerk n he wud continue singin.

So off we went frm 1st to 2nd and den to d final yr…pretty breezy ride…some of d best days of my life (yeah eventhough dis clown was very much around) and we were pretty gud frenz or so I thot.

We finished our courses n me bein dis incredibly intelligent guy (heck I told u I m d hero) got placed in a well-reputed IT firm…n he went on 2 do his MCA (no…not in our coll…d management realized its mistake of takin him 4 d bachelors…so dey din let him anywhere close d moment he passed out).

I came 2 B’lore and was leadin a pretty happy life n dere he was in his coll scheming an evil plan 2 bring my gud name 2 dust 2 quench the neva-endin thirst of his sadistic mind…we used 2 talk occasionally…wen both of us were bored n had no other job n all d flies at our places were dead n part of folklore.

Fast frwd 2 present tense…d exact date wud be d 6th of April, 2008. On dat fateful day, he got his chance…he saw his long-awaited dream bein fulfilled…he saw my waterloo (plz don’t break d word into smaller words n derive meanings)

He got 2 know dat I hv created a blog…n dere he was…at his menacing best…writin out d worst comment n takin out all his pent-up frustration on dat poor lil blog of mine. But, alas, his effort went in waste. Ppl had already read d blog n formed opinions n dey din fall prey 2 his onslaught.

But not one 2 give up so easily (a trait dat all aloysians share), he struck back on my 2nd post…n dis time he hit d bull’s eye…d moment he came 2 know dat I hv updated my blog, he jumped on n was d 1st one 2 comment…n he literally shred my blog into pieces…he dissected each n every line I wrote…n almost wrote a comment dat was bigger dan my post!!!

Everyone followed suit…just as dat shrewd brain of his had anticipated…he had achieved wat he set out 2 do…he had triumphed…he had lived his dream…he won d battle…he rejoiced…he celebrated …his attempt at drivin me away frm blogosphere almost materialized…n I thot I wud neva be able 2 come up wid something in reply…but it wasn’t “Game Over” yet…dere was still a lot 2 play 4.

N den I thot (yeah I did)…a lot (now shut up will u? I thot n dats it)…n I decided dat d best thing I can do is tell d world (ok maybe not d entire world but all those who r listenin) d truth behind those savage attacks.

N today I hv done dat…I hv exposed him (not literally…thank heavens)…n I stand here…amidst d ruins of wat was once a blog of gud reputation…waitin 4 his next move. N dis time I intend 2 give it back…real hard.

Go 4 it dude…throw ur best at me…I m ready…as I said at the beginning…m gonna “rise up to fight again

Note: All the incidents mentioned here r true 2 d best of my knowledge n any resemblance 2 any characters livin or dead is purely INTENTIONAL :P


sharin said...

Mind Blowing
U did it atlast!
I totally agree to yr so called friend's comment,however, enemy is enemy. So, good going!

suhas said...

No comments...
dono mere dost ho na isliye:-)

suhas said...

2 sunil : Good work..
2 kaveerr : Dada[what] next ???

Shruthi said...

I guess u made a mistak Sunil. Ur making our 'Mr Suspicious' even more famous. Heroes never do dis. He will be happier by now. As far as i know him ... he is better at dis....

prachi said...

Hmm... good

kabhi wipro me la tere fnd ko.. hum b dekhe kon hai woh jo hamare sunil bhai pe khunnas nikal raha hai..

bole to bhai usaki haddi pasali ek kar dene ka... tu tension kaay ko leta hai.. tell SUHAS he ll do it for u.

kyun SU kya keheta hai..

suhas said...

Yes shruthi ...
I Agree ;-)

suhas said...

Haan prachi .. teek bola

wuse guest pass dilwade ..baad may apun dekega :)

keerti said...

Whats this?????///////

its a blog or a cold war!!!!!!!!!!

Its become a "Aloysius" blog...

Rubina said...

eh....hmmm...i agree wit shruti as well...looks lik ur "enemy" is winning....he ws only in ur comment section b4...and nw u hv an entire blog dedicated 2 him...
m actually w8in 2 see his next comment :D :D
ha ha....

[V]-Tuned-in said...

Hmm.. whos tat daredevil who dared to fight with this tall monster who is d hero of this action blog..
Suhas - v'll arrange 4 a guest pass, well its 'enemy pass' 4 Sunil soon..

sangeeta said...

