Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slam Book

I got dis in a mail…thot it wud be more fun if I put it here (n actually get a blog post in d bargain…m I smart or m I smart?) :D

Name: Blunt Edges

Meaning of Your Name: err…edges dat r blunt?!?! It goes wid d theory dat sharp edges hurt…blunt ones don’t :)

Birthday: blunt edges was born on Wednesday, April 2, 2008…m a lil older dan dat (around 20-odd days) coz my bday is on March 10 ;)

About Me: I like 2 believe I’m funny…I neva knew wat I wanted 2 do wid my life…sumwhr I had a tiny inkling 2 be a writer who comes up wid articles dat hv cheeky humor in it (a la jug suraiya)…n dats wat prompted me 2 start dis blog…a place whr I cud write random stuff n also get 2 know wat others think abt it (n dis probably is d most serious para dis blog has ever seen…OMG!)

Turn Ons: gud luks (obviously!), intelligence, humor, a quick n smart mind dat gets my jokes! ;)

Turn Offs: bad breath, body odor, blank luks wen I crack jokes (I get a lot of these kinds arnd me!)

On What Occasions Do You Lie: diwali, xmas, holi n ramzan ;)

Greatest Fear: dat I mite actually post something on d blog n not get a single comment (yikes!) :

Favorite Color: blue, grey

Favorite Pass Time: playin nfs-most wanted (vrrrrrrrooooooooooommmmmmmmm)

Favorite Movie: hindi – dil chahtha hai
english – the departed

Favorite Movie Character: maximus (gladiator)

Favorite TV Show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S (I hv d entire freakin series…yay \o/)

Favorite TV Character: phoebe (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

Favorite Song: hindi – in dino (life…in a metro)
english – boulevard of broken dreams (green day)

Happy: wen I get gud comments on my blog (plz get d point n type out some gud comments!!!)

Sad: wen India loses a cricket match :(

One Night Stands: adventurous…its probably d most intrstng thing since India’s independence n my birth :D:D

Love: seafood, pizza, bein wid family (coz I don’t get 2 do dat often), hangin out wid frenz, listenin 2 great music, reading gud comments on my blog (I REPEAT!)

Hate: rains (okkkk…stop gaspin…its true…I can’t stand it), exams, work, veggie food, ppl wid no sense of humor

Best Advice You've Ever Got: yeah if I let ppl come n advice me :P

Philosophy of Life: eh? ***scratches head***

Ahh…now all of u knw me :)

Note 2 all my blogger frenz: if u want a post idea, take dis up as a tag (i.e., if u hvnt already done anything similar n hv no other job) n plz let me know if u do it!

Note 2 all my non-blogger frenz: hello :D

Note 2 self: stop foolin around n finish d friggin post!

The End!


PracheE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PracheE said...

mere aur su k sath reh k achche achche blogs likh raha hai.

Archana said...

"Philosophy of Life: eh? ***scratches head***"

Lol. I just came across your blog & thought I'd give it a read...that answer cracked me up.

amateur~virtuoso said...

Good read. Period.

I had high expectations! You know you've set a standard now and you better live it up. A little disappointing I must say.

Well, you asked to be blunt :P.

Meenakshi said...

well ok ok one...
i was waiting for some jhumbalaka jhum kind of post... that was fun to read... :)

anyways good job and
keep writing... :)

Jovian said...

You have the entire fricking series... Now when the hell am I getting it????

iceprincess said...

i found it cool...
esp ur take on one night stands.....
and yea...killing smeone with sharp edges is fleetingly painful..
killing sme1 with blunt edges is a torturous kinda sadistic take a loooooooong lonnnnng time....

blunt edges said...

