Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who The @^*% Is Blunt Edges?

Recently I got a mail from someone who I presume had been at my blog, which read:

"Dear Blunt Edges,

Who the @^*% are you?


It was said in good humour, or wasn’t it?!?! We exchanged a couple of mails, and then I thought why not answer X here instead.

I’m a terrible blogger who surfaces once in a blue moon, and is unapologetic about it.

I’m not your guy next door, unless of course you’re actually my neighbour.

I’m the younger brother, who was jealous of his “better looking, better at sports, better at studies” elder brother his entire school life.

I’m the cricket fanatic who screamed his lungs out when India won the world cup.

I’m the guy who knows it’s not gonna be happily ever after with the love of his life, and has made his peace with it.

I’m the optimist who lives in the hope that the 2012 prophecy would be true.

I’m the guy who knows he’s definitely gonna get a dog one day and call it Kibber.

I’m the biker who gets pissed when someone calls his Avenger an Enticer, but beams when some kid in a rick at the signal points at it and shouts “Terminator ka bike”.

I’m the lazy ass who can hit the bed at midnight, sleep till 2 in the afternoon, and then start yawning around 4 in the evening.

I’m the IT guy who does zero exercise, even though he’s worried about the extra pounds he’s putting on.

I’m the sms addict who rarely sends out a text these days, coz his chat-friend isn’t in town anymore.

I’m the movie buff who still gets goose bumps when he’s watching Pulp Fiction.

I’m the reason Dominoes brought back the cheese burst pizza (or so I’d like to believe).

I’m the aspiring writer, who dreams of getting a call one day from some publisher asking him to write a book or some newspaper/magazine offering him a column (and a kick-ass pay of course!)

I’m the TV magnet who cringes at the sight of “reality shows”.

I’m the guy who was always approached by his friends in school to write love letters for their girls.

I’m the blogger who never finds the time or drive to blog, but suddenly gets tempted to do it, when something far more important demands attention.

I’m the guy who skips breakfast on most mornings for lack of company.

I’m also the guy who more than compensates for it during lunch and dinner.

I’m the bored reader who thinks I have just penned a load of crap.

I’m the employee who spends his week counting down to the weekend.

I’m the reason my Dad’s car has a major scratch on the rear left.

I’m the weirdo who hasn’t yet watched LOTR and Twilight for the simple reason that it didn’t appeal to him, and also the one who watched Avatar and Inception coz of all the hype and was bored within the first 30minutes.

In the words of the stupid common man, “Bheed toh dekhi hogi na aapne? Usme se koi ek shakal chun lijiye, main woh hu” ;)

I dunno if X would prefer this, or would just rather be content with my name and a link to my FB profile. Trust me buddy, you would never have got to know this much about me there.

PS: I’m also the blogger who hates seeing “0 comments” under his post! ;)


Cardinal Ruby said...


blunt edges said...

*Smiles back*

Ninu said...

really nice to read who u r... :)

TurbulentMind said...

darling blunty is back :D

you may choose to not believe it, but I smiled right through your post. It was a really really nice piece :D

damn, don't I wish you were my neighbour :P

Sonshu said...

BLUNT. like seriously. Such a nice way to reply to the mails. :D ONCE for all. AND YOUR BACK! :)

totalliemeh said...

you remember the good old days when you came up with sensible lol worthy posts?

remember the bad old bad spelling phase?

remember the post where i was mentioned?
what happened re?

moonlite:D said...

wah wah!!
only u can write such posts... liked it :)

oRange* said...

Bwahahahahaha! Loved it totally. Very isshmaart, I say :D

Anya said...

Sooooooooooooooooooo nice to see you back

WE MISSED YOU very much....
keeeeeeeep blogging !!!!!

Nupur said...

You're also the person who writes really well!!
P.S : You don't come on my blog anymore it seems!

Ice Maiden said...