Aloysius walo kabhi toh saint banke dekho........

n i agree with wat suhas said
"No comments...
dono mere dost ho na isliye "
(tis time sunil n suhas though ;))

but seriously sunil ...... gud job
carry on .... i guess its suhas spl next!! ;)

blunt edges said...

d blog's heatin up a bit i guess :)

@ sharin
some gud words frm my greatest critic...m honored :)

@ suhas
i really dunno whose side u r on dude :P

@ shruthi
i guess "HE" deserves all d attention he is gettin...after all he has toiled harder on my blog dan wat i hv...he lets give him his moment in d sun ;)

@ prachi
yeah i'll get him here...dats if he doesnt commit suicide after readin dis ;)

@ keerti
hmmm...cold war? maybe ;)

@ rubina
yeah even i m waitin 2 see his comment...hope its a simple "thank u" ;)

@ [v]-tuned-in
thanx 4 d support buddy...just wat d doc ordered :)

@ sangeeta
hmmm...a suhas spcl huh? nice idea i say :)

kaveer rai said...

there u go ppl ..who were badly waiting for my reaction here u go ...never been so exited in life before ..THANK U sooo much for makin me the real HERO ..even if u had to say iam the hero plzzz iam the hero ..plzz doo believe iam the hero ...u see the comments already...seems like u got all the fame out of me ...u deserve to be sued here ...but daam u got nuts where u need to have brains big fellow....LOVE TO ANNOUNCE IT ...u wanted to fight back n guess wat..u did...the brave gladiator just made sure that i get no news abt the blog release ...n that i agree now u r a hero(c grade movie)..u have been a hero indeed coward ....wanna better one COWARD(in case the last one is not visible) ...finally u got a great topic called me get u out of the ruins ... u still stink ...its my grace that u shining in my ora ...n i really wonder back in aloy u were a hero???? .... i sang bad = perfect ...all the ppl whos reading the blog ..just got one thing to say ...make him sing (make sure u got those bio suits on...u might really hurt urself if u dont)....n i still have the mighty secret what our mr hero (so called by himself) will let u guys know sometimes soon if needed ...but dude this time even if its on me all bad abt me ..loved the way u wrote it(may b anybody who writes abt me ...can only get fame ...seems like iam a good luck charm here ..looser)..cant see that here u go ..LOOSER...want some more ..LOOSER ..imagine person standing behind me n askin me bring it on ...what on earth is he expecting(use ur imagination...sorry if its grouse) time wanna face me ..let it be face to face n then may be "BRING it On" .would sound good ..n thanks for putting me into the sun..i love it here...few great ppl in ur comment list know me now ..n sure all ready to get ur wipro guest pass(to u indeed enemy u want it to be ).... we just seem to have gone public .. we just used to throw stones at each other on phone its the next it here least the whole world (as u say)will know what a mighty looser u r ...i feel like telling the real big thing abt u ...but only if u want to ...i still do respect the ethics of friendship(unlike u hero)..n suhas thatk u for bein there .... shurthi thank u too ....n to some who wants to break my bones i have some great words stolen from a poor retarded persons blog..BRING T ON ..(still wonderin whos retarded ..our mr .hero indeed)...n daam must tell u u need not be a dare devil to kick mr heroz ass or is it azz(have the spelling mistake bug u see ...n not sure wat he has ....n thank god i dont know..phew)...even the silly macchar ya same old macchar that can turn aadmi to hijda(the nana patekar one yaar ....)even that can kick his ass ..n have sucessfully done it .....n finally love to say those good old 5 words "DIL PE MATH LE YAAR "...ya its 5 words indeed ...remember them ... thats only if u have a dil in the right place n it beats for the right @#$%&% ...oops i soo close to disclose the mighty secret... n must say i finally brought some color to ur black n white world ..u finally got a color pic for a great topic called me ... daam u just lucky ...hope u remain lucky n sure do make me lucky ...n i dont like u talking behind my back a man (i been tellin u this for long now ...comman at least give it a try)...wanna say it again ..BRING IT ON LOOSER...i love to throw things at u ..n nice see them re bounce off ur fat filled tummy(sorry forgot u lost all ur weight to the bad loose motion) ... chal already given a lot of trp for ur blog .... god bless u

Swatiii said...

Good one Sunil.
Your Blog is become a battle field.
Your enemy's comment itself a new blog post.

Anyways i am enjoying. Bring it on Sunil. Waiting for some more fun.

Good work and ha tere enemy ko bol jyada mach mach na kare.

vineyard_garcia said...

he he..nice nice...

vandana said...

Hey sunil,

I gues u need to change the name of ur blog to Aloysian's Battle Ground :) ...

blunt edges said...

hmmm...seems like many ppl r not findin my coll memoirs intrstng...hv got many offline comments statin dat

@ kaveer rai
he how much hv u written...eventhough i dont take kindly 2 all wat u hv said here...but it sure is a lot more fun dan fightin over phone ;)
n guess wat many ppl here think we r sworn enemies...he he

@ swatiii
thanx yaar...i guess he wud hv read d comment n i dont hv 2 play msngr here ;)

@ vineyard_garcia
he he...really? really?

@ vandana
guess its time 4 a cease-fire :)

kaveer rai said...

fun it was .... phew i did write a lot was studyin for my exams was bored so thought "chal kuch masti ho jaaye"...n there u see wat happened was fun ...but again u indeed r a LOOSER like always ..."DIL PE MAT LE YAAR"

damsel in distress said...

he was a mess wid spellings


look who is talking!!!

sorry to say,but now there isnt any difference between you two...

blunt edges said...

@ damsel
lol...i m a mess by choice...he, by force!
dat, my frnd, is d difference :D