@ PracheE
haan yaar...tere aur su ke saath ka hi toh asar hai...tum log nahi hote toh mera kya hota? :P

@ Archana
glad it made u go lol...n welcome 2 my blog...artists r treated wid great respect arnd here ;)

@ amateur~virtuoso
lol...i know i asked u 2 be blunt...din think u wud take it dis seriously though ;)
inshallah d next one wont disappoint :)

@ Meenakshi
hv placed an order 4 some i might dish out another jhumbalaka story soon ;)
jokes apart...wud try comin up wid somethin better d next time arnd :)

@ Jovian
gimme ur mailing address n it wil be at ur doorstep monsieur ;)
n welcome 2 my blog :)

@ iceprincess
lol...i was just tryin 2 be a nice guy by not hurtin anyone n u take my meek innocent statement n conclude dat i'm a sadist??? nahiiiiiiiii!!!
drama apart, how long wud it actually take 2 kill someone wid a blunt edge??? food 4 thot i say ;)

kaveer rai said...

wats with scratching the head :is some livin bein in there, dandruff or tryin to kick start the rusty system.
....and seems like i got this post a lil late for obvious reasons. and commmon who hates rains you must be a newly polished boots nobody else can hate awesome rain ..hope u find ur self in the flood soon, and one night stand n i just saw in on tv today its no harm in bein gay anymore :P( u knw what iam talkin . and ya you dont listen to a lot of english songs dont ya ??

khyathi said...

Mujhe tho ye wala teek taak lagaa.

kuch khass majha nahi aaya..

Im waiting for a dashing blog from u. Kuchh hatke Sochna shuru karo.

How was this idea sirji???

DPhatsez said...

I thought i saw it all. Until i read this post..
Mandan Sunny!


Lakshmi said...

Good one :)
I m crazy over F.R.I.E.N.D.S too.... N i hate rains... moody and muddy...:( (sniffling...Its raining cats n dogs here n i hav a bloddy cold)... btb, U HATE veggie food????? So cruel...

Shanu said...

Loved it! Kya re you love comments? Now where have i read that bfr :P

And abt ur greatest fear....dost mere saath yeh ho chuka hai...gettin up everyday and finding no comments on my post was the greatest nightmare I have lived..kinda gives u a feelin of how these superstars feel when thr movies release...famous famous sa feel hota hai :P

blunt edges said...

@ kaveer

@ khyathi
awesome idea sirji ;)
d dashin post is just around d corner...but d damned corner is like a hundred miles away ;)

@ DPhat
:) u neva see it all ;)

@ Lakshmi
thanx :)
ahhh...atlast someone who hates rains...we r a very very rare breed my frnd :)

@ Shanu
thanku :D
lol...i guess every blogger has d "no-comment-nightmare"...oh-oh toh superstars ki lives aisi hoti hai! ;)

damsel in distress said...

hello murderer..hmm..more about you..interesting..
monica is my favourite!!!
You like grey?
You must be sad often.

Suchitra said...

Thisz ridiculous, bargaining on the post n the comment as well ;)

And same pinch with 'Dil Chahta Hai' n the rains, :)I so got that whole rains when 'I dont have the umbrella' thing:D

Juz wondering... soon ur posts count would cross the no. of comments u get :D ;)[kidding]

Gud luck with dat ....:) C ya

As the Mind Meanders said...

Dil Chahta hai... I missed that one... love the movie

And... the scratching of the head... I empathise... I am a fellow scratcher too...

Rubina said...

heylaa :D nice one der...i likd it...its the best blog u ve evr written...

Look at the number of comments u've received...awesome le...wats receieved de spellin? anyways adjust wit this one.... ;)

Btw!!!! m a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan too...n u hd 2 giv me a gift for ma b'de...and sooo tada...the F.R.I.E.N.D.S collection wil do :D ;)

u r the best :D :D

Miss Kido said...

LOL... That was good :)

Loved the reason behind the meaning of your name :)

Philosophy of life :D

*Same pinch* Arey, for the fear yaar...

But I'm sure you won't have to worry about it :)

Have a great weekend :)


blunt edges said...

