Monday, April 28, 2008

Bring It On!!!

"I am sore wounded but not slain
I will lay me down and bleed a while
And then rise up to fight again

Why hv I put dis quote up here? Who m I gonna fight? Yeah even I hv an enemy (gasps)!!!

The villain in dis story (no not my mngr dumbo) is someone who has proved twice in a row dat his sole purpose in life is 2 be a thorn…n he bloody well is a pain whr it matters most…I unfortunately know him…n considered him a frnd (my mistake).

He always detested my popularity (ok…I m d hero here) n made ingenious plans 2 strike me out…well must say he came quite close.

Hmmm…I guess I shud start wid a flashback…so here it goes…we do a time travel back 2 d yr 2003…I hv no clue which month…I guess colleges start in June…so June it is.

I met “him” (ok don’t wanna spill his name out n give him a chance 2 sue me 4 libel) 4 d 1st time ever on d very 1st day of coll, which btw was St. Aloysius, M’lore…n no my life din change its course immeadiately if dats wat u guys expected :P
He was in my class, unfortunately…we talked normally…though I don’t rmbr wat we talked…but we did talk…he had a weird name (yeah he still has d same one)…a name I hv neva heard anywhere else…before or after. N he’s pretty conscious abt dat stupid name of his…though m sure he wont admit it now…but at dat time he was…I know (I said I m d hero…heroes neva lie)

So dis dude was an avg student in class…maintained pretty decent grades (quite an achievement 4 his pathetically low IQ), n wrote stupid poetry n drew even “stupider” (dunno if dere is such a word) cartoons or caricatures or wateva it was dat marked d margins of all his notes…he was a mess wid spellings n an even worse singer…yeah he used 2 hum songs n I used 2 sit somewhere around n beat my head on d bench n even dat wud seem music 2 dis jerk n he wud continue singin.

So off we went frm 1st to 2nd and den to d final yr…pretty breezy ride…some of d best days of my life (yeah eventhough dis clown was very much around) and we were pretty gud frenz or so I thot.

We finished our courses n me bein dis incredibly intelligent guy (heck I told u I m d hero) got placed in a well-reputed IT firm…n he went on 2 do his MCA (no…not in our coll…d management realized its mistake of takin him 4 d bachelors…so dey din let him anywhere close d moment he passed out).

I came 2 B’lore and was leadin a pretty happy life n dere he was in his coll scheming an evil plan 2 bring my gud name 2 dust 2 quench the neva-endin thirst of his sadistic mind…we used 2 talk occasionally…wen both of us were bored n had no other job n all d flies at our places were dead n part of folklore.

Fast frwd 2 present tense…d exact date wud be d 6th of April, 2008. On dat fateful day, he got his chance…he saw his long-awaited dream bein fulfilled…he saw my waterloo (plz don’t break d word into smaller words n derive meanings)

He got 2 know dat I hv created a blog…n dere he was…at his menacing best…writin out d worst comment n takin out all his pent-up frustration on dat poor lil blog of mine. But, alas, his effort went in waste. Ppl had already read d blog n formed opinions n dey din fall prey 2 his onslaught.

But not one 2 give up so easily (a trait dat all aloysians share), he struck back on my 2nd post…n dis time he hit d bull’s eye…d moment he came 2 know dat I hv updated my blog, he jumped on n was d 1st one 2 comment…n he literally shred my blog into pieces…he dissected each n every line I wrote…n almost wrote a comment dat was bigger dan my post!!!

Everyone followed suit…just as dat shrewd brain of his had anticipated…he had achieved wat he set out 2 do…he had triumphed…he had lived his dream…he won d battle…he rejoiced…he celebrated …his attempt at drivin me away frm blogosphere almost materialized…n I thot I wud neva be able 2 come up wid something in reply…but it wasn’t “Game Over” yet…dere was still a lot 2 play 4.

N den I thot (yeah I did)…a lot (now shut up will u? I thot n dats it)…n I decided dat d best thing I can do is tell d world (ok maybe not d entire world but all those who r listenin) d truth behind those savage attacks.

N today I hv done dat…I hv exposed him (not literally…thank heavens)…n I stand here…amidst d ruins of wat was once a blog of gud reputation…waitin 4 his next move. N dis time I intend 2 give it back…real hard.

Go 4 it dude…throw ur best at me…I m ready…as I said at the beginning…m gonna “rise up to fight again

Note: All the incidents mentioned here r true 2 d best of my knowledge n any resemblance 2 any characters livin or dead is purely INTENTIONAL :P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wat Next?

