Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving On

Man its been long since I hv written something…n guess wat d reason is…go on take ur shot…still din get it? Ok den I’ll do d honors: I HV BEEN BUSY !!!

Yes u read it rite…I HV BEEN BUSY !!! Yup d unimaginable has hapnd…n I swear I dont hv anything 2 do wid it…its not like I hv been neck-deep in work or anythin…but den movin on frm d bench 2 a regular prjct is not all dat easy…its been a long while since I hv checked my own blog 4 comments...but obviously it din make a bit of a difference as dere is not even a single one since d last time I checked :(

So I was sayin dat movin on was a bit tough…hv been tryin 2 get 2 my seat at 9 but it just doesn’t happen…its gotta be 9.45 at least till I make it…maybe d laziness dat had crept in (or was it always dere? ;) ) durin d “bench” days hasnt deserted me…but its not like I aint tryin…4 instance, I just snooze my alarm thrice in d mrng these days compared 2 my earlier 5 times (4 all those who r intrstd…I just switch it off after dat !!!)

Hv joined a new team n d ppl r pretty cool…we hv had 3 team lunches since I hv joined n all 3 were at some really hapng places…so dey get all d points without even tryin…who’s worried abt work if such gud things flow along rite? Yeah rite :)

Work is ok…or so I think…hvnt discovered anything out-of-d-world till now…but den who knows…dis week I just might ;) we r finally getting proper weekends coz d exams r over n dere r no classes dis month…wish d hols were 4 two months dan just one…sigh

Had left my collection of songs in my old pc n hv been stranded here...n if it wasn’t 4 some generous frenz who sent me some tracks I wud hv committed suicide…din know music was so imp 2 me…hmmm I just keep surprising myself ;)

It was a frenz bday recently n d treat has been long since pendin…n she gave a treat yest…n man did I hog like crazy…actually m not much of a foodie (honest)…just ate so dat she doesn’t feel bad…m a pretty nice guy u see :D (honest again…n btw dats my angelic smile…its pretty famous around here…but still thot dere mite be some ignorant readers ;) )

“Indiana Jones” is out n I dunno why ppl r so dyin 2 see it…I wud rather watch Sarkar Raj…n read dis interview somewhere of AB Jr. the interviewer asked him why he is lukin so angry in d promos n junior said he’s not angry he’s just bein intense…lol (I really found dat funny)

Saw a movie “50 First Dates” on tv…try catchin it d next time…is really a cute flick…n Drew Barrymore luks more cute dan ever…man she’s one gal who can put on any amount of flab n still luk chweet :D (PS: I luv her)

Dats all 4 now folks…will move on I guess…my work awaits me (man never thot I wud say these words)

Listening to : “Meherbaan” – A.R. Rahman (A-W-E-S-O-M-E)
Ta ta :)


Rubina said...

yawn!!! yawn!!!!

Rubina said...

fav blogger n all huh...he he he he:P:P:P
dude define fave blogger ....:P:P
m a lil confused on tat...he he

sharin said...

Ahhhh! Yes friends he has been very BUSY!

B Biknaasi
U Useless
S Shameless
Y Yacks!

And Offcourse He is been very Honest about this!

Ill define what he means by BLOGGER,

B Bull S***
L Lazy A**
O OffMind
G GoneInsane
G GotNothing to do
E EverUseless
R Rejected by all

ha ha ha :) If someone has a better definition, Please post it!

Jitha said...

Ur lucky!! coz this is the first time im commenting on a blog.
So feeling something strange when u began doing something that u never used to do(Working)?? he he he!!! ;)
Anyways, i had a good time reading ur blog.
"50 First Dates" is a real cute movie
Continue the good work!! :)
Ta ta!!

kaveer rai said...

i dont wanna say anythin borin can ur life be .....nt ur problem when ur a big time bore(wild bore physically).....n comman start checkin my blog i been active there now ...n from now on write somethin nice ..dnt make me sleep off......

blunt edges said...

@ rubina
did u take sleepin pills or somethin lady? :P

@ sharin
ahem...a long-pendin revenge huh? ;)

@ jitha
finally some gud words...thanx a lot...n yeah i sure m lucky dat u took time out 2 comment...yes i'll continue doin dis...u continue commentin :)

@ kaveer
he he he...ho ho ho...hi hi hi...ha ha hu hu...just read ur blog big fella...n realized how gud i actually m...thanx a ton :P :P :P