I am gonna have a Labrador Retriever and call it Scotch. :)

I was out on the streets celebrating India's win all the way into the wee hours of the morning \m/

I likeeeeed it! Do this more man! :)

P.S: I chuckled @ "I’m not your guy next door, unless of course you’re actually my neighbour" :P hehe! :P

AcetylCholine said...

I have not seen Avatar as of yet 'cause the blue face didn't appeal to me.
The love letter thing is so cool.
Loved this post. You are interesting. ^^

sakhii•• said...

I’m the reason Dominoes brought back the cheese burst pizza (or so I’d like to believe).
ahheyy...u have amazingly described yourself!

suruchi said...


Also because:
A.I hated Avataar too
B. I wouldn't mind 2012 end of it all
C. You are putting on weight too..yiy yiy yiy...
Hehe..seeeeeeeeee. we have sooooooooo much in common...can u now be my next door neighbour?;-)

Kali said...

really really liked the post! :D honestly, epic post!

S said...

You are back.. and with a long-ish post? Ha.. narcissist ! This wouldn't have been really difficult to pen down no? ;) Heehee..

cute you are ! :P

p.s: i hope u hate the epithet 'cute' :D heeeehahahahhahaa..

Anita :) said...

And I hereby thank gratefully Mr.X, who through his negative prompting made my favorite blogger wake up from hibernation and post yet another amazing post :)

I've never liked movies which were hyped beyond Avatar..fantastic effort and imagination, I thought...but never been able to like it personally. Same pinch ! And same pinch on lots of other points here as well ;)

Anonymous said...

aha there goes the comman man;)
looks like sometjing important doesnt come ur way bery often (the reason why u blog;))
i hope important assignments coming to u this whole month..
to gotta see u more here:D

bloggeronloose said...

Really enjoyed the way you present yourself. Your writing style is quite entertaining. *Cheers*

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I was so moved by the last line that I straightaway came here to be make sure that the Zero gets a prefix. But I see, you moved many. :D

I seldom skip breakfast, until I know that lunch is good. Probably it is one of the reasons I wake up on time owing to the mess timings. And guess what, our mess food aint that bad. :D

Blasphemous Aesthete

iceprincess said...

aaaawwww superawesome!!!!
i completely loved it...and i dont know why..but i liked..."i’m the guy who knows it’s not gonna be happily ever after with the love of his life, and has made his peace with it"
keep it coming man!!!!

NIM said...

ooooh...interesting. The Common Man theory is smart :D

Maryam said...

One interesting post. LOVED it.
Dude, post regularly. I mean you are skillful to do that. :D We'd love to hear from you more often.

blunt edges said...

@ Ninu
Pleasure is all mine :)

@ TurbulentMind
That's really sweet of you. Thanks a lot buddy :D
And who knows, we might just have been neighbors when you were in B'lore :P

@ Sonshu
I hope X is happy with this reply. If not, I might have to come back again ;)

@ totalliemeh
I totally (and I mean TOTALLY) agree with you. I ain't one bit satisfied with the kinda stuff that I have come up with in the last few posts. And that's the reason I stay away from blogging a lot. The mind just ain't churning the funnies anymore. And that's also the reason I labelled this post 'Crap'.
Thanks a lot for being blunt and honest about it. Hopefully I'll come up with something read-worthy again some day or the other :)

@ Moonlite
Thanks a lot :)
Glad you liked it :D

@ oRange
Hahaha...loved your comment :D
Thanks :)

@ Anya
Isn't that super-cute!
Miss being at your blog too. Just been away from the blogging scene of late :)

blunt edges said...

@ Nupur
I don't even come on my blog anymore! :|
Will hop onto your shores soon :)

@ Ice Maiden
I haven't yet decided on what breed of canine I'm gonna get, but the name has been fixed for the longest time now! :D
Well your FB updates were the max I saw on the match day. So you don't have to tell me about how excited you were! :D
Chalo glad atleast one line made you chuckle ;)

@ AcetylCholine
Well the movie was watchable at best, that too on the big screen. I'll definitely not recommend it to you now!
Thanks for liking the post :D

@ sakhii
Well I guess I know myself better than anyone else knows me ;)

@ Suruchi
A. And finally someone who agrees with me!
B. *Crosses fingers*
C. Oh yeah. Like crazy!!
It's a pity we aren't neighbors!! ;)

@ Kali
Really honored! *Bows*

blunt edges said...

