Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tring Tring!

Dis is a telephonic conversation I had wid my mom sometime late last year wen my big bro (BigB) had come down 2 India

Me: heyllloo!
Mom: hello…who’s dat? (yeah she does it every time we talk…even wen she calls!)
Me: its ur son
Mom: sigh…no one new calls me
Me: yeah…I hv given ur number 2 james bond…he’s busy dis week…told me he’ll call u next week
Mom: very phunny
Me: he he
Mom: so wats new?
Me: na…nothing…returnin home from work…I hope I get a project in electronic city soon…d food here sucks
Mom: I asked “wats new?” din ask u 2 repeat d same thing dat I hv been hearin from d day u got a project in madiwala…don’t u IT ppl get d meanin of “wats new?”
Me: ahem…now who’s tryin 2 be phunny
Mom: teri maa!
Me: he he….dats more like it…so wats hapng at home? Wats BigB upto?
Mom: he has gone out wid frenz…ha btw something new did happen today!
Me: wat?
Mom: I got a call in d mrng
Me: james bond?
Me: lol
Mom: it was someone from my hometown
Me: who?
Mom: it’s a family dat we knw…though I dunno dis guy personally
Me: ok…so wat was it abt?
Mom: he took half an hr 2 give an intro abt himself…n reflected sadly on how our families hv lost touch
Me: tch tch
Mom (ignorin my false sarcasm completely): he was telling me how someone told him dat BigB was in d UK
Me: he called 2 say dat???
Me: ok ok…carry on
Mom: so he said dat he knows abt BigB n he has a daughter
Me: hohoho
Mom: wat r u? santa?
Me: na…a project engineer…lol
Mom: yeah d one who rarely has a project…rite?
Me: grrrr!!!
Mom: lol…n u thot only u can be smart ha? Whr do u think u get ur funny genes from?
Me: from outer space! So u were sayin?
Mom: he he…yup his daughter is a software engineer in blore…n before I cud say anything, he went on abt how much dowry dey wud give n abt d flat dey wud book in BigB’s name
Me: whoaaaaaa…now we talking!!!
Mom: I tried interruptin him but dat guy just kept on talking…so I just kept quiet till he was done
Me: so how much moolah do we get? ***snigger***
Mom: ha ha ha…anyways wen he was done, I told him dat BigB isn’t exactly planning 2 marry now…n he asked BigB’s age n apparently his daughter is elder
Me: sigh…n 2 think all dat money wil find its way into some other family
Mom: wait…it doesn’t get over dere!
Me: den?
Mom: den he asked me “u hv one more son rite?”
Me: whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mom: he asked me wat u r doin? N I told him whr u work n all
Me: m sure he must be impressed…buhahaha (my false pride-filled laugh)
Mom: yup a lot…he said he has one more daughter n she’ll finish her engineerin next yr
Me: arre wah…any chances of getting her snap???
Mom: NO!
Me: her number?
Mom: NO!
Me: her mail id?
Mom: NO!
Me: ok…r u gonna say anything other dan “no”?
Mom: NO!
Me: cool…wats her name? M sure u atleast asked dat…din u?
Mom: NO!
Me: I m so gonna be single all my life!!! ***dramatic sigh***
Mom: u found dat out now? Ha ha ha
Me: DATS IT…I’M HANGIN UP…got work!
Mom: wat work? I thot u were returnin from work?!?!?!
Me: gotta find myself a gal…obviously u aint gonna help…rite?
Mom: lol…best of luck bachha
Me: THANX! Well thinking of it…I sure do need a lot of luck 4 dat…hmmm ta ta
Mom: buh-bye


Mom (thinking): aaj kal ke bachhe!

Me (thinking): aaj kal ke moms!


damsel in distress said...

cool mom you got ther!
who's anxious to get married now!!
brother,english is bleeding!!!;)

funny post..

Anonymous said...


sangeeta said...

Good one!!
Ur mom rocks, U surely got her genes ;) :D
Hope ur rich b'ful dream gal reads tis blog ;) :P

Keep Writing!!

Suchitra said...

Well... it was quick turn around,
It makes clear now that "Dowry system is recession-proof" *sigh*
Kaash me ladka hota ;( *snif snif*

Pretty interesting read... Humorous, as always.

Meenakshi said...

Ur mom is super cool...
and all the best for ur work.. ;)

had a nice time reading this... :)
keep writing

As the Mind Meanders said...

Hmmm... you should get married now... you are getting increasingly prolific at blog posts

Good fun read....

Romeo !s S!ngle!!! said...

Hmmmm....it is of great merriment :P
And ofcourse ur mom is fabulous...
When u get a rich gal like that and has a sister....lemme know!!!
A hi-five :P:P for u(Hope u got it)

blunt edges said...

