Monday, February 15, 2010

Is It Strange?

1. That this is the fastest consecutive post in the history of this blog? (Yeah it has a long history!)

2. That I carry 3 cell phones and less than 10 people have all the 3 numbers?

3. That I feel cheese-burst pizza is the best thing that’s ever happened to mankind? (Man how addictive is it?)

4. That I feel cheese-burst pizza is the worst thing that’s ever happened to mankind? (Man how many calories does it contain?)

5. That I feel Julianne Moore, at 49, is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen?

6. That I feel MS Word is wrong when it’s correcting me in the previous point that the word should be ‘women’ and not ‘woman’?

7. That the last 4 points started with ‘That I feel’?

8. That somewhere in my mind a voice is telling me that if I make a list it’s gotta contain 10 points?

9. That I have a favourite booth/urinal in the office restroom?

10. That I heaved a sigh of relief that the count reached 10?

11. That I like Coke more than Pepsi? (And yeah if you give me Coke and Pepsi without telling me which is which, I can still point out Coke!)

12. That I love watching movies at the theatre and watching them in the TV/laptop isn’t half as much fun?

13. That I’m addicted to SMS chatting? (On an ordinary day, close to 100 texts find their way out of my cell)

14. That I can’t, for some reason, enjoy the movies that have come before my time and are regarded as “classics” (read ‘The Godfather’ series and the like. Sholay is an exception)?

15. That in the previous point, I was confused of where to put the question mark, before or after the braces?

16. That on some days, my appetite touches sky-high limits? (No matter how much ever I eat, I still don’t feel full!)

17. That I’m gonna end this list on a totally non-happening count of 17?

PS: This is the 25th post on Blunt Edges. Thanks to everyone who has ever taken out time to read at least a single line here. And a special mention to the 68 followers, I must say, you have a great taste! ;)


Nikita Banerjee said...

LOl. Very interesting.

Shanu said...

My cutie pie Bluntu is back to his listi wisti is so happy :)

Cheese burst pizza eh? So that is the raaz of ur awesome physique ;)

And SMS chatting? wat abt comment chattin? Arent u addicted to that? So many nites we spent comment chattin and u dnt even mention them! **Sulks**

Happy 25th post Bluntu..Keep writin my Golu Molu :)

Ashley said...

Hey cool!
A Silver Jubilee?
Never noticed.
Congrats Blunt Edges!
For someone who has been blogging since...*Wait..lemme check* ..Ohk..2008, the 25th post came real fast.:)

PS: You have a fav booth in ur office restroom? How strange is that? :o
Cute post though! :)

Riddhiculuos said...

hahah and look who has spark back from the ashes.. I like that phoenix.

1. that i feel this is worth a pat on your back. congrats!! this surely was the fastest.

2. that i feel you have 3 cell phones and wonder how do you manage. lord I cant handle even one.. :( Not that it rings too much. that is another story.. but i keep losing it. Either some where in the cupboard or desk.. or book shelf somewhere.. clumsy..

3. That I feel that is true..

and rest i shall continue.. mum calling i better get going.. I like the post. will continue with point by point analysis once back from kalej.. :)

Madhu said...

Nice choice we have eh?? Hieght of modesty..:P

I love coke and i can trace it out too..

i love SMS chatting...and i never have forwards in my phone!!

i love watchin movies at the movie hall too..:)

see There..some common this time..:P

Congos on the 25th post..ill shoot mine at 50..:P

CMRKN said...

cheese burst pizza... why the fuck did i read this post..meko bhuk lagre abi.. Kodhi elgi.. :( :D
Hilarious post as always..i guess it was an impromptu post.. :P

Feeling bored to type my full name.. :D

Take care macha.. :D

COMMUNI said...

3,4. haven't still tasted cheese burst pizza. you made me yearn for it.

9. Even I have a favorite. I mean I had.

13. I'm also addicted to sms chatting + I make others horrify with my fwds. I don't give my frnds an option of forgetting me.

And congrats on your 25th post!!!

Miss Komal said...

Hey , you are one interestingly funny man .
And what adds up to the absurd glory of your post is that its so casually written and ...aahhh !! i was smiling with every single point ...

and 17 is fine dude . :)

And , cheese burst !
I hate it . one of my friends loves it with the same intensity as yours :P
and i hate him for loving it so much .

Thoroughly Enjoyed !

perplexed said...

i couldn't read beyond cheese burst!

I want.


moonlite:D said...

he he..
may be we see "bit" of ourselves in u... so, i'm following u :)

list is so familiar to ours,, so is special :)

moonlite:D said...

he he..
may be we see "bit" of ourselves in u... so, i'm following u :)

list is so familiar to ours,, so is special :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

LOL! Nice post!!! :)
Glad to see u back :)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Congrates on silvery post. :)
Interesting post! LOL.

NIM said...