Before I start, I wud like 2 thank all of u who read thru wat I posted…n I wud like 2 thank some of u even more…those who read thru it n even commented…it feels darn gud 2 hear nice words abt ur baby :)

Well, wat next? This is something a vast majority of my frenz r askin me…wats my next post gonna be abt? N if its not “wat next?” its “wen?”!!! Wen do I intend 2 post again? I neva thot abt it till one of my frenz popped up d question over lunch…till den I was thinking dat I hv written something n it ends dere 4 me…now everyone has 2 tell me wat dey think abt it…so I left it at dat n waited…4 comments n praises n hopefully no brickbats ;)

Well must say m overwhelmed…i got responses of all kinds…many commented on d blog itself…many din comment…I got some mails sayin how much dey liked my post n some told me in person…many asked me for d songs I mentioned dere…I guess I hv given James Blunt more publicity dan he cud hv ever imagined…wonder if I’ll get a percentage of d profit he makes thru his records (I deserve it 4 sure) ;)

N I guess d reason why so many ppl checked my blog was d way I “promoted” it…I told abt it 2 all ppl I know…asked everyone 2 hv a luk n comment…I shamelessly asked ppl I randomly met 2 go thru it n lemme know how it was…I maybe shouted louder abt my blog dan wat SRK did 4 OSO…now I know wat u went thru bro ;)

N den…back 2 square one: “wat next?”/ “wen?”

N I hv got enough suggestions on dat front:
1. Write a novel – I’m more dan happy 2 do it…but den a few negligible things r missin – name of d novel, characters (no. & names) and a plot…apart from dat, everthin else is in place :)

2. My frnd suggested dat I chronicle his flirty life…of how he’s tryin 2 woo a certain gal…well dude, I don’t intend 2 do dat…just coz I luv d way I m (hmmm…more or less)…n d last thing I want is a broken limb and a few missin teeth ;)

3. Den dere were innumerable other suggestions which I guess wud fall under d “censored” category…so I’ll let it pass by ;)

So d bottomline is: I cudnt think of any topic 2 write abt…now dis was something I wasn’t prepared 4…maybe dis is wat dey call “Writer’s block”…well if it is…den m happy…why? Coz dis puts me in a club of “Writers” rite? Aren’t Dan Brown, Jeffrey Archer and John Grisham part of d same club? Guess dey wud be glad 2 hv me on board (hey guys…wassup???) ;)

So dis invariably goes out as a thank u note 2 all u ppl who labored thru my 1st post n who wud hopefully repeat d trend wid dis one too :) thanx a lot folks!!!

N guess wat I hv got myself a publicist 4 d blog…she has promised me dat she’ll publicize my blog no matter wat crap I write…so I hv done my job (i.e., write crap) now its officially over 2 u Ms.Publicist…do ur boss proud ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My 1st Ever Blog

Well….dis is d moment all u ppl hv been waitin 4…..I hv started bloggin (applause) ok I din hear any ;-)

Hmmm….now wat do ppl normally write abt…I’m not rackin my brains on dat….guess I’ll just keep on typin wateva comes 2 my mind (I sure aint gonna get any prizes 4 dis)

Today’s a cloudy day in april…now how many Indians talk abt cloudy days in april….I hv never seen any before dis….4 all u aliens out dere, april is summer in india….n summer in india is HOT….wid a capital H-O-T…maybe it’s a lil less in Bangalore…but it sure isn’t cloudy usually.

I just thot of fillin up pages wid details of d weather rite outta my 4th grade geography text but den I guess u wud rather well read my geography text dan dis…lol

So I hv hereby decided 2 tell u something abt my oh-so-interestin life….hmmm….hmmm…hmmm….hmmm….ok let’s search 4 some other topic.

Yest was all-fools day….n no, no one quite made a fool of me….a frnd did try…but must say a pretty feeble attempt….she msgs me at 12.15 n says her wallet is missin n it mite be in my bag….i searched my bag n told her its not dere n lo behold I hv been fooled….its not missin….yeah I know wat u guys wud be thinking who exactly is a fool here….but I wud rather not comment on it….coz she’s a 300-pound monster n I don’t wanna take any chances….so d moral of d story is: “I was april fooled. No questions asked”

A frnd sent me James Blunt’s 1973….so hv been listenin 2 it over n over again….just luv dat number…man m I in luv wid his voice….luvd his earlier songs also….u r beautiful & goodbye my lover….d latter bein, accordin 2 me, one of d best songs ever on heart-break….must say sadness never felt dis gud ;-)

Hmmm…guess I’ll wind up 4 now...n wait till d next time 2 talk more abt my interesting life ;-) till den u can listen 2 James Blunt crooning:

I will call you up every Saturday night
And we both stayed out 'til the morning light
And we sang, "Here we go again"
And though time goes by
I will always be
In a club with you
In 1973
Singing "Here we go again"

Ciao :-)