@ S
Long-ish? Really? :O
I thought since the post was full of bulleted points, it would seem very short!
LOL @ the narcissist line. Yeah it just took me a few minutes. After all I just had to praise myself :P

@ Anita
I never said X is a mister :P
Ahhh the fav blogger line just made my day!! :D
And I thought I was the only one who wasn't impressed by Avatar. Surprisingly a couple of people have agreed with me here!
Would have loved to know what the other 'same pinch' points are! :)

@ wishes galore
Hahaha...that is, in fact, true!
Important things have ceased to come my way! ;)
Common man says thanks for the nice words :)

@ bloggeronloose
Happy it entertained you. Mission accomplished, I say! *Cheers* :D

@ Blasphemous Aesthete
Well the last line was intended to tug at the emotional strings of the vulnerable reader's heart :P
Back when I was in college, eating mess food used to be a dare, which only the strong-willed could undertake ;)
Cheers buddy :)

@ iceprincess
That was probably the most honest line of the post. Trust you to catch that! :D
And someone has stopped replying to comments on their blogs :P

The common man is happy :D

@ Maryam
Thanks amiga :D
Would love to post more often, but like I keep on saying, lack of inspiration is my curse! :)

Pooja... said...

Oops...a blog in April with the previous one in December last time..seems like I've been on your blog at the right time...came to know a lot about you (and itni lambi list mein se kuch toh match hoga hi :D )

Liked the way you described yourself...yet to go through the remaining of your post..well I'll do a cost-benefit analysis in deciding whether to read more tonight (read day) itself or sleepin before reading more...

But yeah, this one read makes me follow you, to keep track of your occasional, once in blue moon posts :)

totalliemeh said...

It was not crap, but it was different thats all.

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

wowwwwwwww welcome back i know who u r :)

bliss said...

aww now thats blunt edges- unplugged!!!!
isnt this way better than your fb profile :)
btw, i am the reader who may not be blunt edge's biggest fan but still always glad to see a post from him :)

Akanksha Pandey said...

New here. :)

Been going through a lot of your posts lately! :) Nice blog you have there! And real nice post! The anonymity was getting to me and its almost like someone read my mind! :D

blunt edges said...

@ Pooja
I didn't realize the list was long till people started pointing it out! Hope it compensates for the long gap between my posts ;)
Would have loved to know what the matching points are!
Thanks for reading, commenting and following :D
PS: A good blogger friend of mine also has the same DP as you!

@ totalliemeh
Now we all know what that "different" means :P

@ G3
Yes u do G3!! :D

@ bliss
Why "aww"? WHY?? :P
No greater compliment than knowing that someone is glad that I wrote something! Thanks a ton buddy :D

@ Akanksha
Welcome here :)
Thanks for the sweet words! I wish I could say, "I'm anon coz noone was interested to know who I am!" ;)

Anonymous said...

Ktu t:-)

The Survivor said...

That made a good read

Good to see you back.

Adam said...

To be honest, I wondered that myself. Who is Blunt Edges? This was more than a name, and more than a narcissistic rant! There were so many places I nodded saying "me too", which explains the loyal readership! :P People relate to you..
Good post! and the next time, do a Spidey voice-over.. "This is my gift, this is my curse... Who am I? I'm Blunt Edges" :D

Pooja... said...

Since you said u wud love knowing what the common lines were...I hope u don't regret making that wish :D

I’m the guy who knows it’s not gonna be happily ever after with the love of his life, and has made his peace with it.
(make the appropriate gender change..not too sure about the peace part, but otherwise :) )

I’m the optimist who lives in the hope that the 2012 prophecy would be true..

I’m the IT guy who does zero exercise, even though he’s worried about the extra pounds he’s putting on.. (read soon going to b IT person...I was so lazy that I didn't even feel like joinin job 2 yrs back :D )

I’m the sms addict who rarely sends out a text these days...

