Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Visit Home and A New Lesson!

Every visit home teaches me some new stuff like the Pythagoras theorem, the theory of relativity and not to forget the Archimedes' principle. This time was no different. It thought me one lesson through different random incidents.

Scene 1:
I woke up the morning after I reached home. Mom got me my morning tea as I and Dad sat for a little Father-Son chat. It started off with an intellectual insight by Dad on the dinner prepared by Mom the previous night. I followed it up with a very thoughtful take on the dessert we had post-dinner. As Dad and I were peaking with one great point after the other, Mom called Dad for breakfast.
Both of us gladly hopped on for our first meal of the day. And when Mom saw me, she took me by surprise by asking the most unthinkable question: “Where are you off to?”
Me: “Eh? I thought you said its breakfast time.”
Mom: “Did you have your bath?”
Me: “Of course, I did.”
Mom: “Today?”
Me (sheepishly): “Err no. I didn’t realize you meant today.”
Mom (sarcastically): “Of course, you didn’t.”
Me: “Yeah big deal. I might as well have saved some water for the planet!”
Mom: “If that’s the case, you might just save some food for the planet as well. You know the rules here. No breakfast until you have your bath!”
Me: “Oh come on I’m not a kid anymore! Dad, see na.”
Suddenly Dad, who was listening intently and chuckling all this while, finds his breakfast interesting and starts staring at it as if he has to submit research papers on what constitutes his morning meal!
I let out a huge sigh and went for a bath.

Scene 2:
Lunch time at home. I had already downed what can only be described as the monthly food quota for an entire village. That’s when Mom leans to serve some more chicken on my plate.
Me (with a stuffed mouth): “No no, I’m full.”
Mom: “Are you kidding? What have you eaten till now?”
Unable to mouth anything (remember the stuffed mouth?), I just smile.
Mom: “You have lost your appetite.”
I smile some more.
Mom: “Here take some more chicken.”
I continue smiling, while Dad shakes his head.

Scene 3:
I and Dad are arguing about some very trivial issue. Now this is a very common occurrence. My visits home are incomplete without the mandatory argument with Dad.
This time it was about an IPL match. The situation heated up and decibels were raised. Mom sat between us playing solitaire on the iPod. I supported my claim with point by point analysis and live examples. I got Dad in a corner and almost literally shredded his stand and that’s when Dad took out his most lethal weapon: the veto power that all the Dads in the world seem to be born with.
He just walked off saying, “You are just talking nonsense! I don’t want to hear any more of this!”
I was left stranded there with a confused look on my face, while Mom gave out a smug smile, even as she continued playing solitaire.

So what’s the lesson I learnt from this visit home? “Some things never change!”

PS: Did you notice the new blog header? How’s it? It’s a gift from a very very sweet blogger friend for Blunt Edges’ second birthday. The said friend (yeah I have been sworn to secrecy) has sent me 11 blog headers and it’s very tough to choose a favourite, so I just randomly selected one and put it up. A huge thanks to the wonderful friend :D


Choco said...

Ah Blunt Edges, the header is cool.

As is your mum. Hello! She was playing Solitare on the ipod!

And your Dad is the perfect husband. He knows when to take her side.

Ah! Mwah! Mwah! to them. :)

Now...How does that explain you? I wonder... :p

Choco said...

Oooh. The first comment. Yay me!

bliss said...

your mom's as cool as ever. but didnt u know, no breakfast before bath on that particular day!! :O its known worldwide. how could you forget??!! :P
nice post. see, parents have so much to teach us!!! :D
btw, good thing you had a P.S. cuz i had actually not noticed the fab header. great frnd you have somewhere!!!!

COMMUNI said...

gooood header...a thoughtful one.

my dad too takes mom's side but wayy differently. 1 hr lecture of mom is followed by 2 hrs of his. :)

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

kya superb mai baap hain tere, supercool...ab samjha from where u got this awesome sense of humor.

Oh and btw blog header looks fab too.

P.S: so r u back from ur home visit?

Nikita Banerjee said...