@ damsel
thanx n yup she's a cool mom awrite :)
n whoeva said anythin abt gettin married!!! it was a classic case of guy askin 4 a gal's number! ;)
lol at d 'english bleedin' part...though i hv no plans of mendin my ways ;)

@ anon
:) :)

@ sangeeta
danx :) ahhh...even i wish "she" reads it ***deep sigh***
n u had a typo dere...its not "rich"...its "very rich" ;)

@ Suchitra
lol...i guess d dowry system is recession-proof after all ;)
n not everyones lucky enuf 2 be a guy (okkk...its just a joke...feminists dont hv 2 send out suparis of my name!)

@ Meenakshi
super cool she sure is (aakhir maa kiski hai :D)
thanx a lot...glad u liked it :)

@ Mind
rofl...r u actually tellin me i shud marry coz i m gettin prolific wid my posts?!?!?!
dont worry d lazy blogger in me is still arnd ;)

@ Romeo
m i not gettin my mom some serious compliments...shud hv posted dis on mother's day ;)
i'll surely tell u abt d sis dude...got ur hi-fi...here's one back 2 u: hi-fi :D:D

Shanu said...

LOL...Wah wah wah

Yahan hum log shadi se bhagte hain and then there are ppl like u who wanna get hooked..seriously aaj kal ke bacche!!

Lakshmi said...

Cool Mom... (n all u MCP's think of is gals, marriage n dowry...sheesh...so tht u can live the rest of ur life in luxury...)n ur gyaan of the day applies vice versa ... nevr take my words seriously too...

perplexed said...


@shanu: exactly! I am doing my best to get away from all the marriage talk at home and then there are these other few!!

DPhatsez said...

Mandan Sunny! Cool mom anyways..my mom would thrash the living daylights out of me if she knew i have a gal. :)

Ahem! SMS lingo is torture mon ami.
Your english teacher is turning in his/her grave.

Bride2bee said...

I would be calling my mom every half an hour, if every conversation promised to be THAT interesting!!

Mercifully, my mom's a tad boring at times ;)

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
arre baba...i dont wanna get hooked...just wanted her number 4 u-knw-wat...omg is it so difficult 2 fathom?!?!?!

@ Lakshmi
lol...me a MCP? now dats d 1st time someones ever called me dat...n wen exactly did i ask 4 dowry ***confused luk***

@ perplexed
4 d last lime...I DONT WANNA GET HITCHED!!! get d gist gal...get d gist (now m perplexed) ***confused luk again***

@ DPhat
lol...yup my folks r pretty cool abt stuff like dis...though u just give dem just as much dope as is reqd...piddi kittiyo? ;)
n its not just my english teacher...a certain damsel in distress is also fumin at d SMS lingo...wat do i say but "I'M LUVIN IT" (Mac style :D)

@ Bride2bee
lol...yup she's is fun 2 talk wid...u want her number? ;)
n ur mom shud read dis comment!!! ;)
damn...wordpress is blocked in my office :(

Lakshmi said...

Tht comment was directed at all MCP's in general... U can include urslef in the category if u wish.. n if urnt the sort of guy, my sincere apologies...( Btb, a grand dowry can last long, if u spend it wisely... u wudnt evn hav to work!!!)... N i am rephrasin my comment.. mayb tht was due to my frustration... gals dont find the marriage topic discussion very pleasing at this age...coz we r always scared( the I may b next factor)U guys always hav always the fun!!!NOT FAIR... (Phew.. did i really type all tht??? now thts a realy looong comment...)

blunt edges said...

@ Lakshmi
man someones surely in flames...i hv dialled 101 ;)
n if i hv an option (very kind of u 2 gimme one), i'll not include myself in d category...n no we dont take dowrys in d family :)
n i luurrveeeee loooong comments...keep 'em flowin :D

riddhi said...

Mom (thinking): aaj kal ke bachhe!
Me (thinking): aaj kal ke moms! hehe i loved the end..
All is well that ends well..
But comeon even I will marry that girl if they give me so much dowry :P

blunt edges said...

@ riddhi
lol...atlast someone got my point ;)
money talks...hell it yells :D

rain girl said...

oh lolz :P u had me in spits .. or whatever they say nowadays :P

iceprincess said...

and to think we girls are shit scared to get married....
ur mom is real cool man!!!!
good one...

blunt edges said...

@ rain girl
i hope u cleaned up after all dat "spittin"...lol ;)

@ iceprincess
thanx a lot...n i hv no clue wats hapng...my mom seems 2 hv become more cool dan me!!! :D

khyathi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shanu said...

Aaare if u dont wanna get married what do u want the gal's number for...help me understnd!!

@ Perplexed

Aaare we were wrng...we tght he was just another guy dyin to get hitched..but no..his evil mind is comin up wit other plans!!