I’m the reason Dominoes brought back the cheese burst pizza (or so I’d like to believe).
[Double cheese crust was a big let down!!!]

I’m the TV magnet who cringes at the sight of “reality shows”...

I’m the guy who skips breakfast on most mornings for lack of company.
(and ofcourse the thought of y leave the comfy bed for eating?? )

nd also the one who watched Avatar and Inception coz of all the hype and was bored within the first 30minutes.

That's quiet a lot for the first time...isn't it :)

blunt edges said...

@ The Survivor
Thanks buddy :)

@ Adam
Damn why on earth didn't the spidey line cross my mind!!! ;)
Glad to know there are similarities and i ain't the only insane guy around :P

@ Pooja
Whoaaaa that's some list!!
Yeah double burst was nowhere close to cheese burst and I feel glad that eventually someone turns up who found Inception boring! :D
Thanks for listing the similarities. I've a thing for long comments! :D

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Oh,Yes! Please, the world should end in 2012. I am bored of it already. :/

I am lousy blogger too, who updated maybe twice a year.

Mystic Diva said...

As i asked by you I will be blunt!!
This was my first visit to your virtual place and i must say, I am impressed!! All the best for your dreams, chase them bluntly :).

something THEY call life

suruchi said...


my god 38 comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!
address and naam batao "too bad we are not neighbours" ka abhi cure nikalte hain;-)

write more dodo...see how much everyone loves you:-)

Shanu said...

U forgot the most important point...

Sumi said...

nice one, blunty. u seem a very interesting person :D

blunt edges said...

@ The Blue Periwinkle
More power to 2012! :D
A blogger lazier than me?!?! Hallelujah \m/

@ Mystic Diva
Thanks a lot for the nice words!
And welcome here! :D

@ Suruchi
Surprised that someone who's used to getting a huge number of comments on their blog is nazar lagaaoing my comment count :P
I so wanna write lekin dimaag kaam nahi karta!
PS: I know I haven't been at your virtual residence for quite sometime, will catch up soon, my to-be padosan ;)

@ Shanu
Yeh bhi koi kehne wali baat hai ;)

@ Sumi
Thanks lady! :D

Anish said...

Well you do have 45 comments :D

avshirley said...

Wow... the rarity of good male bloggers has popularized you with the female population i guess. But you do have an entertaining blog, keep going!

$$ said...

This is an ultimate post! It reflects most of our thoughts!

Looking forward to many more!!!! Better u don't take a long break!


tarana said...

simple brings ppl closer..claps

Funkydory said...

awesomely written and super wit!!

Grayquill said...

Quite tranparent my chubby friend. Quite blunt also - good one. I totally understand the to little exercise thing. Don't worry you will be fine you will just die twenty years early but at least you will be fat and sassy or is that fat and happy?
Good post.

♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ said...

I was hooked on to your post :)
I finally know things about you that you never told me about :)
And what is the reason behind your disappearance from gtalk?? :P I never catch you online!
I loved your post. Im serious :)
I was just so stuck to your post!
Hope you're fine :)
Mail me asap! :D
Me xox

♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ said...

P.S: There's something very charming about you :)
You know that, yea? :p

Sunshine said...