Nice header and you are lucky to have such a generous friend! :) And what an interesting post! Moments like these make our lives more interesting! Share some pics of your village too!

Sriram said...

WHAT THE HELL!!??? I mean, what that Anon bot has posted!
Abt the post, good one :D

Grayquill said...

Great Post - Once again you did not fail to be a learner. What was that you learned? Oh yeah, take your bath b-4 breakfast. I think I like your father - smart and wise - he knows when to be quite and when to walk away - I think he is someone Blunt Edges respects.
Be patient with your parents. It was easy for you to accept your manhood - it is not so easy for parents so make that jump.

Riddhiculuos said...

Ok..guess time to play moderator blunt. Otherwise some body is being too generous out here.

Anon- WTF? get a life.

Will give a detailed comment after exam 2morow.

Loved the post. And u have 11 headers.. kewl..lets see one for every new post or what.. pretty vella frnds u have out there.. ehh.

blunt edges said...

@ All
I'm enabling comment moderation coz some freaking Anon guy has lost it big time and has populated the blog with obscene comments!

@ Anon
Go get a life u SOB!

Madhu said...

Wow..i have the same case at home..being here all the time..Mom hates cricket and the first thing i discuss with dada even before i brush is IPL...U shud see mom at tat time.. She give a "ok?? So??" Look!! tee-Hee

hey the header is good!! But i have the same life my way?? Same pinch! err*

P.S Comment moderation?? I hate this in democratic INDIA!

Harini said...

I love the new header and thank god u enabled the comment moderation thingy. You seem to be a favorite of that anony guy... why else would some one waste so much time. He seems totally jobless eh?

Coming to the post... its so sweet to be back home. And its even sweeter to see your dad taking your mom's side :).

Adam said...

oh yeah.. Dads use their veto power like Obama uses "Change".. And the great thing abt nothing changing at home is just that.. Keeps u grounded..

Nice header.. Kudos to the maker friend and u for selecting the one that goes with the "blunt edges" idea.. :)

S said...

nice post- reminded me of my childhood :P the sulkin before takin bath part :)

NIM said...

no breakfast b4 bath! :) this reminds me of when i visit my grandparents...almost the same situation :D
yup i noticed the banner...Cool 8)

suruchi said...

Hi Blunts...
I would have stuck to Bluntu...magar woh to sab bulaate hain;-)
Okay...firstly coming to the lastly part...
I also want a friend who sends me headers:-(
Specially since I am in a more dire need of one*I seem to lose my head all the time:-(*

A fun post again...
So would have loved to watch the live telecast...action as it happens...but your well sketched out details suffice for now*though due to lack of scientific/technical/physics...err...okay that comes in science/mental knowledge...I have no idea how the experiences are related to the three theories...*go on laugh...laymen...laywomen ke koi kadr nahi duniya mein*

I am going to use your answer of “yes, I did it/took it/had it” and later push a soft “oh I didn’t know you meant as in today!”
Super cool n awesome!

Veto power bit....damn...why is it always with others instead of us?:-(

Tomz said...

what i can do is to just echo your end line..
Some things never change!”

Good post

Anita :) said...

:-) So gr8 time at home, huh? hehe. And its true,that even though we were all children like a million years ago, we still are children 2 them.
Nothing feels better than being treated like a child. Nothing feels better than being with 'em. .. arguing with them... being friends with them :-)
Your post made me home sick, really.
The header is super cool and your Dad and Mom are cooler !

Nipun said...

Things really don;t change dude!!
U have got to learn a lot more.
2 scenes can't teach u everything.
Arguments with parents are fun and mum's (make my son fat) attitude rocks..

Awesome piece dude..



p.s Nice header. Thank ur friend..

Kanagu said...

Nice to hear such tales machi :)
Mom's always think that their son was taking very less than what is required... Don't they? :)
Bathing thing is quite sorted out in my home :D

blunt edges said...