@ damsel
come on its not just "intrstng"...its "very VERY intrstng" :D
monica ha? i knw a fellow blogger who's fav is monica too (wonder if she's readin!)
nope...hvnt watched grey!
n these days i sure m sad a lot :( though last season was very diff :D

@ Suchitra
lol...a man's gotta do wat a man's gotta do ;)
same pinch returned :) n happy 2 see one more person sharing similar feelings abt rains :D
lol @ d "more posts dan comments" thing...dat mite actually happen! now dat wud be some achievement ;)

@ Mind
well can neva get over dat movie :)
n scratch away 2 glory my frnd! :D

@ Rubina
whoa whoaaa WHOAAAAAA
d things ppl say 2 get a gift!!! (sure i felt great but isnt ur matlabi intent sneakin thru all dat :P)
pinne gift onnum illa coz i din see ur comments in d last couple of posts!
aadhyam read those...den i'll think :P

@ Miss Kido
thanx a lot :D
n same pinch returned 2 u too ;)
welcome 2 my blog...n u hv a great weekend too :)

iceprincess said... for thgt?
i say..
take a blunt knofe and try to cut brinjals...
u will understand my point...

Beauty and the BEast said...

very..err.. insightful??!!! :P

Now I wonder what one does after one gets to know blunt edges a bit better...

I know!! follow his pjilosophy of life...

*moves away scratching her head*

P.S. You ARE right!! that's quite relaxing!

riddhi said...

Point one- take it as a good comment
point two- this might be a good comment
point three- This is a good comment?
Point four- good comments can never be bad

Point five- good comment good comment good comment good comment good comment good comment good comment good comment good comment good comment

riddhi said...

ok now after the bakwas.. i mean good comments... FRIENDS- !!! Anyhow U should watch this serial caled - JUST SHOOT ME... I can sign on a stamp paper that u will love that one.. it is one of the best ones ever made..

Lastly i love phoebe as well.. I have smell cat on my ipod..lolz and i love mathew perry also.., as if u asked.. whatver.. Gud slambook stuff.. hmm..

blunt edges said...

@ iceprincess dats d perfect veggie 2 inflict d pain on ;)

@ Beauty
lol...i just knew dats d soln 2 all d prblms in d world...scratch ur damn head!!! (innovation thy name is blunt edges!) :D

@ riddhi
ahhhh...loads of gud comments...m humbled buddy ***sniffle sniffle*** cant control my emotions ;)
"JUST SHOOT ME" it is boss...wil get my hands on it ASAP...n mathew perry rocks...his lines r d coolest! :D
lol...u actually got smelly cat??? rofl :D:D:D

d gypsy! said...

"Happy: wen I get gud comments on my blog (plz get d point n type out some gud comments!!!)"


and scratching d head actually is the mantra...

blunt edges said...

@ d gypsy
well...u cant say it doesnt work...coz i got ur comment just coz of dat one line ;)
welcome 2 my blog...n scratchin is uber-cool :D

Nikki said...

Lolz. Interesting. My first visit to your blog and I am following you now!

blunt edges said...

@ Nikki more follower!!!
thanx a lot n welcome 2 my blog :D

manisha said...

THAT was edgy AND blunt! :D

blunt edges said...

@ manisha
wat do i say? u just described me :D

tarana said... blog...

n i liked ya post...except 4 one thing, "u dont like rain..?" :(

n i think u r really frank...well i like dat...:)

dude....u r really blunt...:p

blunt edges said...

@ tarana
yup i hate rains...can't help it ***shakes head***
n thanx 4 all the gud ego says thanx 2 u :D:D

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

Quite late at postin a comment.. bt its better late than neva.. (m sure u'l agree.. )
lot of similar ans.. I totally love jug suraiya, read al his articles..
The 'turn on' aspects were similar ;)
very few ppl like phoebe in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. bt i luv her.. her n Ross too..
Lastly - i hate rains!!! completely hate the monsoon months.. :(

nehow.. nice read and **m scratchin my head** too for the philosophical bit!!


blunt edges said...

@ Smriti
whoaaaaaa...lots of similarities there lady!
n phoebe is the bestest!!! :D:D:D
hope the scratching helps ;)
n u r always welcome 2 comment...however late may it be! :D

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

:) ohh n ya do read my blog too.. m nt soooo gud at writing.. bt still.. :) thanks!!!

blunt edges said...

@ Smriti
yeah i wanna read...but when i click on ur name, it says 'Profile Not Available'! :(

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

oops sorry... try now :) i hope u can access it...

blunt edges said...

@ Smriti
aye aye captain :D

Anonymous said...

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blunt edges said...

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