*that was unbelievably fast! lightening speed :P
*3cell phones? really? who u trying to avoid? or do u give out ur no. according to some categorical order?
*Cheese burst pizza is the most devilish thing! every1 has a love/hat relationship with it. :P
*Julianne comments
*Yup MS word sucks! and thank u for reminding me that i have to dload open office :D
*fav booth in the office? weirdo!
*i like coke better too
*nothing beats the theatre!
*really? that many smses?
*i partly agree with #14

I think this is the longest comment i have ever written...personal record! woot!

iceprincess said...

i loved d post!!!
u had a sense of randomness which i actually like a lot...
happy 25th post!!!

bliss said...

coincidentally, thats exactly what i was wondering- do posts ek saath!! thats got to be some record!! :) and i love sms chatting too!!! its so much fun!!
congrats for the 25th post!1 ek milestone to complete!!!! keep going!

Sid said...

Good post dude... Hope to read more from you...

Tomz said...


Harini said...


You can seriously tell difference between coke and pepsi... seriously?? I dont see a major difference :P. 3 phones and only 10 know. Good good.

blunt edges said...

@ Nikita
thank u :)

@ Shanu
how do u write such cute comments? :D
yup...cheese burst rocks! do u like it? maybe we can have it on our date ;)
of course yaar...tujhse comment pe chatting karna is the best part of being a blogger :D

@ Ashley
thanks a lot (4 the sarcasm!) :P
yup...a fav booth...n i kinda don't like it if it isn't free when i wanna go ;)

@ Riddhi
yay i'm a phoenix! :D
1. i knew u would acknowledge :)
2. i carry only 2 cells with me...the 3rd always remains at home! n u know a great way 2 find a missing cell...JUST CALL IT :P
3. u like cheese burst?! :D
waiting 4 the rest of your analysis! :)
n didn't know u were studying...i remember reading u are working! or are u doing both?

@ Madhu
yup...modesty, thy name is blunt edges ;)
whoaaaa...that's a lot in common! (btw i already knew about the watching-movie-at-the-theater thing...had read it on your blog once!) :)
thank u :D

yup it was an impromptu post :)
feeling bored 2 type your own name? lol
n what on earth is 'kodhi elgi'? :o

3,4. u HAVE to try it! it's awesome! :D
9. eh? does that mean u stopped goin 2 the loo? or did u stop working? :P
13. hi-five on that! :)
thanks a lot :D

@ Miss Komal
well that i am! ;)
n u don't like cheese burst? U DON'T LIKE CHEESE BURST? come on u got 2 be kidding! ;)
glad u liked it :D

@ perplexed
lol...hope u do get cheese burst there (well hope is all i can do!) :D

@ moonlite
n the bit-obsession continues! :)
thanks 4 following i said...i admire your taste ;)

@ IcE MaiDeN
thank u...glad u liked it :D

@ Chandrika
thanks a lot :D

1. lol...sounds like one of those ads of some internet provider!
2. arre we popular people have 2 adopt such measures 2 avoid stalkers ;)
3. cheese burst rocks! period. :D
4. julianne moore...WOW!
5. but i still persist with word...with a hope that bill gates will learn one day ;)
6. lol...i have no clue how 2 justify that!
7. yay...cheers on the coke! :)
8. the small screen can never come close!
9. yup...addicted big time
10. which "classic" do u like?
i love long comments! keep 'em coming! :D

@ iceprincess
that's huge coming from the queen of randomness! :D
thanks a lot...n don't u think its time even u posted something? :)

@ bliss
it sure is a personal record...n the 2nd post came up in less than 24hrs after the 1st one! :D
thanks a lot n yeah SMS chatting is absolute fun! :D

@ Sid
thanks a lot buddy :D

@ Tomz

@ Harini
yup...i most certainly can! n i'm proud of it! :D
lol...i do have one number that everyone's got...the others are just top secret u know ;)

S said...

Read this while eating a cheese burst...

You are surprising me..
another post???? ha :)

wishes galore said...

same to same for cheese-burst pizza..once you have it, you can never like the plain ol' pizza again..i m addicted:)
just 25 posts and 68 followers!!!! sure our taste is great:D...
see my stats: "43" posts n only "12" followers..but i am so proud of it..atleast there are some;)

Nipun said...

'That' was awesome...
Kudos to u man..



gayathri-vishwanathan said...

That on some days, my appetite touches sky-high limits

same pinch for that point. 25 posts? hope u write more now...zyada bhaav mat kha...u have 68+ 1 secret follower i.e. better write more posts samjha. Zyaada aamir khan mat ban ;-)

Sjmach said...

Finally you got time to post. Nice one.

Choco said...

Whoa! Everyone is so happy that Blunt Edges has posted, posted well, hit a landmark and thankfully, while I was away did not move from fizzy drinks to something else. :)

Please don't kill me.
Happy 25th Post Mr Edges. You sure rock! :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

You manage 3 phones.. I bow to thee monsieur.. MS word.. yeah at times it sucks.. but then nothing new with MS :)

mentalie said...

careful with the 'i feels', blunt. it usually indicates high levels of estrogen.

kanaguonline said...

congrats on the 25th post dude.. :) :)

and you didn't liked Godfather series... :( :( I always like to see it whenever I get a chance... I am addictive to it..

and you can find difference between coke and pepsi.. superb..