@ Choco
well that explains me perfectly...i'm cool (got it frm my mom) n perfect (got it frm my dad) :D
yup she has been addicted 2 solitaire 4 some time now :)
n yay u are first! :D

@ bliss
arre i thougt mom would forget n even if she remembers she wouldn't force me 2 go have a bath. sigh!
i hope the friend reads this comment :D

thank you :)
n i guess it's the same story everywhere ;)

@ gayathri
finally i get a compliment! i thought people are just gonna talk about my mom-dad (oops i meant mai-baap!) ;)
yup been back 4 a week now!
n thanks 4 liking the header :)

@ Nikita
thank you n i hope the friend read this :)
n nope i ain't from a village...i guess i gave the wrong impression there!

@ Sriram
thanks buddy :)
n that anon freak sure was on a roll! the sicko posted 21 comments!

@ Grayquill
dad sure is smart n wise!
n yup i always try not 2, but i sure do end up learning some or the other crap...err valuable lesson! ;)

@ Riddhi
lol...generous indeed!
waiting 4 your detailed comment with bated n clean breath! :D
hey don't say anything about my friend ok? :P
n yup that's what i plan 2 do...change the header with each post! :)

@ Madhu
thankfully my mom doesn't hate cricket but she sure is mart enough not 2 fall into these arguments! ;)
u have the same description? its not something that came with the new header...i always had it! :)
comment moderation coz a freak cut loose on my blog :(

@ Harini
totally jobless indeed!
n u saw the comments ha? i thought only the ones who commented before the moderation would have seen them.
it sure ain't sweet when i'm refused breakfast! ;)

@ Adam
wonder when i'll get my veto power!
thanks 4 liking the header :D

@ S
I WASN'T SULKING! i was just negotiating ;)

lol...atleast u don't have to face it at home! ;)
the banner says thank u :D

@ suruchi took blunt edges 2 years to get a friend like long has "tumbling thoughts..." been around? :)
even i have no idea how the experiences related 2 the theories...but then who's looking 4 sense at blunt edges? ;)
go on...use it...its cool alright, but doesn't always work :(
waiting 4 the day when i get my veto power :D

@ Tomz
thanks a lot buddy :)
somethings indeed never change! :D

@ Anita
yup a wonderful vacation :D
about the homesick bit, well i dont have any solution 4 that!
maybe u can try having b'fast after your bath! ;)
thanks 4 liking the header n my mom-dad also :D

@ Nipun
whatever happended 2 "the only constant thing is change"...don't people subscribe 2 that any longer? ;)
thanks a lot buddy...n i have thanked the friend :D

@ Kanagu loves doing that...n i keep omn eating just so that she feels better ;)

moonlite:D said...

Cute parents :D, n i can see the bonding :D
poor you!! do you realize, even you haven't changed ;)

cool header :D

Riddhiculuos said...

Gurumaa riddhi food for thought-

"Life is a life-long learning process"

PS- u need not take a bath to eat this. you already mentioned your breath is clean. so baaki sab allowed hai. Like I am not too choosy. :P

1. father-son chat. There goes the siren- DANGER!!
Bathing and breakfast. my mom has given up now.Almost. she thinks i have gone from bad to worse. though i like to eat after taking bath. but exams give me the best get away. it is like all what u want kind of a phase. wake up whenever. eat whenever.
hehe but sad re .. rookha-sookha-bhooka..

2.hahha overeating is a rule at every household. tum toh kuch khaate hi nahi ho beta. kya na. dekha hai kitne duble hogaye ho..:D

3. huh.. what Bluntu IPL and sme trivial issue.I am certain u were talking sme nonsense. Now stop giving me explanation.

“You are just talking nonsense! I don’t want to hear any more of this!” said...

Did ur mom and dad read this? a really nice read.

A passionate traveller

mentalie said...

here's another lesson to add to yours - all mums and dads are the same. it's almost eerie, how we all seem to lead the same lives :)
ps: bon appetit!

Amrita said...

awwwwwwww so sweet

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

There's no place like home :)
The header is good!
I'm back :p Had gone camping for five days. Feels great to be back home :D

rain girl said...

aww now I miss my mom ke haath ka khana :P boww

very very sweet post

Suchitra said...