1) ditto.. :P
2) Lol..Nice one :D
3) Im the younger sis..better at studies but jealous of my chit chatter elder sis even now..
4) And i joined ur screams on FB :P \m/
5) :( Unnu chirki gundumani :D
6) and i want to get married before that.. hehe ;)
7) I want a soft toy Pluto.. real ones scare me :( :P
8) Woah..u got an avenger..!! I love that bike.. :)
9) I am a 'Yawn-fanatic' but i dnt sleep much.. :P
10) I am the finance girl who does zero exercise but whoz not bothered about the extra pounds.. B-)
11) I am the sms addict too but a chat addict only with one person whether he is in town or no.. ;)
12) Not much of a movie buff but a Star World serial addict.. i miss castle and warehouse 13.. :(
13) ur that guy.. Thank u so much re.. U saved my life!! Tere mu me hamesha cheese burst pizza ho.. :P
14) Wow.. All the best.. And i want a free autographed copy..!! :D
15) Reality shows suck..!!
16) I was always approached in school for completing notes.. yeah i was a scholi in school.. :D
17) hehe.. that is the universal law followed by irresponsible bloggers like u and me.. :P
18) That send a gulp down my throat bluntya.. :( I skip breakfast due to lack of time.. *Note to self.. make time for breakfast :P
19) So u r not alone during lunch or dinner.. yay :P
20) Seeing my comment size even I think so.. :S
21) Same pinch :)
22) Hope uncle makes a similar dent on ur bike :D :P
23) I havnt watched any of the movies mentioned except for Twilight.. I am a huuuugeee fan of it.. B-)
I searched around in the Bheed and saw a spiked hair gundumani flirting with a hot girl asking, ‘How u doing?’ Is that you blunt edges?? Hahaha :P
I guess I should give ur blog comment link to ppl who want to know me better.. I speak a lot abt me on ur blog rather than on mine.. hehe ;)
Thanks to X for asking u this question.. We know u a lot more now.. :)

AngelMc said...

I love reality shows. I hate sit coms with over paid actorss.

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

long time!! and a good come back there :D

well a bigg list about the little things abt Mr. Blunt!! Now it seems like I have seen you do all oft hose things...

So basically u r a biker and a foodie whoz lazyyy and into coding, selective when it comes to TV, movies or text frens, who rather loves being with ppl and a cricket fan who loves to write something with a lighter tone so that even a person in a bad mood is all smiles and feels like reading more and at the end grant u a wish - by commenting on ur post to bring an even bigger smile on ur face ... :) :) sums it up i guess...

m smiles ofcourse... though still stuck wit the ques .. Who is really this guy ...?? lemme know if u r interested in divulging more... ;)

Sangeeta said...

Love d way to write ..
Be urself ... N plz eat on time :P

Beauty and the BEast said...

Duh!!??! When was the last time YOU had 0 comments??!

Nice to know you have NO delusions whatsoever about yourself..

and here I was.. reading blog after blog.. article after article about people needing to know who they 'really' are ;P

Was fun reading! :D

Zeba said...

I like what I read. Will you make fraanship wit me? :-)

Good to be back. And read you. Now I shall go read your previous posts. Though I have a feeling that I haven't missed much. I see that you don't update as often anymore.

Sriram said...

Dude, good to see u back after quite a long time.. And like @totalliemeh mentioned, your old posts had it. Bring them back, o unsharpener of edges! :D

blunt edges said...

@ Anish
Well now I have 58 :D

@ avshirley
So you mean:
1. I'm popular with the female population (Yay! \m/)
2. And that is not because I'm good but coz there ain't good competition? (Well as long as female bloggers like me, I don't think I have reason to complain) ;)
Welcome to Blunt Edges :)

@ $$
Thank you :)
Well I just stick to my standard line of lack of inspiration ;)

@ tarana
*Bows down humbly*

@ Funkydory
Thanks a lot buddy and welcome here :)

@ Grayquill
Hahaha. Great to see you again Mr.Quill ;)
Well I don't really mind the dying 20years sooner thing, because I subscribe to the "world-will-end-in-2012" philosophy :P
I know I haven't been a regular at your shores, will try to hop over soon :)

@ Lonely Dreamer
Well if the post did hook someone as impateint and volatile as you, I guess I should be happy about it ;)
Yup now you do know a lot of stuff about me :)
Disappearnce from gtalk is entirely due to my crazy work schedule. Will try to come online more frequently, but then I guess since we do catch up quite regularly on SMSes these days, it should be ok :)
Charming? Really? Honored! Like totally!! :D

blunt edges said...