SMS chatting is not so strange... I have done it while in college... but these days just calling up.. :) :)

sakhii•• said...

i like the way u express ur musings...its cute...really...!!

Riddhiculuos said...

Hmm first let me comment on the post. then will reply to the -reply to my earlier comment- ahem that is confusing..

yeah so kahan thi mein..

4. That I feel you have just given Cheese Burst pizza a philosophical angle by calling it the best and the worst thing. After all that is the truth behind this life everything that u like becomes your weakness. deep meaning.

5. That I feel I have nothing to comment on it. beautiful hai toh hogi, mere ghar se kya jata hai. :P

6. That I feel MS word is a saviour in american disguise . so it does not acknowledge any british english. And keeps on correcting 'colour' 'saviour'.. crap. and yes woman is right unless MS word thinks of 'moore' as juli and more

7. That I feel I already felt the 'that i feel'

8. That somewhere in my mind I always think 'round numbers' and figures make a picture or post look complete.. so, aisa kuch hota hai.

9. hahahahahahah u sing aloud the remix version of that shammi kapoor version 'aaii aaiya karun mein kya susu susu'

10. Yeah Finally. Sigh!!

11. I don't like either. Thumbs up taste the thunder.

12. hmm i love watching movies on big screen. Also I think even if the movie is bakwas for some reason the feel of big screen makes it look tolerable. On TV laptop.. I dont mind But not with the same enthuness

13. Ditto. I love doing that. I remember once upon a time 1paisa scheme of sms and all got me addicted to this thing. in btwn classes we used to msg 'boring class' .. and make faces.. then when they resumed to high wala .. uff what a show down it was..

14. I actually enjoy them. Love godfather/ guru dutt flicks like do aankhein baarah haath.. and even iranian old movies.. I love movies. Period.

15. Ohh I am always confused about this. like when you have quotation marks in a sentence where to put the full stop and all.. punctuation gadbad..

16.hehe bhukkkad.

17. hehe tu satra baras ka mein 16 baras ki.. :)

haah done now replying....
yay u'r a phoenix! :D
hmm To call a missing cellphone specially when it is always on silent. is not a good idea. I have to strain my hearing skills to actually figure out where is the vibration noise coming from.. whatever half my life is spent looking for specs and the other half for cell phone.. puri zindagi dhoondhti reh jaungi. :P

3. Yes me likes cheese burst!!I like cheeeseeeeee'

n You didn't know I was studying?
Yep I am studying
and yes u remember reading right about teh long journey to office. But i get bored of work very easily. So i work in installments of 3-4 months or 6 months.. I was working for four months .. now back to studies.. and almost time for new job hunt. hehe..
In short- I work when m bored of studies and study when bored of padhai. But cant do both at a stretch.
ohh lord this comment has surpased all previous comments.. lord

Riddhiculuos said...

gosh i wrote some gadbad sentence there.. heehe .. I am seriously drunk when i reply.. gawwd..
I meant
In short- I work when m bored of studies and study when bored of work. But cant do both at a stretch.

Zeba said...

5th time. Trying to comment. Regretting not copying the comment the first time i typed it!! bahhhh.... trying to prove that me not being lazy about the comments thingy... :)

buckingfastard said...

ohh i soo hav my fav urinal in hostel..its feels so homely to pee in a place u kno!!

ohh i too luv watchin movies in plex...apparently my dad doesnt...maybe da money thing!!

blunt edges said...

@ S
cheese burst? really? even u like it? :D
managed a quick post 2 get over the crappiness that was the last post! :)

@ wishes galore
that's exactly what i tell my friends! i don't like going 2 pizza hut anymore...cheese burst is the last word in pizza! :D
u have 13 followers now! :D

@ Nipun
thanks a lot dude! :D
maybe i set a record there 4 the most number of 'that's in a single post! ;)

@ gayathri
maybe we can have a hogging contest someday! ;)
aha i have secret followers too! oye madam khullam khulla follow karne ka kya legi? :P
i heard someone told aamir, "zyada blunt edges mat ban" :D

@ Sjmach
thanks a lot :D

@ Choco
writing about fizzy drinks is safe ;)
thanks a lot choco :D

@ Scattered Thoughts took me 3 months 2 get confortable with the 3 we are ok! ;)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ mentalie
omg! please tell me u are kidding!

@ kanaguonline
thanks a lot :D
i looks kinda dated!
pepsi is so wannabe!
strangely my sms chatting habit has still not gone!
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ sakhii
thanks a lot :D

@ Zeba
n not a single line about the post!

@ buckingfastard
i knew u, of all people, would most certainly agree with this one! :D
like some old sms forward once said...dads are the bankers provided by nature ;)

blunt edges said...