Sounds like me, to a degree ;) truly have a way with words.
Great stuff as always!
Was just dropping by here... have a nice day! Cheers :)

iceprincess said...

aaah..ur mom is smart...very smart...
ur header is cool..i want header too...
and by d way...d research paper statement..shows thy science background....i laaaiikkeee..
:P :P :P

rohini said...

Nice header...thnx to ur frnd for making an interesting page for us to look over...
at post u have assembled all things so nicely...its an interesting thing to read...parents will be parents...they will not change ...and they want us to be like them too...and we alws want to be ourselves...the debate continues...but doesnt matter as long as its fun...thnx for sharing it....
i m too going at my parents home in this vacation at delhi..and i kn i will enjoy there a lot...these dyas maternal home means peace and rest for me...:-)

blunt edges said...

@ Gurumaa Riddhi
Life is what? :P

PS- pity my mom doesn't think like u :)

1. arre we were talking about worldy facts ;) if exam-season means u are actually under stress :P

2. eggjhactly...that's one of the best parts about visiting home! :D

3. ok ok...i'll tell u what the actual matter was...we were discussing why bipasha basu won't marry was saying, "coz she doesn't know i exist n that she has brains!"
yeah if i'm gonna buy that!
my point: "its just coz john came into the picture before me"
ab tum hi batao kya ye nonsense hai?

blunt edges said...

@ moonlite
Waise bhi perfection ko improve karna mushkil hota hai ;)
thank u :D

na...they dunno i blog :)
welcome 2 my blog :D

@ mentalie
well i just have one didn't know that lesson ;)
merci :)

@ Amrita
thank u :D

@ Wink
wonderful! so how was camping?

@ rain girl
:D don't forget 2 have your bath before your breakfast! ;)

@ Suchitra
hey wonderful 2 see u here :)
thanks a lot...n u have a wonderful day too :D

@ iceprincess
aakhir maa kiski hai ;) more often...u might get a header :)
i actually don't have much of a science background!

@ rohini
glad u liked it :)
n yup parents will be parents...n we will just be the rebels ;)
have fun at home :D

starry said...

Just stopped by to say have a really cool blog and I enjoyed reading this post.

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

Hmmmmm nice header.. But for the post i dont wanna sound mean but it is just fine.. few things i did like.. the bath excuse.. lol..

U are way too gud at writing. so thats why i found this post ok ok sorts.. Sorry for saying so but u hav spoilt ur readers by giving them such nice posts earlier..

keep posting (dont take nethin offensively) :) :) :)

Riddhiculuos said...

@Brain freeze-
so much for honesty.. hehehhe .. true i agreee other posts were better. hehehe not that this one is bad. and m sure he is not taking it offensively.

So, SYM - about the john-bips stint. He is a great father.. Not like father like son.. :p

god I cant believe ur father dint use the veto earlier man. :P

Psych Babbler said...

Like the header! And lol...things don't change at home, do they? :p We change our habits living away but our parents stay the same...

blunt edges said...

@ starry
thanks a lot :)
n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ BrAiN FrEEzE
thanks 4 liking the header :)
n even i know yaar the posts these days aren't funny enough...strangely funny things have stopped occuring in my life ;)
will surely try improving the offence taken buddy...thanks 4 being honest :)

@ Riddhi
lol...see this is what happens when i post more than once a month ;)
n u are taking dad's side? et tu brute?

@ Psych Babbler
u hit the nail on the head! things never change at home! :)

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

:D :D :D all i can do is smile.. Cos its friday!!! Well i cant b blamed.. n keep posting.. its fun all the time.. :D

sakhi said...

similar situation;)
taking bath is so boring!!

manoranjini said...

11 blog headers is wayy to cuute for a friend to be!Lucky uu...Some things never change and we love those things for the way they are ,rit ?;)

blunt edges said...

@ BrAiN FrEEzE
it sure is smile away lady! :D

@ sakhi
lol...i knew someone would agree with me! :)

@ manoranjini
yup...really sweet of my friend :)
n i absolutely love those things the way they are...n silently wish they never change! :D

Lynda G. said...