@ Sunshine
I first thought this is a new reader, then Point #4 got me curious as to whether I know this person, and Point #5 like totally sealed it! :P

So here comes my reply to your point-by-point comment! Brace (no pun intended :P) yourself *Takes a deep breath*

1. I know!! :P
2. Thanku thanku :D
3. Still jealous of your elder sis?? Well I would like to believe I ain't jealous of my bro now, probably coz we don't have many common friends! And that means minimal comparisons ;)
4. Yeah you did! And boy weren't we lucky to witness a historic moment! :D
5. Here you go *smiles and displays all his 32 (I think!) teeth* :D
6. ROFL!! Now I sure didn't expect that!! :P
7. Well even I get scared if the real ones are large and ferocious, and they don't seem to like me!!
8. Kabhi B'lore aao, toh ek ride pukka ;)
9. By yawning, I just meant I might feel sleepy again. As a rule I yawn only during meetings :P
10. Well I'm just worried, I ain't planning to do anything about it (remember 2012?) :P
11. One person ha? And its a 'he'? Hmmmm...interesting :P
12. I remember your FB status when Castle went off air :D
13. And there's some more kilos to my modest collection of lipids :P
14. Deal! I'll even mention you in my "Acknowledgements" list ;)
15. You bet!!
16. You a padpist?!?! Yikes!! :P
17. Oye irresponsible kisse bola? :P
18. Hahaha! I hope you take that self note seriously :P
19. And that's how you look at a glass as half-full ;)
20. LOL! Both of us know it ain't crap :D
21. Weekend zindabad! \m/
22. Oye kya dushmani hai? :P
23. Well you like Twilight ha? But then you're a girl. Like a friend once said, "You either like Twilight, or you're a guy" :P (Ok noone said it, and I made it up, but WTH! :P)

That can so totally be me :P
Well thanks to X, now I know a lot more about you ;)

blunt edges said...

@ AngelMc
I thrive on sitcoms ;)
Welcome to Blunt Edges :)

@ BrAiN FrEEzE
Long time indeed! And thank you :D
Honestly I didn't thing the list was big till people started pointing it out. Maybe its the writing in points thing ;)
Biker - check
Foodie - check
Lazy - check
Into coding - check
Selective about his TV shows - check
Movies - check
Texting friends - check
Loves being with people - Well I recently attended a workshop at work, and a leading personality indicator test concluded that I'm an introvert!
Cricket fan - check
Loves to write in lighter vein to cheer others - No check. I write only for myself :P
Comments bring a smile on my face - check

Glad to know it left you smiling :D
Who is really this guy? Oh he's a complete bore. Trust me you don't wanna know more ;)

@ Sangeeta
Thanku ji :)
The only person I can be is myself :P
Look who's talking about eating on time :P

@ Beauty
After publishing this post, I had 0 comments for the next 28 minutes :P
For some reason, I always wait with bated breath for the first comment on each of my post. Maybe am just weird ;)
Zero delusions here. And I guess even I know a few writers who need a reality check ;)
Thanks :D

@ Zeba
Great to see you back here! And am open for fraanship anytime :P
Trust me, you haven't missed much. I was never prolific, but now the mind has gone one step forward and become miserly ;)

@ Sriram
Wonderful to be back and see people still remember :)
Even I like my old posts much more buddy, but the mind ain't churning out the funnies anymore :(

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

Well wat if I said I wanna know more ;) ;) or maybe wanna tell smethin more abt moi.. For u to b inquisitive n knw more...

Hmmmmm I guess I wud write my next blog...

Do check it ;) ;)

blunt edges said...

@ BrAiN FrEEzE (I dunno why I try to type your name in the same way that it appears!)
Ooh I like the tone of that comment and you really got me curious there ;)
Will definitely read you...err I meant your post ;)

Sourav said...

How blunt! :P

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

Ohh you would get more curious...

In the process of writing.. Soonnnnn!!! ;)

And i like the way you make the effort of writing my name ... ;)

Reflections said...

Blunty do u thk we cd be bhai-ben...u knw kumbh ke melae mein jichede huae siblings;-o
so many many of them except for the sleeping habits;-D
and u didnt mention 1 thing...
We both can put up kick-ass posts if and when we get right down to it;-D

blunt edges said...