@ Riddhi it goes! ***takes a deep breath***
4. eh? what?
5. lol...she is really pretty :D
6. arre 'colour' n 'saviour' is fine...but 'women' and 'woman' is WRONG!
7. u did? really?
8. i know...but isn't it way too normal? n normal, my friend, is boring! hai na?
9. i would rather just take a leak n go back...u know mostly there are other people also in the loo :P
10. YAY! :D
11. thumbs up is yuck! :P
12. bada hai toh behtar hai! (talking about screens!) :P
13. what's more fun than texting in a boring class?
14. even i love movies...but only new ones!
15. guess i'm better at this then! :P
16. that i am! :D
17. lol...hahahaha...main rishi kapoor...tu tina munim! :D

why do u keep the cell in silent mode at home??? :o u are a chashmish ha? :P

wait lemme get this straight!
u work when u are bored of studies n u study when u are bored of working?
i got bored of studies when i was in the fifth grade! hell noone gave me this option then!

ps: do something about the drinking :P

damsel in distress said...

enna neenda commentsa! athum oru cheriya post-inu?? ithoru kazhivno??

uff..25th post..thats really huge!!

enikku ee lists maduthu..aa rat staory poleyulla stories onnum ille kaiyyil??

anyways-25 is something my dear blog never got to celebrate..:-( ah..congrats..keep writing more!!
hard to believe you were the sms lingo guy who used to irritate me a lot!!!:-P

churn out those posts..hope it reaches fifty soon!

blunt edges said...

@ damsel
kazhivu thanne...njan oru puli alle ;)
nope...nothing that interesting happening in my life :(
n about the sms lingo, still worried if u'll quit blogging ;)
thanks a lot :D

Anya said...

I 'm also a coke lover but only the real coca cola ;)
(I tast imm. when its pepsi!!!!!

ConCATulations on your 25th post

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

Grayquill said...

Funny Post!
I'm with you about Coke - at a restaurant and I order a Coke, “We have Pepsi is that okay?”
“No, I’ll just have water”
And, why three cell phones are you a secret agent and switch from phone to the other phone incase the enemy is tracking you? or maybe one is yours and one is mothers and the last one is your girl friends. To that I would say – time to buy a purse.
As for the “I feel” statements – I give you a quote from John Wooden “Emotion is the enemy”
One more quote from “Rick Miller on the Radio” – If you are under thirty years old you have not earned the right to say I think because you are incapable of it” (actually this is a paraphrase) Therefore, I feel is totally appropriate.
Fun Post!

The Survivor said...

3 cellphones? A busy man ha.

Julianne is, and there are others too :)

Thought there would be 25 pts,

Congrats on your 25th post.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Blunty tera asli naam mujhe pata chal gaya :-)


yeah you can take away the award if you want :P

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

agreed , cheese burst . . yummmmm . . . .. .

blunt edges said...

@ Anya
the real coke...try coke n rum then ;)
n thanks 4 the conCATulations :D

@ Grayquill
thanks a lot...just as i had started 2 wonder where u are! :D
like i said before...pepsi is so wannabe! ;)
n there's a huge secret behind the 3 cell phones thing...u came very close 2 it though with your guess ;)
i'm sure rick miller(whoever he is) was over 30 when he said that! :D

@ The Survivor
of course a very busy man! ;)
well even listing 25 points would have been held back at 17 :D
thanks a lot...n i love julianne :D

@ gayathri

@ LOTE (your name's way too long!)
if i want??? why wouldn't i want it??? thanks a lot...yippie!!! :D:D:D

@ Fantasies
cheese burst is the best!!! :D

Shanu said...

How do u write such cute comments? :D

Umm..with my fingers..havent learnt to type wit my toes yet :P

yup...cheese burst rocks! do u like it? maybe we can have it on our date ;)

Date??? Wat date?? Vday par milne wala tha..but u gave me tang na...tu preferred to grow a beard and spend it Devdas style mourning over your HC...Abhi mauka nikal gaya hai dost...go search for ur SHC now! Shanu nahi milne wali.

of course yaar...tujhse comment pe chatting karna is the best part of being a blogger :D

Comment main chote se likhne ka nahi..bold main acknowledge karneka..chal edit your post and include this as point 18.

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
with your fingers? really? i thought u might be using your nose :P

no date? NO DATE? :(
i thought u would understand ***makes sad n innocent face***

as a rule, posts are never edited on blunt edges...kinda takes off the "raw charm" (if any) :D

n seriously NO DATE? :(

Sourav !!! said...

That my comment is the 48th, and it would make no sense, if I repeat what others have actually said .. LOLable, as they say ;)

And yeah, that I expect people to come back to my blog too :P
Sourav .. in love with me and life!! :)

blunt edges said...

@ Sourav
lol...will definitely check out your blog dude! :)
thanks n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

anupama said...