Crimson Feet said...

this was supercool man!!... u do have the genes!! :)

wonderful visiting here!

blunt edges said...

@ khyathi

@ Shanu
lol...no comments!

@ Crimson Feet
glad u liked it dude :)
keep visitin!

Beauty and the BEast said...

LOL!!! hahahahhahaha

Haven't laughed so hard or so much in a bit now!!

Can I have your mom's number please???


blunt edges said...

@ Beauty
now i must tell u...u arent d 1st one 2 ask dat ;)

Parikshith Kumar said...

Bloody brilliant, man. Absolutely funny.Thanks for the free-laughs

blunt edges said...

@ Parikshith
entirely my pleasure :)
n welcome 2 my blog :D

Shanu said...

Blunty ek baat bata...does my blog template make reading the post diff? I have got 2 comments sayin they cant read the post...mereko toh thik se hi read karne ko hota hai..tereko prob hota hai kya?

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
nahi toh...i can read it fine...actually bachho ke nursery textbooks jaisa simple ;)
sorry abt d late reply...kinda caught up wid some stuff

kaalicharan said...

wonderful read!
Cool mom you've got there...here's hoping that you tie the nuptial knot soon :)

blunt edges said...

@ kaalicharan
thanx a lot n welcome 2 my blog :)
n i see dat u r on wordpress...sadly its blocked in my office :(

vineyard_garcia said...


blunt edges said...

@ vineyard_garcia
:) hope u read d post too ;)

silverine said...

lol! Your moms too cool!

blunt edges said...

@ silverine
:D she sure is! :D

Jyoti said...

Your mom sounded more like your sister :P

Good for you buddy!

blunt edges said...

@ Jyoti
i cud hv very well named dis post "mommy dearest" ;)
n welcome here :)

Choco said...

OMG!!! How cool is your mum!?!...Keep touting about her like this & you will get a bride soon enough. Who doesn't want a cool mil??? That is a rare nearly extinct breed! :)

& thanks for liking & commenting on my blog. :)

blunt edges said...

@ Choco
lol...an almost extinct breed it sure is ;)
welcome 2 my blog...n i just got follower no. 13...yay!!! :D

kaveer rai said...

oh i missed this one somehow, wondering how..reallly reallly true story ???!@##...nothin bad when moms are involved here ...ill be nice ...neat post ..get married dude ..u need to hope u find someone who needs to be punished ;P

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

maa ho toh aisi...

blunt edges said...

@ gayathri
u bet! :D

Rachana said...

Hahah.... a real good one! Ur mom is deff cool.... so, no wonder u sound funny too!!

Good Blog u got in here... Cheers! :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

LMAOOOO!!!!!! :P :D

ur mom's wayy cooler than mine :P :D n i thought i had d coolest mom evr!! :P :D

So did u get d grls number after all? *sniggers*

N random ppl call up to discuss marriage prospects wid ur mom??? LMAOOOO!!!! hehehehehe.... i can totally imagine ur moms :O expression :P :D hehehe!!!


blunt edges said...

@ Rachana
if mom=cool, son=funny ;) nice logic dat! :D
welcome 2 my blog...n thanx 4 d nice words :D
will hop onto ur shores soon :D

@ IcE MaiDeN
na yaar...not dat lucky...din get d number...sigh! :(
lol...dats d only time it has hapnd...neva before neva after...but i guess d frequencies mite just increase now (wat wid 2 smart kids dat she has) :D:D:D

Meenakshi said...

was a wonderful read.. I had a bit of hearty laugh on a dreary monday afternoon...

& congrats on having a wonderful cool mom.

Keep writing, shall keep visiting for some humorous interesting reads.

blunt edges said...

@ Meenakshi
i made someone laugh on a dreary monday afternoon...talk abt a gud deed 4 d day...hell dis counts as a gud deed 4 d month!!! ;)
a warm welcome 2 my blog...glad u liked it :D:D:D

Nupur said...

Interesting post!!

blunt edges said...

@ Nupur
thanx :D
n welcome 2 the blog :D

bliss said...

that was quite some conversation.. dont mind but ur mom's way funnier than u!!!!
goodlluck with gf hunting!!!!!!

blunt edges said...

@ bliss
:D i know she's way funnier...it kinda runs in the family ;)
thanx a lot 4 the wishes :D:D:D

oRange* said...

omg. that was super cute! :D

now we know how u turned out to have such a good sense of humour!

haha, keep writing!

blunt edges said...

@ oRange*
n my mom gets all the credit again ;)
thanx a lot...its kinda cool when someone goes through ur older posts n leaves comments :D

The Rain Crab said...

ur mom is jus awesome!!!! :)

blunt edges said...

@ The Rain Crab
n i agree :)