@ Sourav
My name forces me to be blunt ;)

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

Read .... :) :)

blunt edges said...

@ BrAiN FrEEzE/Reflections
You won't believe what happened, blogger messed up yesterday. All the pending comments that I had not published blew off. Now I have the notifications in my mail, but when I click on 'Publish', it says 'the comment doesn't exist', so long story short, I can read your comments on my mail, but can't publish it!

@ BrAiN FrEEzE (I continue to write your name in the same way!)
And hopping on to your blog-residence right away :)

@ Reflections
Hahaha..I dunno about myself, but you sure can come up with kick-ass posts at will! :)

Reflections said...

thankuthanku....seee thts another similarity, comments like these are wht keeps us going;-D

Anonymous said...

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Pree-yea.... said...

Interestingg..! Learned a lot about you.. ! (:
Do visit back..!

blunt edges said...

@ Reflections
Moral of the story: We're awesome! ;)

@ Pree-yea
Thanks and thanks for stopping by.
Will hop on to your place soon :)

Alka Gurha said...

You are honest about what you are. And that says a lot.
Blunt and sharp at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am certainly glad to discover this. cool job!

buckingfastard said...

hey i havent watched LOTR and twilight too...high five...nyways..."terminator ka bike"?? lolz

and to imagine u used to write melodramatic love letters for girls on contract basis...tch tch!! :P

Cris said...

Simply loved this. Following this blog rite away.

hypnofrost said...

<3 ed your post. it brought a smile to my face.btw i like your sense of humour.. :)

hypnofrost said...

heyy ur post brought a smile to my face. really <3 ed it. btw u really have a nice sense of humour.. :)

Prachi said...

dont be surprised as how i got to know u have written this blogg.. I m a big fan of u bluntu.. came here to read old blogs but to my surprise i got to read a new blog..

if u need help wid Mr. X.. gimme his address.. :) ;)

Prachi said...

dont be surprised as how i got to know u have written this blogg.. I m a big fan of u bluntu.. came here to read old blogs but to my surprise i got to read a new blog..

if u need help wid Mr. X.. gimme his address.. :) ;)

Sony said...

Really Nice, I read almost all your blogs. Please do write more

Girl with a silver pen said...

The best...."I’m the guy who skips breakfast on most mornings for lack of company."....because I used to think I am the only one who would skip meals for lack of company....

nice post

pri said...

ahh...very very interesting.

psst!! even im highly optimistic about the 2012 prophecy--so that makes two of us :D

:-Dee said...

Such an interesting read!!! :)

Beads* said...

Really good way of answering it!! :)

Rucha said...

I’m the blogger who never finds the time or drive to blog, but suddenly gets tempted to do it, when something far more important demands attention.

I really like it...Infact I loved the whole post. I'm sure whoever your mysterious X is has definetely gotten to know more about you

Priyanka Kamath said...

hi.. you have been tagged here:)


blunt edges said...

@ Alka Gurha
And you are very kind with your words :)

@ Anon
Thank you! :)

@ buckingfastard
I might still change my mind and watch LOTR, but Twilight? Never! ;)
And the terminator ka bike was a major ego boost ;)
And about the letters, unfortunately the girls never knew that I was the source behind those romantic words! Sigh!

@ Cris
Thank you :)

@ hypnofrost
And your comment brought a smile to mine :)

@ Prachi
Thank you Pracheee :D
And I never said X was a mister :P

blunt edges said...

@ Sony
That's real sweet of you! Unfortunately my mind is pretty lazy when it comes to churning out posts :)

@ Girl with a silver pen
Haha! And I thought I was the only one! ;)
Thank you :)

@ pri
2012 is the only hope that's keeping me going ;)

blunt edges said...