Let's see the other headers. I cannot judge until then.

I hope you had a good visit home!

Beauty and the BEast said...

A friend who gives you an option to choose from 11 different headers, a mom who plays solitaire on ipod, a dad who sits and argues IPL with you... are we living on the same planet??!!! :P

I wanna go home and food ladled on my plate in heaps... :l

You make me homesick!!!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice header! :)
I liked the concept of saving water very much. :-D

Sid said...

Understand the pain dude :(

And the blog header rocks... jealous :)

blunt edges said...

@ Lynda
will change my header with each post :)
yup had a great time! :D

@ Beauty
lol...i sure do hope we live on the same planet, or else i would actually be having an alien reading my blog! ;)
call home :)

@ Chandrika
thank you :)
n well i guess everyones gotta do something 4 the planet ;)

@ Sid
thanks 4 the sympathies buddy ;)
cool header na...n i got 10 more of these...buhahahaha :D

Sjmach said...

Blunt edges at his best. How do you manage to write this well?

Lakshmi said...

Loved the blog header... n loved the post... :D

sakhii•• said...

u hav been tagged...hav a luk..!!

freelancer said...

hilarious!!! new here! but boy o boy this blog looks fun..

same shit with my dad all the time! darned veto!

blunt edges said...

@ Sjmach
thanks a lot buddy 4 the kind words :D

@ Lakshmi
thank u :)

@ sakhii
since i have already commented on your post, i don't have much to say here :)

@ freelancer
someone told me in the comments section that dads and moms are the same everywhere, so that explains it i guess :)
a warm welcome 2 blunt edges :D

Sam!! said...

Nice writing.. thanks.. :))

take care

viSHwAmiTHraN said...

grt post bro!!

wenever am @ hom after a long haul,mom,before hosting th breakfast asks the bizzarest of all qns
"brush cheytho??!!
n in all times stands firmly by her rule "no food till u brush"..
ee ammamaar..they keep addin reasons to love them mor!!

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

m guessing u'l like this one..

great reviews. :D lemme know if u do like em!!!

buckingfastard said...

oh cummon blunt!! wats wid dis formality!!! u can tell evryone dat I gave u dat header!!! no need to keep me hidden...i can understand!!!

coz ITS ME who gave u da header....which in passive form wud be THE HEADER WAS GIVEN BY ME!!!

(**mental dis is supposed to get me lotsa visitors..)

parents will be parents!!! and silly u expect dem to change...ab tak nahi to ab kya badlenge!!!

oooo...sombody needs comment moderation nowadays...ny recent dirty break up kya??!!

blunt edges said...

@ Sam
thank u :)

@ viSHwAmiTHraN
lol...thankfully i'm addicted 2 brushing...if i sneaked outta my room without brushing, my mom would kill me! ;)
welcome 2 blunt edges:D

@ Smriti
i checked it out n its awesome!
thank u :D

@ buckingfastard
lol...thanks 4 the active n passive form :P
i believe i deserve a commission if u get more visitors ;)
arre nahi yaar...some anon guy had spammed my blog with hi-funda had 2 play moderator :)

Sangitha :) said...

Theories..aha.. Brought back some school memories.. :D
Scene 1: save some food for the planet.. research on constituents of breakfast.. haha.. U sure have a kickass sense of humour!! :D
Scene 2: Monthly quota for an entire village.. haha Pagal.. :D Thats a trademark dialogue for moms!! :D
Scene 3: The veto power.. haha.. bechara bluntu lost for words :P

P.S. Blog header looks cool!! it gels well with the template.. :)

P.S.S. 99.. *eagerly awaiting a treat for century* :P :D

Shas said...

Cool header and ur lucky to have such a sweet friend. Oh, yes ur so right few things never change. But parents are parents, no matter how much one would disagree with them one can't stop loving them :)

Reflections said...

Ah so u've been away made gr8 reading;-D

And cool header...lucky u can change headers every month!!!!

blunt edges said...