Dear Blunt Edges,
Good Afternoon!
First time and on theright day!celebrations!wow!Hearty Congrats!
I just can't manage with one mobile and you using three!
Watching movies in a theatre-we must!Three Idiots was the last one we enjoyed.
Reminding you have miles to go as an budding writer,
Wishing a wonderful Sunday,

Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

blunt edges said...

@ anupama
welcome 2 blunt edges :D
i like how u started with a 'good afternoon' one normally shows this kinda courtesy in blogsville! :)
yup 3 cell phones it is...ain't i cool? ;)
nothing beats the fun of watching a movie at the theater...even crappy movies seem watchable! :D
i have miles 2 go as a writer? does that mean i'm not good enogh now? ;)
thanks a lot :D
n aha a malayali! :D
n i almost forgot...good night :D

@ Anon
eh? i can't even make out if this is spam or not! :o

Shanu said...

Why arent u replying to the thoughtful comments by Anon..u selective comment replier!!

Opps, I forgot I aint talking to you...will delete this comment

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
i replied 2 Anon...theek se check karo madam! :P
n yeah u cancelled our date na? even i ain't talking 2 u!
btw INDIA WON!!! YAY!!! :D:D:D

Shanu said...

U cheater..tune pehla comment delete kiya aur wapas se comment kiya..Me saw!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
lol...peeke aayi hai kya? :P
if i had done that, wouldn't my "new" comment be after yours? :P

Shanu said...

You cheater..I have proof in my mailbox...u merese jhooth bol sakta hai..khud se nahi!!

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
hahaha...i can always try na? :P

Shanu said...


blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
but still my comment is before yours na? :P
how cool am i? :D
aur isse 'cheating' nahi boss, 'adjustment' kehte hai :P

Grayquill said...

Hmmm... so do you carry a gun? or purse?

Sangeeta said...

U mite not have to carry 3 cellphones from next year, Chinese company is launching 3 sim mobile.
(Wonder how will u manage ur 3 GFs then :P)

N i found some really strange names of urs Blunte ;) :P
We ll speak abt tis offline someday ;)

Keep writing!! :)

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

lmao.. super cool last line.. :)
absolutely random and yet so enjoyable..

and i was surprised myself to c 2 posts bak to bak.. **clappsss**

Congrats for the 25th post!!! hope to c better frequency .. (n i also hope that u can catch the subtle hint of compliment thr) **angel winkk**

blunt edges said...

@ Grayquill
neither...but i do think it would be cool 2 have a gun :D

@ Sangeeta
oye woh 3 GFs wali baat was supposed to be a secret! :P
lol...yup u sure will see lotsa strange things around ;)

@ Smriti
glad u liked it n thanks a lot :D
sure got the subtle compliment ***winking back***

rain girl said...

awww shoo cute :P hehe not but seriously! How old are you kid? :) Your post is so young and sweet and totally interesting :D love it!

And congrats for the 25th post! :) Keep writing ... we all are loving it!

and oh, you have received a random gtalk invite.. that's me ;)

and oh I can differenciate between Coke n Pepsi n Thumbs Up :)

blunt edges said...

@ rain girl
lol...that's such a sweet comment! :D
my age? arre i'm very very young (like almost a kid!) ;)
thanks a lot :D
yeah i saw the invite n accepted it too! :)
i never have thums up (yeah i found out 2 days ago that its not 'thumbs up'...its 'thums up'!) coke n pepsi is where my expertise begins n ends...but on 2nd thoughts i can distinguish between mazaa n slice also! :D

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

I love Cheese Burst Pizza !!!!!!! SO BADLY !!!
Tried the new Dairy Milk Silk??

V. Archana said...

ahhaa.. Thats nice! :)

New to this blog but ya,very nice write ups. The blog name itself is attractive :)

Shas said...

Congo for ur 25th post.
ROFL....Your list made an interesting read.
Hey there should hav been 25points in ur list :D I kno its easy to say but hard when one has to get goin.

Sam!! said...

Interesting!! :))

Take care

blunt edges said...

@ Wink
na...m still stuck with cadbury fruit n nut! :)

@ V. Archana
thanks a lot 4 the nice words :)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ Shas
thanks a lot :)
i didn't want 2 end it at a 'round' chose 17...what's the fun in doing something predictable? ;)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ Sam
thanks a lot :)
warm welcome 2 blunt edges :D

Reflections said...

I have to disagree with u on Julianna my opinion Meryl Streep is;-).

And I too can make out the difference between coke and pepsi & but have to admit I prefer pepsi.

And yae on the 25th post...when's the treat;-D?????

Anonymous said...

the title is good...blunt edges..and go ahead be blunt is still interesting..
and uncle post is the best..

blunt edges said...

@ Reflections
i do agree that meryl streep is attractive n a TERRIFIC actress...but if i had 2 choose among the 2 of them, i would still go 4 julianne :D
well pepsi ain't that bad...just that coke is awesome! ;)
treat? i'll buy u a shavarma at DSF! :P

@ Anon
thanks a lot :)
n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

HaRy!! said...

join de club dudy... my appetite reaches sky and then the universe :)

Meenakshi said...

