Saturday, May 10, 2008

I’m Back!!!

M listenin 2 MLTR’s “25 minutes” while typin dis out…yup pretty old song…but one of those dat I can hear anyday anytime…n today’s “anyday anytime”…coz m doin literally nothing at d moment…hv just been chattin over mails 2 a pretty recent friend…just checked d no of mails dat we hv played catch-catch wid…n lady brace urself…d count is 63!!! Not bad I say…just goes 2 prove dat m not d only person jobless around here ;)

So wats been happenin in my mind blowingly-interestin life??? Lots of stuff…really…had gone home n hv put on oodles of weight…much 2 d happiness of dearest mommy :D (nothing better dan hoggin away like a pig n lukin up 2 ur mom showin her pearlies smiling away 2 eternity…ah heaven)

N yeah I had 2 come back…just wen I thot life cudnt get better…why do we hv so less holidays??? :( NOT FAIR!!!

Today wud probably be my last day in d free pool…so dat invariably means dat I may hv 2 start workin…man even d thot is so scary…phew…lets hope it’s a passin phase n I get back on d bench soon (amen) :D

I made it clear 2 a friend of mine who suggested a project wid “good scope” dat m lukin 4 a “project” n not 4 “work” (don’t ppl get d difference!!!)

Another thing happenin in my life wud be dat I cleared d CodeGym assessment…I know most of u wudnt be knowin wat it is…so here it goes…its d most imp thing in d telecom domain in dis company (I can say anything I want…now dat I hv cleared d freakin exam)…many hv been askin me how I managed 2 clear dis out-worldly test…among d 10-12 from my team who were brave enough 2 take dis exam…only 2 emerged smiling…n 4 all u nutwits out dere…one of dem was me :)

So hv been distributin my gyaan 2 all n sundry who dream of clearin dis test in their lifetime…I hv told dem how I prepared day in and day out…how imp it is 2 hv a complete command over any one programming language of their choice (I took ‘C’)…n how imp it is 2 clear d assessment comprehensively…d pass percentage is 60…n surprisingly ppl hv been listenin (no smirks ok)

N just 4 d record I scored 60 ;)

Wat else? I m in luv…yeah I know all u ppl wud be surprised…but cudnt help it…it all happened so quickly dat I din get time 2 tell u guys abt it…so thot its best 2 write abt it here…wat better way 2 proclaim ur luv 2 d world :)

It happened wen I was at home…n just in case u were wonderin who got so lucky…I m in luv wid mangoes :) man dere r some really gud ones at home n I m so far frm dem now :(
Now I know how it feels 2 be away frm ur beloved…tanhayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ( u got competition sonu!!!)

“25 minutes” has started repeatin itself 4 d 3rd time…m too lazy 2 change d track n 2 top it d song is really chweet…so m just leanin back n lendin it my ears…all over again…SING ALONG :)

After some time I've finally made up my mind
she is the girl and I really want to make her mine
I'm searching everywhere to find her again
to tell her I love her
and I'm sorry 'bout the things I've done

I find her standing in front of the church
the only place in town where I didn't search
She looks so happy in her wedding dress
but she's crying while she's saying this

Boy I've missed your kisses all the time but this is
25 minutes too late
Though you traveled so far boy I'm sorry your are
25 minutes too late

Ta ta :)


kaveer rai said...

i dont know wat to say even if the blog was filled with crap no offense(ppl plz do not get mis leaded by me ....thts wat sunil for ur self n yippppe if u take the wrong turn)....u just manage to survive just coz of the beautiful lyrics....ANU MALIK sala ....copied still works ,hope this works for u....but gotta say dude wat was the whole blog abt ....who wants to knw how much fat(churbi) u hv put on here n there ... n how cruel are u ..u just ate ur loved ones ....n may be soon ull be promoted to your fav job BENCH MANAGER....keep writingmore of this if u dont i dont have a reason to write tooo the end U SUCK ..25 min too late ROCKS...n again DIL PE MATH LE YAAR

Swatiii said...

Hey you back!!!

Good to know that you have put on again. Bechara bachha kitna patla ho gaya tha :-)
Stupid hogger couldnt you get some mangoes for us?
63 mails not bad at all... Is this the same person, you were eagerly waiting for a reply?

OH MY GOD!!! You cleared CODEGYM, Man how did you do that? That calls for a treat... PARTYYYYY.

Guess your dushman was sleepy when commenting.Pura sloppy comment. No josh at all.And huh 25 minutes rocks.

keerti said...

Man its getting boring now....

you passed CodeGym right.
whts so special abt it... So many have passed it...

No other go, have to pass it...

ok ok Congrats.... :)

chalo then ba byeee

next time send me the link only if you have written something really readable....

Rubina said...

eh...hmmm... :D:D:D
i am assuming....ehh..neva mind!!! blog dudeeeeeeeeee ;)
frankly it ws a nice time pass...nice way to start the day..the week rather ;)
well!!! ya wat can i say..."u r back " ;)

vineyard_garcia said...

hmmm...MANGOES???!!!!!!????m not saying anythin...hmph...

prachi said...


gana achcha hai.

mujhe laga is baar tu hamare "haddi k dukan" pe blog likhega..

chal next blog usape likh dena..

ye wala achcha hai. Mast ho sakta tha.

Jacob said...

hehe..:) u know wats d best part bout ur blog: going thro kaveer's comments.. man he's really mean. i'l ve speak to him bout it:)
now ma boy, dont turn into a pervert. now its mangoes, god knows whom or wat u'l fall in luv wit in d comin days. take care dude.
since u told to sing along, i played d song. the chorus, sung in seconds tone[i guess 3 tones higher] feels gud to sing along wit.

kaveer rai said...

ppl here just want me to stand on u n kick u till u bleed the +ve or -ve blood u have in u ,,,,only then iam cool ...may be ill be a official enemy iam on on the job...salary starts tommm..thank u ...may be u can pay from ur salary ...or can u REALLY ???? indeed iam sooo mean ....n ppl hear really dont wannna hurt u ....and start a week with this crap...good luck to u ....but ya keep bloging ..if there are no crap blogs will the good blogs get their fame...somebody has to do all the dirty work proud of u that ur doin it .....keep it goin ...n lol...DIL PE MATH LE YAAR

veenz said...

Tik tha suniiiii..........

Keep bloggin...

blunt edges said...

@ kaveer rai
some ppl neva change!!!

@ swatiii
no its not d same person ;)

@ keerti
yeah i'll be careful next time

@ rubina
he he...thanx :)
n u assumin rite ;)

@ vineyard_garcia
ha ha ha...yeah mangoes it is :)

@ prachi blog abt him huh? why not?

@ jacob
once a pervert always a

@ veenz
thanx a lot :)