@ Dee
Thanks a lot :)

@ Beads*
Thank you! :)

@ Rucha
I guess the line you quoted kinda sums up what kinda blogger I am! :)
Thanks a lot :D

@ Priyanka Kamath
Will hop over and check :)

Sushmit said...

hahaah @ the enticer-terminator ki bike conundrum XD
you got a new fan in me :)

Enchanta said...

First visit here and already loving the blunt smooth honest confidence!

Risha Kalra said...

Hey There, your space is really appealing!
Firstly, I loved the name Kibber, It's new and cool. Secondly, I am a TV magnet, yeah, A movie buff, yeah, A dreamy writer, heck yeah, A couch potato, oh goodness yeah, in other words, Am I reading myself, I think yeah ;)

Love, Risha :)

Sh@s said...

He came,
He saw,
He wrote
left bluntly.
Is that Blunt? :P
Waiting for your next comeback :)

..the floodgate of feelings..:] said...

hahhaha nice post...:) i think any guy who confesses to all this is defintly cool:DDD

i followed you btw...i hope you follow bak:)

..the floodgate of feelings..:] said...

hahaha awwh loved the post...i think any guy who admits all that u admitted is cool!:D

i am your new follower btw hope you follow bak!:D

Grayquill said...

I have a theory - you won't re-post until you have one hundred comments. :-O
It shouldn't be long now.

blunt edges said...

@ Sushmit
Welcome to Blunt Edges. Thanks a lot :)

@ Enchanta
Honored! :)

@ Risha Kalra
Haha! That's a lot of common factors we got there! :D
Thanks for the nice words :)

@ Sh@s
You came. You read. You commented. And I smiled! :)

@ the floodgate of feelings
Some name you have there! :)
Thanks a lot for the words as well as for following :)

@ Grayquill
Grayquill using an emoticon?!?! There I have seen everything! :P

simran said...

kwell.... wt cud be a beter reply dan this one..... a nyc sharp answer..!!

Menachery said...

now that was one hell lot of an awesome info, for someone who visited your blog for the first time, and well is goin to do that again :) ...

Cris said...

Does not a blog entry allow 100 comments? Let's test that.

Cris said...

Oh!!! So that's why the 100th has not appeared so far.
Psst dont approve my two now. Wud seem lame shouting abt a 100th when it's prolly a plus-20 more!

BIG Omi said...

I will make it 100 now :D

Zeba said...

Just so that I round up the number of comments to be big fat 100. :-)

blunt edges said...

@ simran
Thanks a lot! :)

@ Menachery
Honored! :)
Well the problem is this blog is updated very VERY rarely, so I end up not providing you with much opportunities to visit! :|

@ Cris
LOL! Your first comment went off to spam, so I published the second one first, and then went onto publish the first (Ok am I making sense here?)
And now I dunno if I should delete or retain the same :)
Well if it makes you feel any better, it isn't 100+20, it's just 105, including 2 of yours :)

@ BIG Omi
Appreciated! :)

@ Zeba
Well it did go a li'l over the big fat 100 ;)

Supriya said...

I blog when I have a deadline for something far far more important hanging over my head too! And you know you have to write it down immediately, otherwise it'll be all gone within an hour.
Twilight - smart move, skip it. LOTR - Seriously? Dude. Book, then movie. Has to be done, might as well give in.

blunt edges said...

@ Supriya
Glad to know I ain't the only one who finds blogging fun when important things are waiting in line! :)
Book - don't think so.
Movie - Maybe.

Pooja Mishra said...

Great intro...It's nice to know you blunt!!! I am fast becoming a fan of ur writing!!!!Will continue to read all of them...

blunt edges said...

@ Pooja Mishra
That's very flattering! Thanks a lot :D

Bhargavi Dev K said...

:-) Do I know this guy?
Also, OUCH.. Avenger :P

Bhargavi Dev K said...

Do I know this guy? I have a feeling I have met him and I have had conversations about most things that are listed here. Also, Avenger, OUCH :P

Hi, I am B. Nice knowing you ;-)

blunt edges said...

@ Bhargavi
No you don't know this guy. :P
Nice knowing you too B, and the Avenger says hi. :)