@ Sangitha
school memories ha? good or bad? ;)
Scene 1: thanks a lot :)
Scene 2: n i love my mom 4 that! :D
Scene 3: the govt should ban the veto power!!!
PS: me thinks it cool to :)
PSS: yup...desperately waiting 4 the 100th!

@ Shas
thank u :)
i sure don't want them 2 change!

@ Reflections that gives me more reasons 2 post just once a month! ;)

Anya said...

Lovely post
nice to read it
and I think your Mom will be very proud of you :))))

Ria said...

nice header!! and yes like u rightly said, some things never change. :P

blunt edges said...

@ Anya
thank you :)

@ Ria
thanks n welcome 2 blunt edges :)

$$ said...

first timer! hilarious post! :)
lemme explore rest of your blog!


blunt edges said...

@ $$
thank u :)
welcome 2 blunt edges :D

Pan said...

cruising here as per recommendation on silverline's blog. glad to have read posts back to back that cracked me up. cool blog dude !

♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ said...

Next time I'll write on you :)
Glad you liked the poem!
You Rock !! :D

blunt edges said...

@ Pan
i just love it when silverine puts me on 'best of this week' \m/
thanks a lot buddy n welcome 2 blunt edges :D

@ Lonely Dreamer
:D now that's real sweet of u :D
n well i gotta admit i do rock ;)

jaypee said...

Tht sure is such a nice write up. the header is catchy, and u are hilarious. :) claps claps

Jingle said...

Happy Saturday,
U Rock!

blunt edges said...

@ jaypee
thanks a lot :D
n welcome 2 blunt edges :)

@ Jingle
thank u :D

NIM said...

i noticed that u'v already got it but still, u have an award waiting at my blog. please visit to collect :D

blunt edges said...

awards are always welcome! :D

gkam said...

Apt header!

Good post. True, some things never change. Kudos to ur mom n dad :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Someone said...

Nice, the posts and the header....
interesting read.

arshat.chaudhary said...

I really like your blog dude...
Came here from Shanu's blog..
Keep writing :)

blunt edges said...

@ gkam
thank u :D

@ Anon Someone
thanks a lot :)

@ arshat
thank u :)

purple moonbeam said...

My dad ends every argument/discussion with the same exclamation ('what nonsense! :P) He never takes my word for it until it's been substantiated with proof online x-(
Nice write-up! Do post more often and give the world more of your humourous stories to read! :)

blunt edges said...

@ purple moonbeam
Thanks a lot :)
I guess Dads are the same everywhere ;)
Welcome to Blunt Edges :)

Pooja... said...

Oops...80 comments...I would never even dream of it...n yeah I choose readin over sleeping...once again a post almost all of us who stay away from home would identify with...the reactions n predictable behaior of parents is worth dying for :D

blunt edges said...

@ Pooja
Am glad you chose reading over sleeping! Hope you don't regret it ;)
Wouldn't trade the way my folks treat me for anything in this world! :D
And about the 80 comments, what do I say, people are generous *modest smile* :P

Pooja... said...

Nopes..I don't regret reading it...truth b told, I kind of got jealous...humor just escapes me...its impossible for me to write in such light vein :(

blunt edges said...

Well if it makes you feel any better, neither can I nowadays and that's the reason the blog is rarely updated! :|

Pooja... said... makes me feel worse infact..after all, I'm almost through all ur posts 'll I find more things to make me smile now??

But I hope it makes u feel better, or atleast happier dat u r d third person wid lighter veins which I actually have loved..pity dat d other two r also almost inactive..and ppl think dat it's serious stuff dat reduces life :P

By d way, as u must have guessed I talk (and type) a lot so seems I'll make ur comment section a chat forum wid u if u keep replying to my comments :D

blunt edges said...

LOL!! I just had 31 posts, how much time would it have taken you to finish that off!

If it was a year or two ago, I'd have asked you who the other 2 bloggers are, but now I rarely read new writers, so skipping that question!

And this space has been converted to a a chat forum a number of times, so never assume that the huge number of comments you see here are always related to the post. Many times its just friends catching up! :D