It ain't strange at all.. i said " me too" in most of the points; except the coke one (i dont like any aerated drinks).

But it is strange,2 posts in short duration.
Its also strange that even in my somewhat busy schedule going on with work and life, I kept checking my dashboard, so that I don't miss out on awesome blogs am following..yet I missed yours..both the idea how :(

Bad bad dashboard..
Thanks to u correcting me, I wouldn't have discovered until your next post (for which there would be a looooong wait again)

Happy 25th post!!! Post worth the milestone :)

blunt edges said...

@ HaRy
dudy? lol
cheers 2 good food :D

@ Meenakshi
its strange...of late i have been meeting a lot like u (the kind that don't have aerated drinks) :o
yeah yeah...blame it on the dashboard :P
thanks a lot :)

Shanu said...

@ Meenakshi

Hey main bhi dont drink aerated drinks :) Chalo finally I have company..nahi toh sab log mereko weird samjhte the :(

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
humare yaha aaye aur humse ek word bhi nahi?

Shanu said...

@ Bluntu

Zubaan se kuch na bole toh kya..humari aankhon ki bhasha samjho..jaanam samjha karo :)

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
'aankhon'? plural? ek hi toh dikhta hai! dusra wala hai bhi ya nahi? :P

Shanu said...

@ Bluntu

Tera bhi toh 1 hand, 1 eye and 1 ear nahi dikhta..but maine kabhi shaq nahi kiya...aur tune mujhse aisa sawal pooch liya!!

Log meri aankon main khone ke liye line main khade hain aur main hai jo tere intezar main pose marke baithi hai :(

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
i'm trying 2 type with one eye closed n with only one hand...the eye ain't much of a problem, but the hand is!

kya gazab ka pose hai tumhara,
honestly lajawab hai ye nazara,
tumhare adao pe main dil haara,
hope main bhi lagta hu tumhe pyara!

Shanu said...

@ Bluntu

Tum baase ho humare dil me
tum aate ho toh, rang cha jaata hai mehfil main
Yeah stupid shayari, yeh baatein thru comments
Tum nahi jaante kitna cherish karti hoon main yeah moments
Kya lagte ho tum mujhe pyare, tum yeah sawal karte ho
But tell me sumthin,
Mere 1 comment ka reply karne main, kyun tum half n hour lete ho?

Lynda G. said...

Happy 25th post...I cannot wait to read the next 25! :D

blunt edges said...

@ Shanu
kal raat ko tha main bade neend me,
isliye kar raha tha reply slow motion me.
aur phir jab hum aap jaise special logon se kar rahe ho baat,
toh ensure karna padta hai ki kuch aisa na bol de jisse lag jaaye apni waat!

@ Lynda
thanks a lot :D
hope i don't let u down :)

Ketan said...

blunt edges,

I'm totally jealous! How do you manage to get so many comments?!!!!!

Anyway... [deep breath; jealousy laced anger must not show]

Re: point 6., actually MS-Word is not wrong. Even I used to make that mistake a few years back. The mistake we make is that we tend to associate the noun, say, "fruit" with "one".

See the following sentence:

"One of my favorite fruit/fruits is mango".

The point is what we are actually saying is that:

"Of the (many known) fruits, mango is my favorite."

So, basically MS-Word was right.

Same with me about points 9 and 12! ;)

WRT 14, somehow I also did not enjoy Sholay that much, and when I tell this to people, they look at me like I am Gabbar Singh crossed with Shakti Kapoor and Rahul Mahajan!! :P

And congratulations on your 25th post!

Take care.

ki said...

Ditto at #11. Coke over Pepsi, Thums Up or whatever those other dark coloured drinks are that people try to pass off as coke :D

rohini said...

excellent and interesting post...first tiem on your blog...and hey yes happy holi

blunt edges said...

@ Ketan
finally FinallY FINALLY i meet someone who's jealous of me! thanks a lot dude ;)
so are u trying 2 say it should be "...Julianne Moore, at 49, is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen"? :o
n it seems u have got me wrong there buddy! I LOVE SHOLAY! i meant i don't like the other 'classics'...sholay is an exception...HOW CAN U NOT LIKE SHOLAY??? ***gives the same look u talked about***
thanks a lot n u take care too buddy :D

@ ki
coke rocks! :D
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ rohini
welcome 2 blunt edges :D
thanks a lot n happy holi 2 u too :)

Ketan said...

Yes, it should be "women". You are still not convinced after than explanation (this is not a loaded question)? Asking because if I could not convince, then I ought to do something about my style of explaining, or maybe learn grammar better. You may try typing the same sentence using "fruit(s)" for instance.

No, no, I fully understand that you like Sholay very much. I do not like it "as much"! ;)

I have started loving *that* look. :P

And what's the point only being grateful, eh? You should tell me how can I increase comments on my blog, and in return I will tell you how you could reduce the number of comments on your blog! You see, you will have lesser effort to put in, in replying to people, and that effort and time you could put to some other use (like reading and commenting on my blog posts!) ;)

Ketan said...

"...Julianne Moore, at 49, is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen"

The other way to put it would be:

"Of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, one is Julianne Moore (at 49) is the most beautiful woman."

If I have to explain in another way, it is that the expression "one (out) of" automatically makes you talk of a ratio, and ratio always has a denominator, and it is this denominator (all the beautiful women you have seen) that is the plural!

If you say it in slightly modified manner, it would be:

"Of the ones I have seen, the most beautiful woman is Juliane Moore."

Just see the google search results, which might convince you better.

If you come across a better explanation, please do let me know, because I am pretty sure you will research the topic considering how you will be spending lesser time responding to comments thanks to the ideas I would give you! :D

Ketan said...

"Of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, one is Julianne Moore (at 49) is the most beautiful woman." - CUT, CUT. Embarrassing mistake.

I meant:

"Of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, one (woman) is Julianne Moore (at 49)."

sepo said...

agree with most of the points except for cheese burst, actually i dun mind some extra calories when it comes to cheese burst :)

but my favorite was MS DOS,,, it is soo very true :D

btw m following ur blog :)

Aparna said...

I am almost scared to post the 95th comment, it might get lost some where here and you may totally ignore it.
Julianna Moore is fabulous and what has age got to do with it?

Ketan said...

Julian Moore has a lot to do with Blunt Edges' and my interest in English grammar!

BTW, I still don't know who Juliane Moore is!! I better look her up on Wikipedia. :P

Ketan said...

Okay, I saw how she looks. And she looks... extremely good!!

Which is not a great thing, because my understanding of life is people liking same things/people creates competition, which is undesirable, except for or course, organisms like Julanne Moore could replicate through binary fission, and also manage to fall in love with people like me! ;)

Ketan said...

And let me do my bit, two comments above this one - APARNA HAS POSTED A COMMENT. DO NOT MISS IT! ;)

blunt edges said...

@ Ketan
OMG...what are u? a commenting machine? now u know how i get so many comments here ;)
instead of "Of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, one (woman) is Julianne Moore (at 49).", i would rather go with "Of all the women I have ever seen, Julianne Moore (at 49), is one of the most beautiful." What say?
n honestly i don't think she would be one bit worried that the 2 of us like her, trust me we 2 wouldn't certainly be the first ones!

@ sepo
ahhh...cheese burst is heaven on earth...n i had it again sure is gonna be the cause of my death!
lol...hope u still use DOS :P
thanks a lot 4 following :D

@ Aparna
comments never get lost at blunt edges, my friend! :)
age has nothing 2 do it...just that she's probably the most "mature" celluloid crush i have ever had! :D

Ketan said...

I was thinking of commenting, but now I am feeling self-conscious. :(

Anyway, it's not about Julianne Moore worrying about us, it's about us being bothered of each other! :P

Anyway, I just wanted to point out, why it should be wome despite the fact that there is only one Julianne Moore (that we know of)!


blunt edges said...

@ Ketan worries dude...keep commenting...n btw u have the distinct honor of being the person 2 post the 100th comment on this post! :D

its ok buddy...u can have her...tu bhi kya yaad karega ;)

Ketan said...

Thanks, but I find this kind of generosity fishy! Anyway, now that you are out of my way, the remaining challengers should be a bit easier to take care of. ;)

blunt edges said...

@ Ketan
le...bhalai ka zamana hi nahi raha...i stepped aside n let u have the absolutely gorgeous julianne n u still suspect something fishy! ***stares in disbelief***

Ketan said...

I too was *staring in disbelief* when you made that offer! ;)

R3d3MpTioN said...

It's a brilliant post and I don't know where to start from :)

Loved it all especially the cheese burst bit .. biggest fan of best creation in mankind history ..!

Though don't agree to the calories bit - am guessing was targeted towards ur lady followers :P

Will be coming back for more..!

blunt edges said...

@ Ketan

@ R3d3MpTioN
thanks a lot n welcome 2 blunt edges :D
n cheese burst rocks! \m/

Ketan said...

So you thought you could terminate our lovely conversation simply by tounguing? I stop at nothing short of fingering... on the keyboard! ;)

Beauty and the BEast said...

three cell phones???!!! 100 sms per day!!! ??!! *faints*

blunt edges said...

@ Ketan
hahahaha...good one dude! :D

@ Beauty
lol...i would have sprinkled some water on your face 2 wake u up but then i heard that we are facing a water shortage n am not supposed 2 waste water :P

PNA said...

Good time, I reached here... u have a fav booth too, me too, how strange is that..:)

BIG Omi said...

thaks god thank.. i found my clone.... :P

well pretty much a familiar style of writing! loved it! Nice

BIG Omi said...

one more thing.. is it only me or this hanu's comment reminded anyone of Shefali from One Night @ call centre (chetan bhagat)


Sangitha :) said...

1. Hope i too reach that stage.. :P
2. Aing.. tu minister kya?? :O
3. Sahi telling u.. I juz ate cheese burst last week so ur post didnt tempt me that much.. :P
4. So wat yaa.. aisa contradictory statements mat maar.. :D
5. Ooohh.. dunno who shez so cant comment.. :D
6. Microsoft pagal hai re.. :D
7. Nice observation.. :D
8. But one of ur earlier posts had only 7.. :O
9. Muz b the one with that poster.. Lol :D
10. hehe.. :D
11. I cant make out the difference.. :D
12. Ha kya..doesnt matter to me.. I remember only the comedy scenes..big screen ho ya issmall screen :D
13. Hehe.. same here.. :D
14. Hmmm...
15. Now evn im confused.. :O
16. Shay.. bhukkad.. :D
17. yup.. 17 is non happening.. :(

Phew.. that was long.. I actually realised many things abt myself replying to this post.. hehe :P
Really strange na.. :D

blunt edges said...

lol...if its that common, i guess its not strange ;)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ BIG Omi
i have a clone? bhaiyyaaaaaa (ok i didn't quite know what 2 call a clone) ;)
thanks a lot n welcome 2 blunt edges :D
n i guess shanu would be the best one 2 answer that "observation" (god save u my friend!)

@ Sangitha
1. it will be very tough 4 u :P
2. na...just popular ;)
3. last week is history! aaj ki baat karo!
4. jee huzoor
5. so agree with me...she's awesome! :D
6. i agree!
7. shukriya :)
8. errr...u noticed that ha? ***sheepish grin***
9. actually yup! lol
10. :D
11. well proves u are just an ordinary mortal ;)
12. lol...i know quite a few people like that
13. :D
14. hmmmm 2 u too :P
15. it is a tough one!
16. ab hu toh hu :D
17. lol...i know...its fun 2 be different ;) blunt edges helps u in finding your true self ;)

Madhu said...

was that 114 commnts i just saw..JEEEEZ! Well thank u for ur wishes!! Well yappy Budday to u too young lad [i see u grin there!] one day difference makes so much of a difference..*sigh* Well i am still getting out of yesterdays hangover.:( :(.had a great day! :)

Hope u have a great year and yeah find suitable hot legged lass for urself..:P:D
P.S drop in ur mail ID.Will mail u the next time..:)

blunt edges said...

@ Madhu
yup...114 it is...actually 115...n after this one it would be 116! :D
thanks a lot old lady :P
n great 2 hear u had a great day...that's how b'days should be right? :)
a hot legged lass ha? interesting! :D
the mail id is

Anita :) said...

Oh my God I am laughing ALOUD now...! And how did I miss this post!!
COOL POINTS! Loved em'!

blunt edges said...

@ Anita
maybe u were busy with more interesting say writing codes :P
thanks a lot :D

suruchi said...

It is really strange how witty u got...or rather how much wittier it all got as the pointers increased in numbers...and ooooooooh why did it end at 17...wouldn’t mind some more;-)

Poor cheese burst pizza...just as it must be yipiee-ing in a celebrative mode...u sloshed it down;-)

And MS WORD was kinda right*at the risk of sounding a stuck up English teacher...which i am...not stuck up silly...teacher!* ‘one of’ is followed by plural noun...hehe*couldn’t resist that...sorry*

U have a fav booth in the restroom section...awww*not mush awww..just awww...*n I thought I was the only weird one who did so:-)

Great read:-)

blunt edges said...

@ suruchi
well just wanted 2 end it at an odd number! :)
but i still love cheese burst...its the best! i wouldn't argue about the 'stuck up' part either! :P
u have a fav booth too? ***cyber high-five***

Darshan Chande said...

Very interesting!

PS: MS WORD is not wrong!

VIDYA said...

ROFL @ # 9 and 10.I had a fav booth in the loo at school too :P
First time here..loved the blog!
Cheers :)

blunt edges said...

@ Darshan
Thank you :)
WORD is right? :o
n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

ahhh...the joys of having a fav booth ;)
thanks a lot n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

$$ said...

yes yes! i have a great taste indeed, i just became ur follower! :P

blunt edges said...

@ $$
yes yes...indeed u have a great taste ;)
thanks 4 following :D

Pooja... said...

Are you seriously a guy??? All the male species, who are my friend or in relation, find it hard to send across even one sms a day...all I'm blessed with are forwarded stuff...and when pressed to reply me, in general they 'll go about calling me rather than smsing...
phew!!! I'll give it a break...needless to say loved this post too, but 'll try to resist myself from posting any more comments, lest u take me for a psychic stalker :D

blunt edges said...

@ Pooja
Never and I mean NEVER ask a guy that question!! :P
I have a few "calling-friends" and a few "texting-friends" and I like the mix :)
PS: Comments are invited. Never had a stalker, leave alone a psychic one. So you are most welcome :P